Aster MapReduce Appliance from Teradata                                                                                   ...
Aster MapReduce Appliance from TeradataIn addition, the analytic platform extends      optimizing performance for analytic...
Aster MapReduce Appliance from Teradata                                                                                   ...
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Aster MapReduce Appliance for Teradata


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Learn more about the new Aster MapReduce Appliance for Teradata Learn more:

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Aster MapReduce Appliance for Teradata

  1. 1. Aster MapReduce Appliance from Teradata Data Warehousing > HardwareThe Simplest Way to Bring Big Data Insight That’s exactly the combination of intelli-to Business gence with simplicity and power that the Aster MapReduce Appliance from Teradata Corporation delivers. An Out-of-the Box Solution The Aster MapReduce Appliance is a powerful, ready to run platform that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data analysis. A purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution for analytics at big data scale, the Aster MapReduce Appliance runs the Aster patented SQL-MapReduce® technology on a time-tested, fully-supported Teradata hardware platform. By minimizing the number of moving parts to deploy, it offers easy, integrated management of an enterprise-ready MapReduce solution with the benefits of optimized performance, continuous availability, and linear scalabil- ity. The result? You can bring data science to the business by simply plugging the Aster MapReduce Appliance into your infrastructure. Grow Your Insight with Your BusinessNo matter what you call it – big, raw, stored and processed in traditional database The Aster MapReduce Appliance lets youmulti-structured, or non-relational – data systems, and yet it provides insight into begin building big data insight now – andthat is at the heart of data science is growing digital customer behavior, machine-to- it can grow as your future business needsat dramatic rates. And so is the need for machine communications, and entirely new expand. That’s because it offers you a uniquecompanies to combine the art of business data-driven strategic initiatives, products, blend of power and simplicity that can keepwith the science of data to find new and and services. To take full advantage of pace with your changing demands. Thebetter ways to use this valuable information. the value of this new data type requires a Aster MapReduce Appliance is an analytic solution that simplifies and accelerates the performance-optimized environment forThe digital age has created a tremendous development of data science applications – rapid on-the-fly data exploration using databusiness opportunity in the massive without demanding new skills and admin- science analytic techniques, such as graph,volumes of multi-structured data that are istrative resources. pattern, and path analysis, to unlock newbeing generated. This data is not typically insights from social network data to Web log data, machine data, and more.EB-6434 > 0911 > PAGE 1 OF 3
  2. 2. Aster MapReduce Appliance from TeradataIn addition, the analytic platform extends optimizing performance for analytic The Aster MapReduce Appliance deliversand enhances the value delivered by your processing. The Aster MapReduce Appli- rich visibility and control of not only data,data warehouse. How? By processing new ance delivers high availability through a but also the SQL and MapReduce analyticdata types and sources that are not typically disk RAID and software redundant design, applications running inside the system. Itstored in a data warehouse and by leverag- and Teradata’s advanced Server Manage- provides intuitive tools for centralizeding that data stored to enhance its analysis. ment features proactively monitor the management combined with powerfulPlus, the appliance lets you quickly find system with diagnostic tools to quickly capabilities for simplifying and automat-the high-value data and deep insights detect and address any issues to maximize ing administration and managing data andyou need for strategic and operational availability. applications to minimize administrativeintelligence. And with the integrated, work, even as the system scales. Simply Plugs Into the Enterprisehigh-speed communication connection, Architecture The Aster MapReduce Appliance comesthe Teradata Aster Adapter, those insights The Aster MapReduce Appliance is easily with the tools and utilities you need tocan be easily integrated into your enter- accessible, delivering big data analysis, build and maintain your analytic appli-prise data warehouse. without requiring specialized software or ance, including:Built for Ease of Start-up hardware management skills in your data Integration with Teradata Server Man-Delivered ready to plug-in, the Aster center or enterprise architecture. Existing agement – Enables proactive monitoringMapReduce Appliance is a fully-integrated Teradata customers will find the manage- of hardware events such as disk or nodesystem that’s purpose built for big data ment consoles and capabilities familiar and failures. System warnings are sent toanalytics on multi-structured data. It complementary to their existing database Teradata’s global customer support teamfeatures a complete Aster Database, and data warehouse deployments. so that issues can be addressed quickly toincluding the patented Aster SQL-Map A suite of adapters supports out-of-the- minimize system down time.Reduce framework, on a proven Teradata box enterprise integration for a completehardware platform with dual six-core The Aster Management Console (AMC) – ecosystem of enterprise data managementIntel® Westmere processors, SUSE® Linux To configure, manage, and monitor data, systems. Certified ODBC and JDBCoperating system, and enterprise-class applications, and infrastructure. An support for major business intelligence,storage – all preinstalled into a power- intuitive graphical interface enables easy visualization, and ETL tools; Teradataefficient unit. That means you can have monitoring with summary dashboards, integrated data warehouse high-speed datathe system up and running live in just a graphical views of query and process transfer infrastructure; and native Hadoopfew hours for rapid time to value. execution, and easy drill-down. It also connectivity are all included to enhance makes administration easy with single-Delivers Reliable, Scalable and Powerful your enterprise solution. click scaling and point-and-click accessProcessing Complete Management, Service, and to workload management policies.Massively parallel processing architecture Supportand embedded SQL and MapReduce Always-On Online Maintenance – The platform features simplified platformengines enable end-to-end parallelism of The Aster Database supports simultaneous administration, control, and monitoringdata and analytic processing. It executes load and export during queries, online through the single operational view on theloads, queries, exports, backups, recover- backup and recovery, online restoration, Teradata Server Management and web-ies, installs, and upgrades in parallel to and online scaling to avoid scheduled based Administration Workstation portal.take full advantage of all resources, downtime.EB-6434 > 0911 > PAGE 2 OF 3
  3. 3. Aster MapReduce Appliance from Teradata Aster MapReduce Appliance Specifications • Current: 24 amps – Four cords with 30 ampere North American – plugs – L6- Description Cabinet Specifications 30P and 32 amps with two cords three The Aster MapReduce Appliance • Height: 77 in. (195.6 cm) phase IEC plug features: • Width: 24 in. (60.96 cm) • Power: 8.8kW • Aster Database 4.6.2 or higher version • Depth: 45 in. (114.3 cm) • Dual AC: Standard • SUSE Linux 11 64-bit Operating System – 40 in. (101.6 cm) w/o the front and • Compliant with U.S. and International • Integrated Cabinet rear doors Safety and Emissions Standards – Dual Intel Six Core Westmere Xeon® • Weight: 1,790 lbs. (812 kg) fully processors @ 3.06GHz per node loaded with crate Support Services – 10Gb Ethernet Node Interconnect • Installed Weight: 1,540 lbs. (699 kg) Maintenance and Support fully loaded w/o crate – System Management Infrastructure • Integrated hardware and software and Teradata Administration Operating Specifications maintenance and support – Aster Teradata Adapter: high-speed • Operating Temperature: Allowable: • Secure remote connectivity data connector to the Teradata data 59°F to 77°F (15°C to 25°C); Recom- • Fast response times warehouse mended: 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C) • Flexible coverage hours • RAID High Availability Options • Relative Humidity: Allowable: 20% to • Robust diagnostic capabilities with • Disk Capacities with 600GB Drives 80% (non-condensing); Recommended: Teradata Vital Infrastructure (uncompressed) 40% to 55% • Easy access to software updates via – Full Base Cabinet – 13.6 to 27.2TB • Voltage Range: 200/240VAC with Single Teradata @ Your Service user space Phase; 220 - 240/380 - 415, 3~ +N • Proactive system monitoring – Full Expansion Cabinet – 18.1TB to +PE with three phase international Implementation Services 36.2TB user space • Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz • System Installation • Scalable up to 6 cabinets, more than 200TB user space compressed • Software ImplementationIn addition, Teradata offers you a full array Why Teradata? For More Informationof support advantages, including: Teradata Corporation is the world’s To find out how an Aster MapReduce> Industry certified regional and global leading analytic data solutions company Appliance from Teradata can make your Customer Care Centers with experi- focused on integrated data warehousing, entry into big data enterprise analytics enced service representatives 24x7. big data analytics, and business applica- fast, efficient, and cost effective while you tions. Teradata’s innovative products and improve your decision-making capabilities> Secure remote connectivity options to services deliver integration and insight and grow a stronger, more productive pinpoint problems and react rapidly. to empower organizations to achieve business, contact your local Teradata competitive advantage. representative or visit and the Teradata logo are registered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and worldwide. Intel, the Intel logo, and Xeon areregistered trademarks of Intel Corporation. SUSE is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. Teradata continually improves products as new technologies andcomponents become available. Teradata, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. All features, functions, and operations describedherein may not be marketed in all parts of the world. Consult your Teradata representative or for more information.Copyright © 2011 by Teradata Corporation All Rights Reserved. Produced in U.S.A.EB-6434 > 0911 > PAGE 3 OF 3