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How To Shine Online - TBU Rotterdam


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How to shine online, a talk at TBU Rotterdam travel bloggers conference, delivered by Frankie Thompson of As The Bird Flies blog.

Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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How To Shine Online - TBU Rotterdam

  1. 1. SHINE ONLINE!Make your blog (get) work for you!TBU Rotterdam, May2013By Frankie
  2. 2. Welcome...To a world wherecontent is king(But as Game of Thrones has taught us…)You can make the
  3. 3. We’re going to talk about…The earning potential of bloggers asfreelancers.Some easy-peasy, lemon-squeezythings you can do to helpachieve this.Building a portfolio out of your blog.The beauty of boasting… a bit.
  4. 4. Who is Frankie, anyway?Blogger*Travel writer*Copywriter/Proofreader/Copyeditor*Corporate researcher*Self-published authorDigital nomad“Ripper” girlfriendProud auntie“Professional amateur” photographerSnowboarderWannabe mermaidFair-weather city cyclist
  5. 5. i HEART bloggingIt is thanks to blogging that I…•Secured my first regular copywriting client.• Now know theres more to photographythan long-armed self portraits that give medouble chins.• Have dined in Michelin Star restaurantsfor free.• Had 750+downloads of my first self-published book.
  6. 6. Blogging doesn’t pay my billsApprox. 10% of my income is frommy blog. 90% comes fromfreelancing as a copywriter andresearcher.But just over 50% of my copywritingwork was "won" thanks to my blog.So you could say that my blog is
  7. 7. The world is now full of professionalbloggers… or is it?No. In reality the majority of professionalbloggers are professionals ANDbloggers.They just make blogging part of theirprofessional life. One may appear to be aprofessional blogger, when in reality they area “professional who blogs” and actively usestheir blog and social networks to promoteother services and skills.Can you do the same?Yes. Abso-fluffing-Professional Bloggers: The Myth
  8. 8. What do bloggers do, then?Bloggers are…Writers * Photographers * Videographers * Editors *Coders * Designers * Researchers * Publishers *Proofreaders * Communicators * Marketers * SocialMedia Strategists * Event Planners * Promoters * PRMachines * Link Builders * Digital Media Pros *Stylists * Content Managers * SEO Specialists *Brand Ambassadors * Negotiators * AdministrativeAssistants * Technical Assistants…and are quick to learn new and multipleskills.And don’t forget all the things you do in your
  9. 9. Is your blog working for you?Think about the skills or servicesyou’re trying to sell and ask yourselfthe following questions:•How many examples of them can I findon my blog?•Do I mention them on my About page?• Do I invite potential clients to get intouch on my Contact page?• Do I blog about these topics or do I just“show off”?
  10. 10. Show off what you got!Blogs are a potentialshowcase and portfolio foralmost any skill or servicethat you can sell.If you cant do it on ablog, you can write about iton
  11. 11. Frankie’s Rules forShowing Off• Make it fun or make it funky.Or both.• Don’t be shy, but be wise!• Show that you enjoy whatyou do… * But not in every flipping
  12. 12. Back to (blogging) basicsIf youre going to use your blog as part ofyour online portfolio or to attractemployers, the basics still apply:• Good, clean design.• Quick to load.(•About and Contact pages easy tofind.
  13. 13. Work with me.PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?!If you choose to have a “work with me”page on your blog then…•Be too proud to beg.• Don’t overwhelm the reader.• Don’t make claims you can’tsubstantiate.•Short is sweet. (3-4 client names, 1-2 examples ofwork, 1 testimonial)•Leave them guessing, a bit.
  14. 14. Mistakes? I’ve made a few• A Twitter profile that didnt highlight thework I do.• Not talking about my work on my blog.• Not having a Facebook or a LinkedInprofile.• Not updating my professionalwebsite/portfolio.• Not knowing my own content.• Not promoting my work on all social
  15. 15. Totally Social Networking1. STALK: Find like-minded experts andpeople you admire within and outside ofusual online circles.2. LOVE & LEARN: Observe and “Like”.3. SHARE: If you liked it then you shouldaput a RT on it.4. CONNECT: Approach mid-level “experts”with a view to collaborating or simply askthem for advice.5. MEET: “Eye to eye contact…” learn from
  16. 16. Totally Social NOTworkingThe good, the bad & the ugly – clients haveaccess to it all.“I am a blogger” is becoming synonymous with “Iam social media savvy”so please don’t let theside down.• Over-sharing is not caring.• Social networks are an extension ofyou, your blog and your work. And yourpotential clients.• Have fun… but not too much fun.
  17. 17. R E S P E C TYour blog’s potential to shineonline...Reinterpret, dont copy.Enjoy what you do.Stay inspired.Pursue achievable goals.Evaluate often… but not toooften.
  18. 18. Reinterpret and ReinvigorateThink about the blogs you love.Why do you love them? Now, startdoing what they do.Actually don’t.Reinterpret what they do.Add a generous portion ofyou.
  19. 19. Enjoy what you do.Clients like that.You need a new blog designer and twofellow bloggers are recommended toyou. Which one would you rather hire?1. The blog designer who moans onFacebook about being too busy and hasto finish up a project for a difficult clientbefore swanning off on a blog trip.2. The blog designer who writes a postproudly sharing the work that’s kept
  20. 20. Stay inspiredIf your blog is part of your professionalonline presence it’s very likely thatoccasionally you’ll becomecomplacent, tired and overwhelmed byblogging. So?Get offline. Get organised.Get happy.
  21. 21. Pursue achievable goalsYour blog is NOTgoing to make you amillionaire.(Not this year anyway.)But your blog (and freelance career) can helpyou achieve other personal and professionalgoals:• Travel• Lifestyle change• Personal passions
  22. 22. Evaluate oftenBut not toooften…• In the same way you shouldn’t be monitoringyour blog stats every hour or every day, youshould check in regularly (monthly or bi-monthly)to see if your “work with me” page and workrelated content is effective.• Check source of traffic on GoogleAnalytics, demographic data on Alexa and usemonitoring tools like Klout, FollowerWonk, Facebook Insights to check your social
  23. 23. Choose content wisely…and creatively.Consider what a client would think of ALLthe content you write. But don’t let thiscontrol what you write… It’s still your blog.Being careful, doesn’t have to mean boring.I write about my relationship, my feelingsand some personal stories because it’s whatI enjoy writing about and is in line with mydream of writing fiction. (That’s more importantto me than a copywriting client not picking me for
  24. 24. There’s more to you than travelYou’re a travel blogger.You love travel.You love blogging about travel.But not every potential client lovestravel as much asyoudo and willprobably dismiss your blog if itdoesn’t convey the skills you cansell.
  25. 25. BE BOLD & BE BRAVEBe different. Be memorable.Be you.Any achievement is attractiveto clients.Think transferable skills.Have faith in you and thethings you do.
  26. 26. Isn’t potential great?!“Everyone has inside of him apiece of good news. The goodnews is that you don’t knowhow great you can be! Howmuch you can love! What youcan accomplish! And whatyour potential is!” Anne Frank
  27. 27. ANY QUESTIONS?Frankie (Twitter&Instagram)For productivity & freelancing tips: of Presentation & Resources: for freelancers: