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Eaton City


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Eaton City

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Eaton power management solutions Family Housing • Reduce the risk of fire damage with Eaton’s arc fault circuit interrupters • Ground fault circuit interrupters protect residents against the risk of electrical shock • Provide quieter, more fuel-efficient emergency power with Eaton standby generatorsInfrastructure - Modernization, Renovation Energy Efficiency & New Construction Renewable Energy Data Centers • Eaton’s Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) offers inherent redundancy, improving availability Gas Powered Cars Transportation • Diagnose problems more quickly, reduce outages, • Combining Eaton’s automated with Power Xpert organization-wide monitoring mechanical transmissions and Plug-in Hybrid • MEF switchgear saves space and allows supercharger technologies with for more servers light hybrid will deliver vehicles & Electric Vehicles with smaller displacement engines • Residential and commercial • Handle problems more quickly with local service while maintaining acceleration, charging stations from Eaton’s trained field service technicians lower fuel consumption, and • On-vehicle controls • Fluid conveyance systems for more efficient cooling reduced emissionsHydropower & Dams• Hydraulic components for the adjustable Airports gates in dams • Identify opportunities with Eaton• Turbine generator systems that control site audits of existing equipment Offices Hybrid Truck water flow in reservoirs, streams and levees & Biofuels • Use Eaton project management Apartments • Track power performance• Water filtration systems services to gain a single point of • Eaton ground fault circuit interrupters remotely with Eaton metering • Eaton’s hybrid power systems Wind Power for commercial vehicles• Eaton’s GearGard to continuously monitor accountability for complex projects and arc fault circuit interrupters to • Eaton hydraulics products such as and monitoring solutions key failure indicators such as temperature help reduce the risk of electrical provide fuel savings ranging • Eaton’s Carter Brand Ground Fueling cylinders, power units and control • Reduce energy consumption and from 30 to 60 percent, and humidity designs and manufactures a digitally shocks and fires manifolds are used in wind turbine limit greenhouse gas emissions depending on the application,• Electrical power and control products for controlled high-speed refueling device • Home standby generators to provide brake and pitch control systems with lighting control systems that and can lower emissions of upgrading the current systems with new that features highly reliable, safer, power in emergencies • Eaton can provide low and medium harvest daylight carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous technology for safe and efficient operation hydrant couplers for airport refueling • Structured wiring to make it easier voltage power distribution equipment, • Upgrade aging equipment for oxide (NO2) and particulate• Complete electrical design, engineering • Complete backup power systems to to distribute Internet, video and control components and systems better performance with matter up to 70 percent and installation services ensure continuous system operation telephone signals installation services retrofit solutions • Towns can reduce energy needs and improve air quality with innovative hybrid vehicles • Eaton’s biodiesel-compatible hoses deliver longer operation with biodiesel formulations Water & WastewaterSolar Power Treatment Plants Movable Bridges Learning Institutions Government Buildings Smart Grid Hospitals Trains• Low and medium voltage products • Eaton’s hydraulic solutions range from aeration • Eaton’s industrial hydraulic • Identify electrical system • Reduce space needed for electrical • Automatic lighting control • Increase potential for more patient • Eaton’s hydraulic components includ- functions to gate actuation power units, manifolds, cylinders, improvements with an Eaton equipment with Eaton’s IFS™ solutions for demand control facilities by using MEF space-saving ing piston pumps, hoses, fittings and• Hydraulic positioning systems • Keep equipment in service longer with Eaton’s valves, motors and controls are facility audit switchboards and energy management switchgear directional control valves are critical• Complete project management equipment reconditioning services used to raise and lower bridge to maintaining passenger comfort and including design, installation • Save energy with lighting • Increase reliability with cleaner power • Communicating protective relaying • Provide emergency power to life safety • Extend motor life with soft-start drives that spans safely and efficiently control systems from harmonic mitigating transformers and industrial metering solutions for and other critical loads with Bypass providing safe travel during turns as and commissioning well as safely managing rail cars in reduce wear-and-tear at start-up • Electrical solutions for moveable • Save space with pre-assembled • Conserve energy with lighting energy awareness, demand control, Isolation Transfer Switches and bridges include pushbuttons and and automation Quick Connect generator solutions the switching yards • Improve uptime by replacing aged components IFS switchboards control systems that turn lights off with Eaton medium voltage vacuum replacement indicating lights, motor control when spaces are unoccupied • Communicating Network Protectors • See what’s going on throughout the centers, safety switches and • Keep schools open as emergency breakers and low voltage air replacement breakers shelters with Eaton generator with vault monitoring and predictive power system with Power Xpert transformers, sensors and limit diagnostics for improved reliability metering and software • Reduce off-spec water and protect valuable switches, panelboards and Quick Connect switchboards purification equipment with Sag Ride Through and grid reconfiguration switchboards, and AC drives (SRT) Power Conditioner • Water filtration systems that remove debris from discharge flow stream to meet EPA standards