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Selenium Frameworks


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What makes up an acceptance testing framework? Especially one that will help you use Selenium successfully? How about a list of what ones currently exist? We've got you covered.

This talk was prepared for the DC Selenium Meetup in April 2013.

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Selenium Frameworks

  1. 1. Frameworks^3by Dave
  2. 2. Frameworks AgendaWhat it isWhy its worth itWhat should go into oneWhats available todayQ&A
  3. 3. What acceptance testing framework?
  4. 4. Elizabeth Hendrickson says...1. Defines the format in which toexpress expectations2. Creates a mechanism to hook into, ordrive, the application under test3. Executes the tests4. Reports the results[link]
  5. 5. Why acceptance testing framework...worthwhile?
  6. 6. The Standard Evolution ofSelenium automation at an organization
  7. 7. 1 - Record tests with Selenium IDE2 - End up with a brittle suite of tests3 - Export to code, get them working4 - Rewrite them so theyre DRY5 - Scale, hit performance issues6 - Monkey-patch as you goA - Ignore it and go back to manual testingB - Throw it out and rewriteStandard Selenium Evolution
  8. 8. Hmm...
  9. 9. What really makes acceptance testing framework?(especially one that uses Selenium)
  10. 10. Framework anatomyCurrentRunnerIntegrationConfigurableReportingLoggingPerformanceDSLTaggable
  11. 11. But the real value isnt realized...until you do something with it.
  12. 12. Why Feedback loop for the teamHow Integrate with CIWhat Timely, in-band notifications
  13. 13. Frameworks in the wild...
  14. 14. Open SourcePy.Saunter (Python)SaunterPHP (PHP)ChemistryKit (Ruby)Geb (Groovy)SST (Python)ScalaTest (Scala & Java)Baby Framework (Java)JDriver (Java)
  15. 15. Open Source contdRobot Framework (Python & Java)Fitnesse (Java & .NET)Cucumber (Ruby)Cucumber-jvm (Java)Specflow (.NET)Turnip (Ruby)
  16. 16. ProofTitanium xAFTCommercial OfferingsSauceLab PartnersQAOnDemandTFT ConsultingDynacron GroupSoftcrylicThinkSys IncHindsight SoftwareQASource
  17. 17. Recap● An acceptance testing framework that isbuilt for successful Selenium has a lot ofparts● A framework will help you get started, grow,and avoid pitfalls● There are many "frameworks" (both opensource and commercial)● But there are few that come with everythingyou need out of the box● The real value comes from using it withinyour development workflows
  18. 18. Office Hours (30 min, FREE) & Newsletter (FREE)
  19. 19. Additional ResourcesSelenium HQs outdated framework pageAgile Alliance Functional Testing Toolsspreadsheet (outdated-ish)wiki (should be the record of truth)List of available Selenium Resourcesblog post on arrgyle.comSF Selenium Meetups Testing Tool Demo Night videos