Introduction to Cells


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Introduction to Cells

  1. 1. BellRinger What do you think a cell is? Can you think of any cells you’ve heard of in the human body?
  2. 2. Agenda  GUIDED NOTES: Introduction to Cells  History of Cells Discovery  CellTheory  Stem Cells & Specialization Complete tests if needed after lecture Make-Up tests tomorrow (Thursday)
  3. 3. The Cell: Building Block of Life
  4. 4. The Inner Life of the Cell This video is a high quality visualization of life inside of a single-white blood cell.
  5. 5. History of Cells: First Sighting In 1665, Robert Hooke used a microscope to examine a thin slice of cork What he saw looked like small boxes Hooke called them “CELLS” because they looked like small rooms
  6. 6. Close Up of Cork Slice & Drawing
  7. 7. History of Cells: First Living Cells In 1673, AntonVon Leeuwenhoek (a Dutch microscope maker), was first to view living cells Leeuwenhoek used a simple, handheld microscope to view tiny creatures in pond water & scrapings from his teeth
  8. 8. Video of Microscopic Pond Organisms
  9. 9. History of Cells: Plants & Animals In 1838, a German botanist named Matthias Schleiden concluded that all plants were made of cells In 1839, a German zoologist namedTheodore Schwann concluded that all animals were made of cells
  10. 10. Plant and Animal cells Under Microsope
  11. 11. History of Cells: Cell Division In 1855, a German medical doctor named Rudolph Virchow used a microscope to observe cells dividing He reasoned that all cells must come from other pre- existing cells by cell division
  12. 12. Video of Cell Division
  13. 13. CellTheory  The CellTheory summarized all scientific knowledge about cells into 3 statements. 1) All living things are made of cells. 2) New cells are created by old cells dividing into two. 3) Cells are the basic building units of life.
  14. 14. Unicellular & Multicellular Life  Unicellular Life – Composed of one cell. These are small things like bacteria.  Multicellular Life- Composed of many cells. All plants & animals are multicellular.
  15. 15. Cell Specialization  In multicellular organisms, cells within the body are designed for different jobs.  Cells begin as an unspecialized type called Stem Cells  These stem cells can transform into more specialized types when they are exposed to chemical signals
  16. 16. Tissues Specialized cells are organized into groups called tissues.  MuscleTissue  BoneTissue  SkinTissue
  17. 17. 18 Specialized Plant cells Xylem cellsPollen Guard Cells
  18. 18. Write the name and describe the appearance of the cells Mr. Bowden Shows. . .
  19. 19. Red Blood Cells
  20. 20. Bone Cells
  21. 21. Epithelial Cells
  22. 22. Muscle Cells
  23. 23. Nerve Cells
  24. 24. BrainPOP: Cells Overview
  25. 25. Assignments  13 Review Questions  Short Reading on Stem CellTherapy