Womens Glamorous Clothing Sale in UK


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We hope that you have found this article helpful. If you would like to browse a collection of women’s glamorous clothing then come and have a look over at Triple S Clothing.

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Womens Glamorous Clothing Sale in UK

  1. 1. February 28, HOW TO DRESS IN A GLAMOROUS WAY 2013It can be difficult to dress in a glamorous way, particularly if you do notunderstand the basic rules and assumptions of this genre of fashion.Fortunately, the rules are easy to learn. Here, we have provided you with abrief guideline to help you to understand the genre and to consequentlyenable you to dress in the way you want.The first thing to realise is that women’s glamorous clothing is conservative.You do not wear clothes that are too wacky or garish. You need to wearclothing that is understated and subtle – this means not too revealing and nottoo bright. Today, many people like to combine several different genres into asingle outfit, and the glamorous style is a fantastic base from which to start.This is because glamour is simple and understated; you can literally match it upto any other style. It does not speak too loud, nor is it brash, and for thisreason, it does not clash with other styles.Womens glamorous clothing tends to be rooted in certain eras. The 1920sand the 1940s are particularly well known for their glamorous clothing. It isinteresting to note that both of these eras come after the first and secondworld wars respectively – these were times of austerity, when people lackedresources. Their clothes were necessarily understated because they did nothave a lot to work with. They were also somewhat optimistic and fun, becausethe end of the war heralded—in the hearts of the people—a new dawn, andage of caring and sharing. They were simpler times because people where
  2. 2. yearning for their innocence and a return to a time when the horrors of wardid not exist. Being innocent entailed dressing in a demure, yet attractive,manner and it is for this reason that the 20s and 40s were so glamorous.The trick in creating a glamorous wardrobe then, is to be understated. Look foritems in a dark neutral colour, such as navy blues and blacks (you can addcolour later when you accessorise). You should also be buying more formalstyles of clothing, such as blazers or feminine jackets. You do not have to lookoverly made up though, consider the following outfit, it is glamorous, butcasual: Starting with your top half, select a white blouse in a sophisticated material, such as silk or chiffon. Choose a shirt that has a ruffle. Next, get a navy blue blazer and wear it over the top of the shirt. A fantastic embellishment would be a sailor-style blazer, with white sections from the lapel to the waist (a small ribbon). Finally, choose a nice pair of denim jeans in a blue, darker than a stone wash but not as dark as the blazer. Throw it all together, and add a nice pair of narrow sheepskin boots. There, you have glamorous but casual attire.We hope that you have found this article helpful. If you would like to browse acollection of women’s glamorous clothing then come and have a look over atTriple S Clothing.
  3. 3. Follow us at –Email: info@triplesclothing.co.ukBusiness Phone: 0191 482 6177