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Create an Editing Workflow - TBU Rotterdam


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Create an editing workflow by Rachelle Lucas of The Travel Bite, delivered at TBU Rotterdam travel bloggers conference.

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Create an Editing Workflow - TBU Rotterdam

  1. 1. Mastering A VideoEditing WorkflowEditing Workflow
  2. 2. Key Takeaways• A systematic workflow for efficientturn-key editing.• Why sound is more important than yourvisuals.• Step-by-Step outline that will help yourstory unfold.
  3. 3. Why Video?
  4. 4. Why Me?•Travel Channel•Visit Florida•TurnHere•IndividualCompanies
  6. 6. “The most important thing is,how can I move forward towardssomethingthat I cant articulate,that is new in storytellingwith moving images and sound?”-Martin Scorsese-Martin Scorsese-Martin Scorsese-Martin Scorsese-Martin Scorsese-Martin Scorsese-Martin Scorsese
  8. 8. The SlateProfessionalsuse to syncpicture andsoundTag ofinformationthat can bewritten orverbalEditing Begins With Shooting
  9. 9. The SlateslateslateWho is on camera?Have them say and spell their nameHave them say and spell theirtitleHave them say and spell websiteWhere are you?Say and spell location
  10. 10. Shoot In Sequence(Less To Edit That Way)(Less To Edit That Way)Close Up Wide Shot Point-Of-ViewReverse Shot Moving Shot
  11. 11. Sequencing ShotsClose Up MediumWide POV
  12. 12. VIDEO:Tampa Food & WineChChChCh
  13. 13. "You know, the process of making adocumentary is one of discovery, andlike writing a story, you follow a leadand that leads you to something elseand then by the time you finish, thestory is nothing like you expected."-William Shatner
  14. 14. INTERVIEW
  15. 15. InterviewsHelps carry thestory and addauthenticity.Chefs - Backpackers- Craftsmen - Locals- Etc.Yourself - Stream ofConsciousness
  16. 16. Putting It AllTogether• Layout all yoursoundbites from theinterview first with aclear beginning,middle, and end.• Adjust audio beforeclipping.• Listen for the bestsound bites thatsupport the story.• Cut and save thosesoundbites. Arrangein order of story.
  17. 17. Adjust Audio. Listen For Story. Clipand Save.Final Cut
  18. 18. iMovie
  19. 19. VIDEO:-Visit FloridaMichy’s-Visit Mount Dora-Visit Mount Dora-Visit Mount Dora
  20. 20. “To me, movies and music go hand inhand.When Im writing a script, one of thefirstthings I do is find the music Imgoing to play for the openingsequence.”- Quentin Tarantino- Quentin Tarantino- Quentin Tarantino- Quentin Tarantino- Quentin Tarantino
  21. 21. MUSICALITY
  22. 22. IMPORTANCE OF AUDIO• Edit to the beat of the music.• Add markers to help.• So much of what we see is whatwe hear.
  23. 23. McGurk EffectPerceptual phenomenon thatdemonstrates an interactionbetween hearing and vision inspeech perception
  24. 24. Video: McGurkEffect
  25. 25. Music can alsohelp with pacingand views.Video: Thailand ElephantTrekVideo: Ain’t No Body GotTime for that.
  26. 26. “The events in our liveshappenin a sequence in time, but intheir significance toourselves they find their ownorder the continuous threadof revelation.”- Eudora Welty- Eudora Welty- Eudora Welty
  27. 27. STORYLINE
  28. 28. Storyline• Consider youropening andclosing.• Pick your beststarter sequence todraw them in.• Beginning shouldleave them asking aquestion and sparkcuriosity.• End should havecall-to-action.
  29. 29. Charlie ParsonsPancakesChChChCh
  30. 30. ACTION
  31. 31. • What do you want the viewer to do?What action do you want them totake?• Go to destination’s website?• Go to your website?• Subscribe?• Watch more videos?• Comment?
  32. 32. Call To Action
  33. 33. Wrap Up1.Shoot in sequence2.Layout soundbites to create story3.Adjust audio4.Add musicality and trim clips5.Create a call-to-action
  34. 34. Thank YouRachelle