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Humic acid


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Humic Acid
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Humic acid

  1. 1. HUMIC ACID M.SundaraRajan
  2. 2. What is it?  Humic acid is a group of organic compounds formed by the association of high-molecular mass substances from microbiological, vegetative and animal origin.  They are organic macromolecules with multiple properties and high structural complexity.  They exist abundantly in soil, natural water, lignite and aquatic environments.
  3. 3. How it is made?  Coal is ground and filtered through 60 mesh sieve.  It is treated with oxidizing agent by adding portions in small doses at specific intervals not allowing the temperature to rise above 40OC, external cooling as the oxidation stage is exothermic.  The residue is filtered and treated with a mild alkali.  The water soluble salt of humic acid thus formed goes into solution, with is filtered to separate it from insoluble inorganic residue.  It can be dried in trays or the humic acid can be precipitated back by acid treatment.
  4. 4. Applications  Humic acid utilization can be very economical for agricultural crops, due to availability of very cheap indigenous raw material in the form of lignitic coal and indigenous production technology
  5. 5. Imports into India  Recently in 2014 India imported humic acid worth USD 3,404,733 with total quantity of 4,929,168. China is the largest supplier of humic acid accounting for imports worth USD 3,134,406 followed by United States and Canada which exported humic acid worth USD 133,216 and USD 67,057 respectively.  Chennai Sea accounted for 49.3% of imports followed by Nhava Sheva Sea and Kolkata Sea which account for 35.4% and 7.8% of imports respectively.  Average price of humic acid per unit is USD 0.69 and average value per shipment is 9,700
  6. 6. Description of Information on CD ROM Background  Product Profile  Role of Humic Substances  FAQs Project Information  The Pilot Plant  Model Pre-Feasibility Study  Project in China Market  The different humic products available and how they presently are being used  Trade Information  Import Data  Import data analysis  Humic acid suppliers in India  Chinese Supplier  Humic acid Industry in Pakistan
  7. 7. Description of Information on CD ROM continued… Synthesis  Study of the humic acid synthesis  Synthesis of Humic and Fulvic Acids  Lignite Derived Humic Acid  Humic acid from sub bituminous coal  Humic Acid from Black Liquor  Engineered Fertilizer  Humic acid preparation  Synthesis and characterization of sulfur-containing humic acid Technology  Optimization of Humic acid Production  Characterization of Humic Acids  Humic Acid Test methods  Humic substances derived from gallic acid  The application Methods  Peat Profiles  Rice Husk on the removal of humic acid pollutant  The interactive effect of humic acid
  8. 8. Description of Information on CD ROM continued… Consultants  Consultant - Market reports  Consultant - project Reports  The Technical Know-How Patent  Production of Humic Acid Report  Humate Mining Companies & Products  Company - USA  Soil care Products  Company - product sheet  Organic Iron Deficiency Corrector  Company - Mexico  Liquid Humates  Company - India  Bio Active Humic and Fulvic Substances  Organic Products  Bio degradable organic fertilizer
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