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Prefixes related to position


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Grammar Presentation on Prefixes related to position

Published in: Education
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Prefixes related to position

  1. 1. The prefix – sub means under.
  2. 2. subway – an underground passage or railway submarine – a ship that can travel under the surface of water
  3. 3. The prefix trans- means across.
  4. 4. transform – to change or convert into something else transport – a system for taking goods or passengers from one place to another for example using buses or trains
  5. 5. The prefix fore- means before.
  6. 6. foreword – the introduction at the beginning of the book forehead – the top front of the head
  7. 7. The prefix inter- means between or among.
  8. 8. interconnect – to connect with one another intermix – to mix together