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Workflow for Water Customer Complaint


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Workflow for Water Customer Complaint

  1. 1. Workflow Modeler:Maintenance Management Customers Low Receive Pressure Notification Complaint X - Problem Not District Resolved Responsibility Metro Water Receive Complaint Utility Division Complete Notify Problem Triage Problem Plan Response Response is Resolved Coordinate with Other Utilities Complete Documentation of Work File cabinet or electronic files Documentation of Work Completed January 28, 2008 Page 1
  2. 2. Response to Customer Complaint Workflow Modeler:Customer Complaint Example Customers Receive Notification - Problem Resolved Low Pressure Complaint Customer Service Representative Receive complaint; write Notify Utility down Division information Clerk / Administrative Asst. Provide Notify work Receive info re: complete; response low pressure. pressure status info restored Field Supervisor Conduct field Contact Check Need investigation to Plan field Yes customer for availability of Request more info? identify response more info. crew to notification of problem Complete mobilize customer Documentation No of Work Review system Check for Research Provide options for Initiate field map at problem activities in instructions for increasing response location vicinity. response pressure Map update No needed? Request Blue Stake for Yes locating underground utilities Field Crew Mobilize field Complete response; Notify work crew and restore complete equipment pressure Mapping / GIS Provide system Update maps / map GIS File cabinet or electronic files N Maps / GIS System map for location Documentation of work completed January 28, 2008 Page 1
  3. 3. Mapped during Jan. 24, 2008 meeting. Workflow Modeler:Respond to Customer Complaint - Metro Water Customer Complaint Provide add'l Phone Phone X End of Phone Call/ End of Issue info Call re: Call re: Status Status quot;Explanationquot;/Not a Metro Water Customer Receptionist Receive Phone Call; Transfer call Customer Service Rep Provide Status No Info to Customer Metro Water Yes Customer? Look at Does Customer Get more info checklist re: want to meet w/ Yes Schedule Site Today or Tommorrow Produce Print Paper about Service Order (Paper) Check Acct Info service Cust. Serv. Visit Tommorrow? Service Order Copy of complaint problems Superv.? Service Order Today No Check for non-payment List of questions Record Check for info to ask customer. Customer's re: service Notification issues in Preference on vicinity Service Order quot;Radio Callquot; Input Work Card info Check for other Customer's issues Acct info Cust. Serv. Superv. Receive call for Provide Status to Customer Check in-box service today. for Service Confirm Orders Availability. Need Add'l Give Create Work No Travel to Resolve Record Action Resources? Completed Card location Problem on Work Card Work Card to Customer Printout Yes Service of Service Order Request Receive Locating of Notification Underground Underground Utilities Utilities are Identified Further Plan Response Technician Respond as Requested File cabinet or electronic files Customer Acct Info Service Order Customer's Acct Info January 28, 2008 Page 1