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Teen depression


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Teen depression

  1. 1. Teen Depression BY. DANIELLE TORRES
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  3. 3. Sometimes feelings make you angry
  4. 4. You just want to look the other way and forget all the tough times
  5. 5. Sometimes the thought can make you want to do something..
  6. 6. Friends can say they understand but they really do not
  7. 7. Clearing your mind when your alone helps
  8. 8. Sometimes all you really need is someone to stop you
  9. 9. Your mind consumes you at times
  10. 10. Maybe the sadness is hidden happiness
  11. 11. Thinking all the bad thoughts
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  13. 13. Bullying also causes depression
  14. 14. Laughing about others behind their backs is wrong
  15. 15. Online bullying causes people to be depressed
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  19. 19. School usually depresses people
  20. 20. Switching the emotions off
  21. 21. Questions How can we make society more aware of depression? What can we do to make parents more understanding to their children that have depression?