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Sand shark


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By: Jhace

Published in: Education
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Sand shark

  1. 1. Sand Shark By Jhace
  3. 3. This is a Sand Shark Yep !
  4. 4. Sand Sharks are fish
  5. 5. The Weight and Length is 10 ft and 440lbs I heard you!
  6. 6. The color of the Sand Shark is. Brownish Gray with rust colored spots
  7. 7. The Sand Sharks body covering is. Dermal Denticles
  8. 8. The Sand Shark breathes through its Gills
  9. 9. The Sand Shark Babies are born as Eggs
  10. 10. The sand Shark has 1 to 100 babies How many babies are their?
  11. 11. The babies are called pups I’m not a shark!
  12. 12. The Sand Shark uses Its fins to travel
  13. 13. The Sand Shark Lives Around the ocean floor in the Surf zone Are they gone?
  14. 14. Sand Sharks Migrate Where am I.
  15. 15. The Sand Shark is Cold blooded
  16. 16. The Sand Shark is a Carnivor
  17. 17. The Sand Shark protects itself by Using camouflaged
  18. 18. Sand Sharks are ENDANGERED because of overfishing NOOOO! NOO!
  19. 19. Sand Sharks are found in warmer temperate waters throughout the world's oceans
  20. 20. FUN FACT! Despite their rows of ragged teeth and vicious appearance, sand sharks are actually rather docile usually attacking humans only in self defense! I´m nice!
  21. 21. ANOTHER FUN FACT! Sand Sharks are also known as Sand Tiger shark, Grey Nurse shark, and ragged tooth shark
  22. 22. THE LAST FUN FACT! The sand shark is part of the odontaspididae family
  23. 23. The End
  24. 24. Time for the quiz
  25. 25. What color is the sand shark Brownish gray with rust colored spots Brown Grey
  26. 26. How many babies can a sand shark have 1 to 100 1 to 40 40
  27. 27. What is another name for Sand Shark Sand Tiger Shark Grey Doctor Shark Bob Shark
  28. 28. Warm or cold blooded COLD WARM
  29. 29. Witch is a Sand Shark
  30. 30. Don’t forget to look at Elon Musk and Star man