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Think Beyond The Blog Trip - Pro Blogger Think Tank


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Think Beyond The Blog Trip - Pro Blogger Think Tank

  1. 1. the independent integrated agencythe independent integrated agencyRuth HaffendenRuth Haffenden@ruth_elizabeth@ruth_elizabeth““Thinking beyond the blogThinking beyond the blogtrip”trip”Pro-blogger think tankPro-blogger think tankMay 2013 – TBU RotterdamMay 2013 – TBU Rotterdam
  2. 2. the independent integrated agencyDid you hear about bgb?Specialists intravel &tourismSpecialists intravel &tourismPR, Representation,Culture, Luxuryand OnlinePR, Representation,Culture, Luxuryand OnlineFull range ofin-houseservicesFull range ofin-houseservicesTeam of 20in travel & tourismTeam of 20in travel & tourismLeadersin digital and socialmediaLeadersin digital and socialmediaFoundingmember of the PangaeaNetworkFoundingmember of the PangaeaNetworkEstablished in1991Established in1991Part of FourCommunicationsGroup:Culture,campaigning,sports,sponsorship,marketing, mediaplanning &buyingPart of FourCommunicationsGroup:Culture,campaigning,sports,sponsorship,marketing, mediaplanning &buying
  3. 3. the independent integrated agencyBut what do you know about Four?Corporate PRCorporate PR Public affairsPublic affairs Social mediaSocial media Consumer PRConsumer PRCrisis and issuesCrisis and issuesMedia planning &buyingMedia planning &buyingSports & ArtsSports & ArtsCommunityconsultationCommunityconsultationSponsorshipSponsorship CSRCSR DesignDesign Multi platformcontentMulti platformcontentPropertymarketingPropertymarketingDigitalDigitalCopywritingCopywritingTravel PR &RepresentationTravel PR &Representation
  4. 4. the independent integrated agencySo you were PR and now you’re...what then?Website designWebsite designContentmanagementsystemsContentmanagementsystemsSocial mediaSocial media Intranets andextranetsIntranets andextranetsDigital documents& presentationsDigital documents& presentationsSEOSEOE-newslettersE-newslettersBloggerrelationsBloggerrelationsAudio(e.g. podcasts,interviews)Audio(e.g. podcasts,interviews)Micro-sitesMicro-sites Online mediabuyingOnline mediabuyingBanneradvertisingBanneradvertisingVideo filming,editing and postproductionVideo filming,editing and postproductionAnimationsAnimationsOnline monitoringOnline monitoringMobiledevelopmentMobiledevelopment
  5. 5. the independent integrated agencyOur clients include…So who do you work for?
  6. 6. the independent integrated agencyFour the future: Meet the grads! Rosie Beaument –Thomas, Graduate Executive ­  @rosiefourbgbClients: Stena Line, Exodus, Red Funnel,Random bar chat fodder: Penchant for pasties and the like, rogue scotcheggs frequently found rolling around in handbag. Total bike geek,spends many mornings on the way to work pretending she’s BradleyWiggins, commentating her own brilliance as she goes. Once over heardsaying: “Live fast die young?! Nah, live slow, have a sit down and a pastylove”Emma Liasides, Graduate Executive ­  @emmaliasidesClients: County Durham, Atlantis, The Palm, Barbados, Red Funnel,DestinologyRandom bar chat fodder: Stupendous bar banter, Emma could talk forEngland. Was a pantomime child star, once locked in a dressing room asa giant peach rabbit for over an hour whilst her curly red hair oncecaused a group of thirty monks to chase her through the streets ofBangkok for a photo.Three Fours, to meet in one weekend – see whatI did there?
  7. 7. the independent integrated agencyCarolyn Van Vliet, Senior Account Executive ­ @carolynvanvliet Ok she’s not a grad anymore but she wasonce and I had a theme going here...Clients: Visit Wales, Caribbean Tourism Organisation,South Tyrol, Sun International. Cruise AssociationRandom bar chat fodder: Grew up in South Africa, spenther childhood removing various snakes from her shoesmost mornings, can fly fish and is one of the smartestcookies you’ll *ever* meetThree Fours, to meet in one weekend – see whatI did there?
  8. 8. the independent integrated agencySo what do I do now?Social media director at Four, covering travel, property, arts,culture, sports, consumer and corporate, with a bit of digitaltech, SEO and social media buying thrown in to keep me awakeat nightClients at Four: See super duper print outRandom bar chat fodder:• I have the a world map tattooed across the soles of my feet, I’mscared of bananas, I’m told dance like I’m riding a tiny horse,chilli gives me hiccups and the sun makes me sneeze. I hateemoticons as much as when people say ‘lol’ aloud. It’s not ironicit’s idiocy.Some things you should know:• I know you’re all hung over!• I loathe smart art and bloomin’ obvious annotations... So enjoythe accompanying lol cats/ baby gurnsMe! She was bgb and now she’sFour? Wtf?
  9. 9. the independent integrated agencySession styleShow me the money!OpenforumThink tankstyleapproachBestpracticeand ideassharingProfessionaldiscussions and ideasharingCampaignprofiling
  10. 10. the independent integrated agency• Thinking beyond the “blog trip equals blogreview post” set up• Moving thoughts from coverage to content• Positioning you as an expert• Extended campaigns – what can you offer andfor how much?• Methods of tracking – Moving thoughts ontracking from you to them• Think tank: Sharing best practice,brainstorming for real upcoming bgbcampaign proposals, ideas for industry reform• Discussions of professionalism, the power tohandle agreements when things go bad andthe knowledge to ensure they don’tDesired outcomes
  11. 11. the independent integrated agencyLet’s think about youshall we?
  12. 12. the independent integrated agencyStop thinking in terms of ‘coverage’Start thinking about content creation•What can you offer? •What are your strengths?•Where is your skill set in terms of content creation?•What do your readers engage with?•Which channels do you really excel on?Content creation
  13. 13. the independent integrated agency1. Content you host• Video• Images• Podcasts• Posts• Pre, during and post• Interviews and profiles• Behind the scenes1. Reader generated content• Surveys and polls• Live coverage acrosschannels• Where are yourstrengths?• Reader generatedContent creation
  14. 14. the independent integrated agency2.   Content they host• Video sets• Image sets/ galleries• Guest blog posts• Social media channel take- overs3.   Content that is third party hosted• Networks and affiliations• Other campaign partners• Additional commissions• Online chats4.    Content that links you to them• Banners• Widgets• Instagram walls• Live twitter/ Facebook feeds• Competitions• Home page/social feed take-overs• DMsContent creation
  15. 15. the independent integrated agency• The basics – tracking for you:o Unique users, social media reach etc• The next move – tracking for themo How many views did their content get? Howmany re-tweets, likes, comments shares,clickthroughs, # impressionso What can you add to track for them?Tracking links, widgets, reader offers, PRcall numbers• How much to track? Every campaign element orjust on site?• Produce a report:o Content createdo Numbers reachedo Engagement generatedTracking, reporting and evaluation
  16. 16. the independent integrated agencySo what do you charge? Or more likely, how much do you accept for a job?o Where are you in your career, do you need the case studies?o Is the trip worth the pay off?o How many pieces of content are you offering?o How much reporting are you giving?o How long will you be in destination?o What is the length of the campaign?o What else are you bringing to the party? i.e. other sponsors?Strategy?o How many work hours will that take you to create?o How much site time are you handing over?Think tank: How much do you charge? Are you willing to share? Whathave you heard others charging? Should their be an industrystandard?Show me the money!
  17. 17. the independent integrated agencyLet’s think about them
  18. 18. the independent integrated agency• Negotiating an agreemento Who are you talking to and what’s the difference?• Marketing• Online manager• SEO• PR• Advertisingo Understanding their needs• Their business objectives• Their marketing objectives• Their social media objectiveso The contract: include the collateral you agreed toproduce and when and what they offered inexchange. Reiterate their objectives and desiredoutcomes! *lets take a look at a contracto Invoicing: Be clear on who to invoice, how andwhen you will get paidStep 2 – lets think about them
  19. 19. the independent integrated agencyConsumer partnershipsWhat else can you bring to the agreement in terms ofcollateral?Brining brand partners together can give your campaignweight and seem more appealing as well as providing mutualbudget benefitsBut who?•Cameras•Cars•Clothing brands•Sports brandsThink thank: who else? Have you worked with non­travel partners? How did you negotiate it and how could you turn it into something bigger?How?Social media competition tie-ins?Partnered campaign to split costs?
  20. 20. the independent integrated agencyCampaigns that have moved beyond the blogtrip:-SVG-Exodus-South Africa-JordanThinktank: Which campaigns have you seenthat were impressive? Why were they different?Inspire me!
  21. 21. the independent integrated agencyHaving a contract in place should avoidissues of misunderstanding/ differingexpectations, but what if things go wrong onthe trip?•Speak directly to your contact – early•Can you change the itinerary?•Can you change the content plan?•Ensure you are both in full agreement.•Returning from a trip empty handed withan excuse is not an option.Think Tank: What has gone wrong and how did you deal with it? What concerns you about more commercial arrangements?When things go bad
  22. 22. the independent integrated agency• The art of becoming an industry event ho!o Get on the circuit, get yourself known, oneevent will quickly lead to another• How and when to follow upo Immediately, get on their radar,o send your media kit,o add to your subscription list.o Suggest a business meeting.o Nothing? Leave it for a while until you havesome news• Declines that dont close the dooro Be positiveo Explain your circumstanceso Suggest ways you could get involved or theytype of campaign you would be keen onForming relationships
  23. 23. the independent integrated agencyIdeas think tank:• What are you currently working on?• What has worked and what hasn’t?• What can we create together? A look at thebgb client list and upcoming projectso Case study: Atlantis, The Palm• Professional associations, are they worth it?• What do you need from the industry? Whatcan we put in place?What next? Brainstorm