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Renee Stout Power Point


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Assemblage art show by Stoout

Published in: Business, Technology
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Renee Stout Power Point

  1. 1. Meet Fatima Mayfield (Renee’s alter ego). She is a mysterious aloof root worker. She does readings and creates amulets and remedies for clients.
  2. 3. A four-poster bed piled with silk pillows and lace dominates the room.
  3. 4. This view shows some of the sub assemblages used by Fatima in servicing her clients. The sub assemblages include doilies, a reproduction of an 18 th century French display case with armaloo details filled with perfume bottles, oils and roots, African masks and statues and power objects and books on the occult.
  4. 5. Roots and Oils for Conjuration In her boudoir she interviews clients: What ails you? Evil hants bothering you? Need roots or counter roots? Need better luck? Need money? Want some numbers? Want to make him or her love you? Put this in their water? Maybe you can use some of these remedies :
  5. 6. Device to Stop A Man From Lying Will this work with a woman?
  6. 7. Sachets, Powders, House Sprays and Herbs Save marriages, hit numbers, promote success, love and luck.
  7. 8. The House of Chance and Mischief Consider these universal tricksters at the Cross Roads. Brer Rabbit, Eden’s Serpent and Porgy and Bess’s Sporting Life.