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SVPCamp presentation breaking into pm or pmm revised


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A brief overview of my session at Silicon Valley Product Camp 24-March, 2012. Guidelines on how to break into product marketing and product management.

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SVPCamp presentation breaking into pm or pmm revised

  1. 1. How to Break Into ProductManagement or ProductMarketingPanel Moderator: Tim Johnsonvalue-prodmktg.blogspot.com24-March, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Market Research Video Panel Questions Faisal’s Story Audience Questions Summary
  3. 3. Introductions Tim Johnson – Moderator ◦ Jennifer Doctor ◦ Faisal Nisar ◦
  4. 4. Panel Questions What are the essential skills needed for PM/PMM? ◦ Tim - write, present, question, listen, analyze ◦ Jen – build credibility, persuade ◦ Faisal – all the above plus persistence
  5. 5. Panel Questions What are some typical routes to the jobs? ◦ Tim – customer facing & adjacent jobs, like sales, SE, tech support, training, other marketing jobs ◦ Jen – business analyst/development, project manager ◦ Faisal – startup founder, project management, engineer
  6. 6. Panel Questions Big Company or Small Company? ◦ Tim – Big = more likely for entry-level, small = more oppty to define position ◦ Jen – Big = be careful of being pidgeonholed ◦ Faisal – It depends!
  7. 7. Panel Questions How do I get experience without having experience? ◦ Tim – look at what you’ve done already that is related and call it out on resume, volunteer/community projects ◦ Jen – work with other departments, put yourself into situations where you help on projects ◦ Faisal – found or help out on a startup, include some metrics of making a difference
  8. 8. A testimonial Faisal Nisar – In His Own Words
  9. 9. Audience Questions Now’s your time to speak up
  10. 10. Summary Consider yourself to be a product ◦ Match product/brand fit to market needs ◦ Build or highlight the skills you need Work towards the goal ◦ Adjacent jobs ◦ Direct approach Find a mentor & work with them Get known in the community