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Key components of horror films


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Key components of horror films

  1. 1. Keycomponents of horror films
  2. 2. Plot/ issues/ themes and situation-Evil creature kills lots of -Good verses evil people -Revenge-Warning ignored, with -Religion drastic consequences -Depression-Seeing things no one -Science gone bad else can see -Child hood issues-Serial killer stalks/ - Lust slays victims - Envy-Death of the - Suicide innocent - Zombie-Mental / - Apocalypse insane - Nightmares
  3. 3. Locations and back drops• Empty house• Barns• Hotel/ motel• Woods• Diner• Holiday homes• Basements• Trains and tunnels• Graveyards• Run down towns• Empty theme parks• Fields• Highways.
  4. 4. Stock props• Candles •Spiders/• Voodoo dolls cobwebs• Skeletons •Ouija board •Radio• Dead bodies •Telephone• Grave stones •Mobile phone• Axe •Car• Knife •Mirror• Chainsaw •Electric chair •Door handle• Light switch• Crow bar