A Brief Intro to Scala

A Brief Intro to Scala,[object Object],Tim Underwood,[object Object]
About Me,[object Object],Tim Underwood,[object Object],Co-Founder of Frugal Mechanic,[object Object],Software Developer,[object Object],Perl, PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby and now Scala,[object Object],Before Scaladefault languages were Ruby and Java,[object Object]
Dynamic vs. Static,[object Object],Dynamic (Ruby),[object Object],Static (Java),[object Object],Concise,[object Object],Scriptable,[object Object],Read-Eval-Print Loop (irb),[object Object],Higher Order Functions,[object Object],Extend existing classes,[object Object],Duck Typing,[object Object],method_missing,[object Object],Better IDE Support,[object Object],Fewer Tests,[object Object],Documentation,[object Object],Open Source Libs,[object Object],Performance,[object Object],JVM Tools (VisualVM),[object Object],True Multi-threading,[object Object]
Scala,[object Object],[object Object]
Read-Eval-Print Loop
Higher Order Functions
Extend existing classes
Duck Typing
Better IDE Support
Fewer Tests
Open Source Libs
JVM Tools (VisualVM)
True Multi-threading,[object Object]
Scalais a modern multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way.,[object Object]
Scala,[object Object],Statically Typed,[object Object],Runs on JVM, full inter-op with Java,[object Object],Object Oriented,[object Object],Functional,[object Object],Dynamic Features,[object Object]
Scala is Practical,[object Object],Can be used as drop-in replacement for Java,[object Object],Mixed Scala/Java projects,[object Object],Use existing Java libraries,[object Object],Use existing Java tools (Ant, Maven, JUnit, etc…),[object Object],Decent IDE Support (NetBeans, IntelliJ, Eclipse),[object Object]
Scala is Concise,[object Object]
Type Inference,[object Object],val sum = 1 + 2 + 3,[object Object],valnums = List(1, 2, 3),[object Object],val map = Map("abc" -> List(1,2,3)),[object Object]
Explicit Types,[object Object],val sum:Int= 1 + 2 + 3,[object Object],valnums:List[Int]= List(1, 2, 3),[object Object],val map:Map[String, List[Int]] = ...,[object Object]
Higher Level,[object Object],// Java – Check if string has uppercase character,[object Object],booleanhasUpperCase = false;,[object Object],for(inti = 0; i < name.length(); i++) {,[object Object],if(Character.isUpperCase(name.charAt(i))) {,[object Object],hasUpperCase = true;,[object Object],break;,[object Object],    },[object Object],},[object Object]
Higher Level,[object Object],// Scala,[object Object],valhasUpperCase = name.exists(_.isUpperCase),[object Object]
Less Boilerplate,[object Object],// Java,[object Object],public class Person {,[object Object],private String name;,[object Object],private intage;,[object Object],public Person(String name, Intage) {  // constructor,[object Object],    this.name = name;,[object Object],this.age = age;,[object Object],  },[object Object],public String getName() {              // name getter,[object Object],    return name;,[object Object],  },[object Object],publicintgetAge() {                  // age getter,[object Object],    return age;,[object Object],  },[object Object],public void setName(Stringname) {     // name setter,[object Object],    this.name = name;,[object Object],  },[object Object],public void setAge(intage) {          // age setter,[object Object],this.age = age;,[object Object],  },[object Object],},[object Object]
Less Boilerplate,[object Object],// Scala,[object Object],class Person(varname: String, varage: Int),[object Object]
Less Boilerplate,[object Object],// Scala,[object Object],class Person(var name: String, privatevar _age: Int) {,[object Object],  defage = _age// Getter for age,[object Object],  defage_=(newAge:Int) {  // Setter for age,[object Object],println("Changing age to: "+newAge),[object Object],_age = newAge,[object Object],  },[object Object],},[object Object]
Variables and Values,[object Object],// variable,[object Object],varfoo = "foo",[object Object],foo = "bar"  // okay,[object Object],// value,[object Object],valbar = "bar",[object Object],bar = "foo"// nope,[object Object]
Scala is Object Oriented,[object Object]
Pure O.O.,[object Object],// Every value is an object,[object Object],1.toString,[object Object],// Every operation is a method call,[object Object],1 + 2 + 3    (1).+(2).+(3),[object Object],// Can omit . and ( ),[object Object],"abc" charAt 1    "abc".charAt(1),[object Object]
Classes,[object Object],// Classes (and abstract classes) like Java,[object Object],abstract classLanguage(valname:String) {,[object Object],override deftoString = name,[object Object],},[object Object],// Example implementations,[object Object],classScalaextendsLanguage("Scala"),[object Object],// Anonymous class,[object Object],valscala = newLanguage("Scala") { /* empty */ },[object Object]
Traits,[object Object],// Like interfaces in Java,[object Object],trait Language {,[object Object],valname:String,[object Object],// But allow implementation,[object Object],overridedeftoString = name,[object Object],},[object Object]
Traits,[object Object],traitJVM { ,[object Object],  override deftoString = super.toString+" runs on JVM" },[object Object],traitStatic {,[object Object],  override deftoString = super.toString+" is Static" },[object Object],// Traits are stackable,[object Object],classScalaextends Language with JVM with Static {,[object Object],val name = "Scala",[object Object],},[object Object],println(newScala) "Scala runs on JVM is Static",[object Object]
Singleton Objects,[object Object],// Replaces static methods from Java,[object Object],// Can extend/implement classes & traits,[object Object],object Hello {,[object Object],  def world = println("Hello World"},[object Object],},[object Object],Hello.world  Hello World,[object Object]
Scala is Functional,[object Object]
First Class Functions,[object Object],// Lightweight anonymous functions,[object Object],(x:Int) => x + 1,[object Object],// Calling the anonymous function,[object Object],valplusOne = (x:Int) => x + 1,[object Object],plusOne(5)    6,[object Object]
Closures,[object Object],// plusFoo can reference any values/variables in scope,[object Object],varfoo= 1,[object Object],valplusFoo = (x:Int) => x + foo,[object Object],plusFoo(5)      6,[object Object],// Changing foo changes the return value of plusFoo,[object Object],foo= 5,[object Object],plusFoo(5)      10,[object Object]
Higher Order Functions,[object Object],valplusOne = (x:Int) => x + 1,[object Object],valnums = List(1,2,3),[object Object],// map takes a function: Int => T,[object Object],nums.map(plusOne)       List(2,3,4),[object Object],// Inline Anonymous,[object Object],nums.map(x => x + 1)    List(2,3,4),[object Object],// Short form,[object Object],nums.map(_ + 1)         List(2,3,4),[object Object]
Higher Order Functions,[object Object],valnums = List(1,2,3,4),[object Object],// A few more examples for List class,[object Object],nums.exists(_ == 2)          true,[object Object],nums.find(_ == 2)            Some(2),[object Object],nums.indexWhere(_ == 2)      1,[object Object],nums.reduceLeft(_ + _)       10,[object Object],nums.foldLeft(100)(_ + _)    110,[object Object],// Many more in collections library,[object Object]
Higher Order Functions,[object Object],// functions as parameters,[object Object],defcall(f: Int => Int) = f(1),[object Object],call(plusOne)       2,[object Object],call(x => x + 1)    2,[object Object],call(_ + 1)         2,[object Object]
Higher Order Functions,[object Object],// functions as parameters,[object Object],defeach(xs: List[Int], fun: Int => Unit) {,[object Object],if(!xs.isEmpty) {,[object Object],fun(xs.head),[object Object],each(xs.tail, fun),[object Object],  },[object Object],},[object Object],each(List(1,2,3), println),[object Object],  1,[object Object],  2,[object Object],  3,[object Object]
Higher Order Functions,[object Object],// More complex example with generics & patternmatching,[object Object],@tailrec,[object Object],defeach[T](xs: List[T], fun: T => Unit): Unit = xsmatch{,[object Object],caseNil =>,[object Object],casehead :: tail => fun(head); each(tail, fun),[object Object],},[object Object],each(List(1,2), println),[object Object],  1,[object Object],  2,[object Object],each(List("foo", "bar"), println),[object Object],foo,[object Object],  bar,[object Object]
Pattern Matching,[object Object],def what(any:Any) = any match {,[object Object],casei:Int => "It's an Int",[object Object],cases:String => "It's a String",[object Object],case_ => "I don't know what it is",[object Object],},[object Object],what(123)       "It's an Int",[object Object],what("hello")   "It's a String",[object Object],what(false)     "I don't know what it is",[object Object]
Pattern Matching,[object Object],valnums = List(1,2,3),[object Object],// Pattern matching to create 3 vals,[object Object],valList(a,b,c) = nums,[object Object],a      1,[object Object],b  2,[object Object],c  3,[object Object]
Immutable Types,[object Object],// Immutable types by default,[object Object],varnums = Set(1,2,3),[object Object],nums+= 4  nums= nums.+(4),[object Object],// Mutable types available,[object Object],importscala.collection.mutable._,[object Object],valnums = Set(1,2,3),[object Object],nums+= 4  nums.+=(4),[object Object]
scala.collection,[object Object]
scala.collection.immutable,[object Object]
scala.collection.mutable,[object Object]
Or Use Existing Java Collections,[object Object],java.util,[object Object],Apache Commons Collections,[object Object],fastutil,[object Object],Trove,[object Object],Google Collections,[object Object],scala.collection.JavaConversion available to convert to and from java.util Interfaces,[object Object]
Scalais Dynamic,[object Object],(Okay not really, but it has lots of features typically only found in Dynamic languages),[object Object]
Scriptable,[object Object],// HelloWorld.scala,[object Object],println("Hello World"),[object Object],bash$scalaHelloWorld.scala,[object Object],Hello World,[object Object],bash$scala -e 'println("Hello World")',[object Object],Hello World,[object Object]
Read-Eval-Print Loop,[object Object],bash$scala,[object Object],Welcome to Scala version 2.8.1.final (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, Java 1.6.0_22).,[object Object],Type in expressions to have them evaluated.,[object Object],Type :help for more information.,[object Object],scala>class Foo { def bar = "baz" },[object Object],defined class Foo,[object Object],scala>valf = new Foo,[object Object],f: Foo = Foo@51707653,[object Object],scala> f.bar,[object Object],res2: java.lang.String = baz,[object Object]
Structural Typing,[object Object],// Type safe Duck Typing,[object Object],def doTalk(any:{deftalk:String}) {,[object Object],println(any.talk),[object Object],},[object Object],class Duck { def talk = "Quack" },[object Object],class Dog  { def talk = "Bark"  },[object Object],doTalk(new Duck)    "Quack",[object Object],doTalk(new Dog)     "Bark",[object Object]
Implicit Conversions,[object Object],// Extend existing classes in a type safe way,[object Object],// Goal: Add isBlank method to String class,[object Object],classRichString(s:String) {   ,[object Object],defisBlank = null == s || "" == s.trim,[object Object],},[object Object],implicit deftoRichString(s:String) = newRichString(s),[object Object],// Our isBlank method is now available on Strings,[object Object]," ".isBlanktrue,[object Object],"foo".isBlankfalse,[object Object]
Implicit Conversions,[object Object],// Does not type check,[object Object],"abc".isBlank,[object Object],// Search in-scope implicitsdefs that take a,[object Object],// String & return a type with an isBlank method,[object Object],implicit deftoRichString(s:String):RichString,[object Object],// Resulting code that type checks,[object Object],newRichString("abc").isBlank,[object Object]
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A Brief Intro to Scala