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Web citation thailand eng 20100510


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Web citation thailand eng 20100510

  1. 1. “ Citation Thailand Phase I : Thai Telecommunications” URL: by Thai Telecommunication Encyclopedia Organizers :
  2. 2. Objectives 1. To create the permanent access from any cited materials on the internet. 2 . To develop the internat archiving system for webreference. 3. To encourage and to support university libraries, museums, cultural heritage institutions, and other related agencies in order to address internet content on “CitationThailand”. 4. To extend benefit from the Thai telecommunication encyclopedia.
  3. 3. T hai T elecommunication E ncyclopedia (TTE) Thai communications history, 1990 Thailand Telecommunication knowledge Unlimited digital network technology, 2000 Voice Over IP(VoIP) for network applications, 2005 Communication dictionary ( The reference source of the whole telecommunications technologies history and applications in Thailand A Brife History of Communications, 2008 Patent mapping of fundamental radio frequency and telecommunication standard, 2006 On line Community
  4. 4. “ The Thailand Internet Preservation Site” An archiving system for webreference What is Web Citation ? Inactive after only 27 months Preservation
  5. 5. History of citation The Webcite was invented by Dr. Gunther Eysenbach in 2008 WebCite ( WebCite is the International Internet Preservation membership. Consortium is an on-demand archiving system for webreferences which can be used by authors, editors, and publishers of scholarly papers and books. Citation development is increasing.
  6. 6. Literature review and patent search “ Citation development is increasing!”
  7. 7. Thai Telecommunication Encyclopedia VS Citation Registration on Citation Thailand Put in data base Data base TTE in Citation Thailand, a n archiving system for webreference of Thailand
  8. 8. Goals An archiving system for webreference of Thailand Preservation “ Citation Thailand ”
  9. 9. Applications Citation Thailand
  10. 10. Partners Ministry of Education Ministry of Tourism and Sports Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Culture Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Ministry of Public Health Citation Thailand
  11. 11. Citation Thailand in the next step Citation Thailand Thai Telecommunication Encyclopedia Thai culture data Thai medical data Thai language data
  12. 12. Organizer and Developer Dr.Keattisak Sripimanwat Thai Telecommunication Encyclopedia Dr.Chumphol Krootkaew Mr.Patipat Tumsangthong
  13. 13. Thank you