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Words of wisdom from bhagavad gita


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Some selected verses from Bhagavad Gita, with simple explanations are presented here.

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Words of wisdom from bhagavad gita

  2. 2. BHAGAVAD GITA – THE DIVINESONG Bhagavad Gita-Part of the Sanskrit Epic Mahabhaaratha.(200 BC to 200 AD) 700 verses in 18 chapters. A conversation between Lord Krishna and his close friend Arjuna in the middle of the battlefield just before the start of the Kurukshetra battle. Arjuna loses his heart and refuses to fight his teachers and relatives, and Krishna revives him by his wise words of wisdom. TKG Namboodhiri
  3. 3. Gems of Bhagavad GitaDEHEE NITHYAM AVADHYOYAMDEHE’ SARVASYA – (2.30)The Soul (Atma) residing in allbeings is permanent and it cannotbe killed by anybody TKG Namboodhiri
  4. 4. Gems of Bhagavad Gita‘’ AHAMATMA GUDAKESASARVA BHUTASAYA STHITHAH”(10-20)God is the life-force (Atma)existing in all beings. TKG Namboodhiri
  5. 5. Gems of Bhagavad GitaSAMO AHAM SARVA BHUTESHUNA ME’ DWESHYO ASTHI NAPRIYA – (9.29)All beings are equal to God. He hasno friends or foes. TKG Namboodhiri
  6. 6. Gems of Bhagavad GitaNAADATHE’ KASYACHIT PAPAM NACHAIVA SUKRUTHAM VIBHU. (5.15)God never takes away anybody’ssins, nor does He grant any virtues. TKG Namboodhiri
  7. 7. Gems of Bhagavad GitaYE’ YATHA MAM PRAPADYANTHE’THAM STHATHYVA BHAJAMYAHAM.(4.11)Howsoever men worship me, I approachthem in the same way. (God gives us thefreedom to worship him in anyform/way.) TKG Namboodhiri
  8. 8. Gems of Bhagavad GitaUDHARE’D ATMAN ATMANAAMNA ATMANAM AVASADAYE’D (6-5)Raise yourself using your ownmind and intellect. Never think ofdenigrating yourself. TKG Namboodhiri
  9. 9. Gems of Bhagavad GitaNAHI KASCHITH KSHANAMAPIJATHU THISHTATHYAKARMAKRITH.(3.5)None can remain completelyinactive for even a moment. TKG Namboodhiri
  10. 10. Gems of Bhagavad GitaNA SATHO VIDYATHE’ BHAVO NABHAVO VIDYATHE’ SATHAH. (2.16)The unreal has no existence , and thereal never ceases to exist. (The Lawof Conservation of mass/energy) TKG Namboodhiri
  11. 11. Gems of Bhagavad GitaKARMANYEVADHIKARASTHE’ MAPHALESHU KADACHANA. (2.47)You have rights only for doingyour work, never for its results.Do your duty sincerely, and do not worry aboutthe outcome. TKG Namboodhiri
  12. 12. Gems of Bhagavad GitaJAATHASYA HI DHRUVO MRITHYURDHRUVAM JANMA MRITHASYACHA. (2.27)That which is born will surely die;similarly, all that die will surely bereborn. TKG Namboodhiri
  13. 13. Gems of Bhagavad GitaINDRIYANAAM HI CHARATHAAMYANMANO ANUVIDHEEYATHE’,THADASYA HARATHI PRAJNAAMVAAYURNNAAVAMIVAAMBHASI. (2.67)One, whose mind is uncontrollablyimmersed in thoughts of sensual pleasures,loses his discrimination, just like a sail-boat on waters loses its direction by strongwinds. TKG Namboodhiri
  14. 14. Gems of Bhagavad GitaTHRIVIDHAM NARAKASYE’DAMDWAARAMNAASANAMAATMANAH, KAAMAHKRODHASTHATHAALOBHASTHASMAADE’THATH THRAYAMTHYAJETH. (16.21)Desire, anger, and greed are thethree gates to hell and they ruin thesoul. Therefore all the three shouldbe avoided. TKG Namboodhiri
  15. 15. Gems of Bhagavad GitaSARVA DHARMAAN PARITHYAJYA MAAME’KAMSARANAM VRUJA, AHAM THWASARVAPAAPE’BHYO MOKSHAYISHYAMI MASUCHAH. (18.66).Leave aside all your naturalduties & obligations toothers, and take refuge in Me, Ishall absolve you of all yoursins. TKG Namboodhiri