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To briefly introduce my company as an ideal place to bring people with lifelong sustainable development

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  • My presentation will be in three parts:
    First, I will briefly introduce our mother company – Thai Nguyen University
    Then I will talk a little bit about Vietnam LRC network
    And last, but most importantly I will bring you an insight into TNU LRC
  • Thai Nguyen University (TNU) is situated in Thai Nguyen city, an economic, educational center of the North Mountainous Areas (NMA) of Vietnam.

    Thai Nguyen is about 80 km far from the capital city Hanoi, 50 km far from Noi Bai International Airport . (from CU to TNU, it takes about just 4 hours = 2 hours fly from Bangkok to Noibai + 1 hour from Noibai to Thai Nguyen)

    This is an industrial city, of which the most famous sector is Iron and Steel Production.

    Beside, our Thai Nguyen green tea is considered the most famous, healthy in Vietnam: good for all people.

    TN is also well-known for Coc lake with its natural, and wild beauty.
  • Established in 1994 as one of 3 regional, multidisciplinary universities of Vietnam by re-organizing and merging some existing universities, which have about 40 year history

    One of Vietnam’s dominant universities, a very important part of Vietnamese higher education system
  • The TNU was founded in 1994 and currently consisting of 19 satellite member colleges, schools, institutes and educational and research centers, i.e., the College of Agriculture and Forestry,
    the College of Engineering and Technology
    the College of Education
    the College of Medicine and Pharmacy
    the College of Economics and Business Administration
    the College of Sciences
    the School of Foreign Languages
    the School of Information Technology, etc. most of TNU’s colleges are more than 40 years old of history.

    The TNU has currently enrolled a total of 79,100 students including about 3000 graduate students with a yearly new recruitment of 25,000 students (2009).
    About 60% of our students are coming from ethnic minority groups representing a very diverse in cultures and traditions.
    The university has about 3,504 lecturers and staff, of which 251 have obtained doctorate degrees and 1.135 Master degrees. The university offers 118 undergraduate training programs for bachelor degrees, 50 Master programs and 18 doctoral programs.
  • Let’s move to the second part of my presentation.
    Now I would like to talk a little bit about Vietnam Learning Resource Center network.
    VN LRC consists of 4 LRC. Spreading from the North to the South of VN, they are:
    TNU LRC in Thai Nguyen
    Hue LRC in Hue city, the former capital of Vietnam and the central of the middle land
    Dan Nang LRC located in Da Nang City
    And Can Tho LRC, in Can Tho City, the Central of Mekong Delta region
  • The Thai Nguyen University – Learning Resources Center (LRC), is a service unit of Thai Nguyen University (TNU), it was established according to the Decision N0 977QĐ- TCCB dated December 31st 2007 issued by TNU President
  • Among 13 LRC Master, 8 were educated in U.S and one in India.
  • This picture taken on the grand opening ceremony shows you most of LRC key staff and its honor guests.
  • Currently, TNL LRC is the only one company can host/ help organize Video Conference in the NMA of Vietnam
  • And here come pictures of LRC database, e-books and online study materials…
  • Library Services
    TN LRC ensures to provide you with best Information Services such as circulation-renewal, reserve-hold, providing subject specialist information, clipping service, information literacy, etc. Our IS staff and liaison team will be always with you on the way to conquer the world knowledge.
    Training Services
    TN LRC aims to be a centre providing complete learning experience and equiping necessary information resources and skills for the faculty, staff and students to get used to the development of progressive science and technology nowadays. Many of our staff are professional, experienced, talented and skillful teachers.
    Language Services
    Language Service is a top quality translation and interpretation, offered by a group of highly qualified and experienced translators and interpreters.
    Multipurpose Space Hiring
    The LRC has a number of auditoriums, conference and meeting rooms of different sizes with a full range of meeting equipment and services (audio/visual systems, translation booth, video conferencing system). Our facilities are designed for international and national conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions and business meetings.
    Other Services
    TN LRC also provide users with other interesting services like cafeteria, copying and printing, etc. With these affordable services, you will feel comfortable to use within TN LRC
  • Looking at the bar graph, you can see most of LRC patron are TNU students
  • For better exploiting its facilities and assets, apart from providing library and information products and services, TNU-LRC has been cooperating with a number of National and International educational institutes to open some high quality training programs for TNU’s students and local people around Thai Nguyen. This is a part of TNU-LRC sustainable development plan as this can help promote TNU-LRC’s brand name and imagine nationally and generate additional revenue for the center.
  • Since 2008, TNU LRC has cooperated with Hanoi Open University to offer undergraduate training program majoring in Business Administration, Accouting….Up to April 2010, the total student is about 700.
  • As a part of its strategic development, and to meet the high demand of society, LRC in collaboration with TNU college of science will offer a new undergraduate program in library and educational facilities management starting from 2010
  • TNU LRC has successfully showed case that it is the ideal place to organize a range of different seminars, workshops and conference. This picture shows you the national conference on Biotechnology held on November 2009
  • LRC staff are now very professional in organizing training, short course…
  • LRC staff are now very professional in organizing training, short course…
  • LRC Project staff completed 5 grant proposals 2 of which have been successful, Bill & Melinda Gates and Elsevier these grants are worth around USD 60,000. 
    The workshop on improvement of scientific writing skills under a project titled “Supporting Research Communities in Writing, Publishing and Sharing their Works in Thai Nguyen University of the Northern Mountainous area of Vietnam “ sponsored by
    The Elsevier Foundation.
  • In 2009, TNU LRC was chosen to be implement the pilot project titled “Improvement of Computer Usage and Public Internet Access Ability in Vietnam” sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation
  • TNU LRC has expand its business network to some key international academic institutes….
  • Many well-known organizations ranging from NGO academic to business has been enjoying working, collaborating with TNU LRC.
    NACESTI: National center for scientific and technological information
    Elsevier: the world's largest publisher of medical and scientific literature
  • Hopefully, CAR and TNU LRC can help establish and develop a strategic relationship between the 2 universities
  • Thank you very much for you attention. I will be happy to answer any question from you.
  • Introduction of Thai Nguyen University Learning Resource Center

    1. 1. Trung tâm Học liệu Đại học Thái Nguyên THAI NGUYEN UNIVERSITY LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER Your partner for sustainable development
    2. 2. Thai Nguyen Thai Nguyen University Learning Resource Center Your partner for sustainable development! TNU LRC is a new modern library & information center built to support educational institutes located in the north mountainous area of Vietnam for better developing human resources, improving scientific research and promote technology transferring. Tan Thinh Ward, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam 2020 Our vision: To be a leading information center and digital library, training cooperation and IT applying hub in Vietnam and local region Prepared by Hieu Thieu, Project Manager, Thai Nguyen University Learning Resource Center
    3. 3. Agenda • Brief Introduction about TNU • Vietnam LRC Network • TNU LRC
    4. 4. Thai Nguyen
    5. 5.  Established in 1994 as one of 3 regional, multidisciplinary universities of Vietnam  One of Vietnam’s dominant universities  The central hub for training, scientific research and technology transferring in the NMA of Vietnam
    6. 6.  Total students: 79.100  Graduates and post graduates: 3.000  Undergraduates: 76.100  Yearly new recruitment of 25,000 students  Faculty members: 3504  Full and associate professors: 90  Doctors: 251  Masters: 1135  Academic programs  Undergraduate: 118  Master: 50  Ph.D: 18
    7. 7. Vietnam LRC Network Each LRC is a new modern, American style of library & information center that were built thanks to financial support worth of $ 10 million from Atlantic Philanthropies Missions:To support educational and training institutes for better developing human resources, improving scientific research and promote technology transferring
    8. 8. Hue LRC: opened on 23rd March 2004
    9. 9. Can Tho LRC: Opened on 24th May 2005
    10. 10. Da Nang LRC: opened on 26th July 2005
    11. 11. Thai Nguyen University Learning Resource Center • Human resources • Company’s facilities, equipment & resources • Main services & activities • Strategic partners • Cooperation opportunities
    12. 12. Gran Opening ceremony : 21st November 2007
    13. 13. Visions To be a leading information center and digital library, training cooperation and IT applying hub in Vietnam and local region. 2020
    14. 14. Human Resource Number of Staff: 54  1 Professor, PhD  13 Masters  25 Bachelors Board of Directors Project MGT AD & Finance Info Resource Info Service IT
    15. 15. Facilities • 4-story building, 8000 m2 located right next to TNU “white house” • 400 PCs with high speed internet connection, wireless access • Modern Auditorium 300 seats, with up-to-date IT equipment to organize video conference • Multimedia classroom with international standards
    16. 16. One of the most modern, beautiful auditorium in Vietnam
    17. 17. One of the most modern, beautiful auditorium in Vietnam
    18. 18. Video conference at LRC
    19. 19. PCs network with up-to-date software + Wide bandwidth, high speed internet connection
    20. 20. Quiet reading and study areas
    21. 21. Group discussion room AV room
    22. 22. Multimedia classroom with international standards
    23. 23. 8 Vietnamese database (1 was built and developed by LRC staff):  1.560 textbooks, 4.000 e-books  345 e-lectures prepared by TNU faculty members  1.120 Master and PhD thesis  9.500 research results, 60.000 scientific article (full text)  Vietnamese Scientific Journals 6 most popular English databas: IG Publishing, Proquest central...more than 80% are full-text articles of all subjects, 30 thousand research results, 4.386 e-books… Book ( Name) Number of copies Text book Journals (name) 21.000 73.000 11.600 220 Library & Information Resources
    24. 24. Main Services & Activities
    25. 25.  2009: 287.000 people came to use LRC facilities and resources  In average: 1.087 per day, increasing 2.1 times in comparison with this numbers in 2008 Library & Information Services
    26. 26. Online information searching at LRC  2009: 962.100 access to LRC website  In average: 2.072 per day, increasing 3.8 times in comparison with 2008
    27. 27. Education and training cooperation Cooperating with NIIT – a global leading company in IT training
    28. 28. Cooperation between TNU LRC & Hanoi Open Uni Finance & Banking Accounting Business Administration Business Law
    29. 29. Organizing conference, workshops, seminars
    30. 30. Training program of World Population Council
    31. 31. Workshop in develop and manage moder, digital library
    32. 32. Project Management
    33. 33. Training program of Bill & Melinda Gates' project at LRC
    34. 34. Cooperation with University of Hawaii
    35. 35. Cooperation with RMIT University
    36. 36. Our strategic partners
    37. 37. Cooperation opportunities  To share and exchange database, information resources  To share & learn from each other for work performance improvement  Staff exchange  To help establish advanced program in Library & Information Science?
    38. 38. Thank you very much for your attention !