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Red Fox by Kevin


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Student Science Power Point Report.

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Red Fox by Kevin

  1. 1. By KevinMr. Castrellón3rd Grade Room 207Science ReportJune 2013
  2. 2. Habitat Red foxes has a quilt patch mix of different habitats thatideal for red foxes. They prefer farms, meadows, brushyplaces, and woods. In cites and urban areas they like to live incemeteries large parks/golf courses and airports.
  3. 3. Anatomy The red fox has a pointed snout on its nose .It has a redbrown fur of its back, the tail has a long, bushy tallwith a white tips tail,
  4. 4. Diet Red foxes eat mice, rabbits, raspberries, cherries,apples, acorns, corns and ground squirrels.
  5. 5. General information AndInteresting Facts. The Red fox has large ears so it can hear its mates. Redfoxes have very sharp, curved claws on there feet so theycan kill the animal for their diet. Their fur is red andbrown all around their body. Their legs are black andlower legs are skinny.
  6. 6. BibliographyBook List SUSAN J., IWET. Red FoxInternet Article