Apple iOS vs Microsft Windows Phone


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Windows Phone might not be as popular as Apple iOS, but it is gaining in popularity. We compare some features available in the iOS versus the Windows Phone.

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Apple iOS vs Microsft Windows Phone

  1. 1. 1 Apple  iOS   vs    Windows  Phone ©  TechAhead
  2. 2. iOS vs Windows PhoneWindows Phone Marketplace reached a new milestone last week,cracking 60,000 apps barrier. Windows Phone was launched in October2010 with 1000 apps. Apple iOS App Store on the other hand has morethan 500,000 apps.Windows Phone was seen as iPhone killer before it launched in October2010, though soon after its arrival, most said that it will be dead verysoon. Neither of two has happened, Windows Phone might not be aspopular as Apple iOS but it is gaining in popularity. More and moredevelopers are creating apps for Windows Phone. In this post, wecompare some features available in the iOS and the Windows Phone.Let’s get started. ©  TechAhead
  3. 3. Start Screen and Live tilesWith Windows Phone, Microsoft brought a fewnew concepts to the table. Instead of a non-customizable Start screen as on the iPhone,Windows Phone uses rectangular “live tiles,” across-breed of widgets and application icons.The live tiles link to an application, but they alsodisplay live information on the Start screen. Winner: Windows Phone ©  TechAhead
  4. 4. No-fica-onsApple’s iOS and Windows Phone are both a bit boringwhen it comes to the homescreen, but Apple hasattempted to rectify this by adding notifications to thehomescreen and lock screen. When you get anotification, a message will pop up at the top of thescreen. If it is a message or a tweet, Facebook messageor SMS, a preview will show up. Just tap on it to headstraight to the app. You can also pull the notification bardown from the top to view all of your notifications.Notifications on Windows Phone work through the livetiles interface of the operating system. When you get anew text message, email, Facebook message or arementioned in a Twitter feed, it’ll pop up on the live tile. Winner: iOS ©  TechAhead
  5. 5. Office  and  Produc-vityWindows Phone has Office, the iPhone doesn’t.That’s all there is to it. Windows Phone comewith mobile Office, which features editing,viewing, creation, syncing and sharing of Word,Excel and OneNote documents and viewing ofPowerPoint presentations. Hands down, theWindows Phone does mobile Office best. Youcan get third-party apps on other platforms, butthe experience won’t be nearly as intuitive orfunctional. Winner: Windows Phone ©  TechAhead
  6. 6. Cloud  Service  and  MarketThe iOS and Windows Phone both have theirassociated cloud services and marketplaces fordownloading apps, games, music and podcasts.With the iPhone, you can sync your contacts andother files via MobileMe. You purchase songs andpodcasts through iTunes and apps through theApp Store. With Windows Phone, the experiencecomes through the Windows Live suite, whichincludes your SkyDrive, Windows Live Messengerand Windows Live Mail (Hotmail). You purchasegames, music and apps through the Marketplace Winner: No clear winner ©  TechAhead
  7. 7. Over  the  Air  UpdateWith the latest version of iOS, you can update the firmware over the air,and sync everything up to your computer via Wi-Fi, including iTunes.Microsoft only allows the smaller updates over-the-air, but the largerones have to be performed through Zune. This is apparently to preventpeople downloading huge chunks of data through the network. Winner: iOS ©  TechAhead
  8. 8. ConclusionThere you had it, we compared some basic features of the two mobileoperating systems. We are not giving any final verdict, continue thedebate in comments below.If you have any mobile app developement requirement, be it iPhoneapp development, Android application development or WindowsPhone app development, we can help. Contact us for a free quote.Credits: ©  TechAhead
  9. 9. Thank  youReach  Us: ©  TechAhead