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Full Stack Testing Done Well


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This presentation was given for the Selenium DC & Arlington Ruby co-meetup

Published in: Technology, Education
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Full Stack Testing Done Well

  1. 1. ∞Full Stack Testing Done ~Well by Dave Haeffner
  2. 2. Fuhl-stak-teztingv. The act of verifying webfunctionality through a standardweb-browser instance – often byway of automation.
  3. 3. Slow Setup Neglect Noise
  4. 4. We have the technology…
  5. 5. Flight paths, fork in the road, etc -Pic?
  6. 6. While technology is important, it’snot the most important part.That is to say, you’re doing it wrong.
  7. 7. ¿Cómo se dice?
  8. 8. You down with S.R.P.?
  9. 9. Dave Haeffner @TourDeDave