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Name __________________________Date ____________________________<br /><br />My animal:                    ……...
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ARKive Brainstorm Sheet


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Use this sheet with to serve as a research page for elementary students as they plan an animal report.

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ARKive Brainstorm Sheet

  1. 1. Name __________________________Date ____________________________<br /><br />My animal: ……………………….<br />Main Idea: Make it a “grabber!”___________________________________________________________<br />____________________________________________________________________________________<br />scientific name <br />(the name in parenthesis<br /> at the top) <br />Status: vulnerable? Threatened?<br />Endangered? Extinct? __________<br /> <br />2305050129540<br /> <br />Where in the world can <br />you find this animal?<br />Be sure to investigate all of the tabs about your animal for facts: Facts Status Description Range Habitat Biology Threats Conservation Find Out More Pictures <br />Powerful Wrap Up Sentence__________________________________________________<br />_________________________________________________________________________<br />_________________________________________________________________________<br />You will also be finding a picture of this animal to put with your final composition.<br />