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Depression and its Facts


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Depression depends on mood.It makes the teen sad or happy.This PDF is made by focussing on the facts of teen depression.

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Depression and its Facts

  1. 1. Teen Depression Facts By
  2. 2. What is teen depression ? ➔ Depression mainly occurs in the teenage. ➔ Teenage is an age of confusion and anxiety. ➔ Depression makes the teen sad or moody. ➔ Also it takes away happiness from life. ➔ In order to get rid from this depression it is very required to take some teen therapy.
  3. 3. Facts About Teen Depression Teens are mainly moody. At this age carious types of confusion grows in mind. For some this confusion turns as depression. Anxiety grows from depression. Also there are various depression facts. They are :- ✔ Comorbidity is Common. ✔ Teen depression is Treatable ✔ Depression is Moody
  4. 4. Comorbidity is Common ➢ Teens mainly struggle with depression. ➢ Anxiety is common in depression. ➢ Depression mainly grows due to academic pressure. ➢ Also it occurs due to peer pressure. ➢ Learning difficulties occur in depression.
  5. 5. Teen Depression is Treatable ➢ Most people think that depression is difficult to treat. ➢ But treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy can help to treat depression. ➢ Therapists are also there to treat depression. ➢ They are very much effective and expert in treating depresion.
  6. 6. Depression is Moody ✔ Depression is difficult to treat. ✔ Depression on a depressed teen mainly depends on mood. ✔ Sometimes a teen is good. ✔ Sometimes he is very bad. ✔ Therefore proper treatment is very much required .
  7. 7. Contact Us So if you want to find give your teen the best therapy, you can contact us here : Email us at: Visit :
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