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Cape Palmas Herald


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E-Newsletter of the catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas , Harper , Liberia , West Africa

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Cape Palmas Herald

  1. 1. 1 Cape Palmas Herald Diocesan E-Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 June 10,2011 Inside this issue: Bishop Karnley calls on priests to share in his shepherdingIn his Episcopal Ordination remarks the holiness. Bishop Karnley calls 1newly ordained Bishop of Cape Palmas has He thanked Bishop Emeritus Most on priests to share incalled on his fellow priests to share in his Rev. Boniface Nyema Dalieh for the his Shepherdingshepherding. Quoting 1Peter 5:2-4, Bishop years of dedicated service to theKarnley told the congregation gathered at Pastoral Visitation 2- Diocese of Cape Palmas and aims to 3St. Theresa’s Cathedral on April 30, 2011 build on what he has done. He alsothat the task of shepherding is a shared re- extended his heartfelt appreciationsponsibility and that he looks forward with to Msgr. Melvin Nyanti Gaye for his Thanksgiving Mass in 4pleasure and great expectation to meeting successful overseeing the affairs of Home Parishhis fellow shepherds and brother priests at the diocese as Apostolic Administra-the earliest opportunity so that they can pray tor. In the same direction, he com- Bishop’s Coat of Arms 5and plan together on how best they can care mended the Priests, Religious, and & Episcopal Crestfor the lovely people committed to their Laity for their faithful assistancecharge. He said together they (priests) can during this period.do a very great deal. He also made a fervent Bishop’s profile 6appeal to the Clergy, Religious and Laity of Meanwhile, Bishop Karnley wasthe diocese for a collaborative action in the consecrated by his Excellency,dispensation of their duties in the Lord’s Archbishop George Antonysamy, Bishop Karnley envis- 7vineyard. He told the crowd gathered at the Apostolic Nuncio to Liberia; while ages diocesan pastoralSt. Theresa cathedral to witness his Episco- Most Rev Lewis Zeigler, Planpal ordination that unity gives strength. Archbishop of Monrovia and Presi- dent of the Catholic Bishops’ Con- Episcopal Ordination 8―With a heightening sense of responsibility ference of Liberia (CABICOL); and in Photosand service- all shrouded in a genuine at-mosphere of religious collaboration –we Most Rev., Boniface Dalieh, Bishopcannot fail‖ Bishop Karnley said. He cau- Emeritus of the Diocese of Capetioned priests in his diocese to revitalize Palmas as co-consecrators. Thetheir communities of faith through pastoral Episcopal ordination also broughtand evangelical endeavors, prayer and ex- together bishops from neighboringemplary life. He reminded priests that their Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Historycall to serve God and humanity is a call to The Diocese of Cape Palmas is located in South-eastern Liberia. It comprises of five counties: Manyland, Grand Kru, Sinoe, Grand Gedeh, and River Gee Counties with the total population of ap- proximately 481,908 inhabi- tants. Its catholic population is 15,863. At present, there are ten functional parishes with several outstations. On February 2,1950, it became a Vicariate. On May 7,1962 it was elevated to a Vicariate Apostolic and on December Bishop Karnley with classmates after his Epis- Bishop Karnley taking Canonical Possession of the 19,1981, it was created as copal Ordination Diocese of Cape Palmas, April 30,2011 a diocese.
  2. 2. 2 Cape Palmas Herald Diocesan E-Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 June 10,2011 Three weeks after his Episcopal Ordination, Bishop Karnley starts pastoral visitation to parishes The Shepherd of the Catho- where every member of the and each individual Chris- ―With the tasks and challenges lic Diocese of Cape Palmas parish has his/her role to before us, I make a fervent appeal to the Clergy, Religious His Excellency Most Rev. play. He also spoke of the and Laity of the Diocese of Andrew J. Karnley has PCC as a partnership of Cape Palmas for collaborative begun his pastoral visita- clergy and laity consulting action in the dispensation of tion to parishes in his dio- and working together to our duties in the Lord’s vine- cese. The first leg of his enable the parish commu- yard. There is a popular saying pastoral journey which nity its mission. He said the that unity gives strength. With started on Saturday May mission of the parish can a heightened sense of responsi- 21 and ended on May 22, be found in the final words bility and service – all 2011 took him to St. of Matthew’s gospel which shrouded in a genuine atmos- phere of religious collabora- Theresa Cathedral Parish in records Jesus’ great com- tion – we cannot fail”. Bishop Harper. The visit brought mission to his disciples: Andrew J. Karnley (abstract together members of the "go, then, to all peoples from Bishop karnley’s remarks Pastoral Council (PPC), the everywhere and make them on April 30,2011) Parish Finance Committee my disciples., baptise them (PFC), and representatives in the name of the Father, of various organizations the Son, and the Holy within the parish. During Spirit, and teach them to his two days visitation and obey everything that I have Bishop Andrew J. Karnley consultation with the PPC/ commanded you. And I will PFC of St. Theresa Cathe- be with you always, to the dral Parish, Bishop Karnley end of the age". (Matthew tian has a role to play in the reiterated his commitment 28: 19-20). fulfilling of this task. How- to see the PPC/PFC in par- This he said is the task of ever, he stressed, ―our abil- ishes in his diocese as an the Church in the World ity to respond to this call enabling community, and each parish community will depend on the extent to which we allow our par- world. The first task of the for appropriate pastoral activ- ish become a living, grow- Parish Pastoral Council is ity in a wide range of areas, ing, healthy community to help the parish identify such as in Faith Formation, of faith. It is the role of the and define its particular Education and Personal Pastoral Council to encour- mission, at this particular Growth; Development of age and nurture this. It en- time, within the overall Worship, Prayer and relevant deavours to build up the mission of the Church. In Liturgy; encouragement of community of faith, not this way it gives the parish Support groups; Youth Min- for its own sake, but in a real sense of purpose istry; Ecumenism; Evangeli- order that it might be a and a vision to work to- zation; Work for Peace and force for good (or rather, a wards”. Justice; Community Devel- force for God), as it Bishop Karnley continued, opment and Good Relation- reaches out, intent on mak- ―But its work must not end ship ing a real difference in the there. It must then decide wider community and on priorities and set goals
  3. 3. 3 Page 3 Cape Palmas Herald cised in the right spirit can he is not obliged to act on etc. The list of possibili- be a source of empower- their recommendations it is ties is endless. It is not the ment and life for the parish unlikely that he will not role of the council to carry community. The Second accept good advice‖. out these tasks it- Vatican Council recom- He further told members of self. Members may con- mended the establishment the St. Theresa’s Cathedral tribute to various areas of of such councils and stated PPC that the monthly coun- ministry as individuals, but that people have a right and cil meetings most be a with everyone in the parish duty to express their opin- combination of prayer, using their God-given gifts, ion on what pertains to the study, reflection, planning together we can build a good of the church. By and reviewing and the living, growing, healthy establishing a Pastoral amount of time devoted to community of faith. To- Council the priest acknowl- each of these may vary, gether we really can make edges the wisdom of his depending of the needs at a difference‖. parishioners and gives the time and on the leading Explaining the powers of them the task of investigat- of the Spirit. Speaking of the PPC Bishop Karnley ing, considering and re- the Parish Finance Com- said; ―The PPC is consulta- flecting on all matters relat- mittee, Bishop Karnley told tive (Cf. Can. 536). This is ing to the life of the par- his flocks that Canon 537 not to diminish its ish. He invites them to of the Code of Canon Law role. Consultation prop- draw conclusions and make calls for the establishment erly understood and exer- recommendations. While Pope Benedict XVI appointed Bishop Karnley as Shepherd of Cape Palmas on January 5,2011. of a finance committee in He then called on the PFC make significant contribu- each parish to help the par- to be responsible in ensur- tion to parish funds. ish priest in the administra- ing that proper records of Meanwhile Bishop Karnley tion of the goods of the income and expenditure are will continue his pastoral parish. According to maintained and that an visitation across the dio- Bishop Karnley, ―the Par- account of administration cese until mid July 2011. ish Finance Committee is given to the parishioners The focus of his pastoral (PFC) is consulted before and his office in every visitation message will be any major item of expendi- three months. He cau- the PPC and PFC. ture is incurred. They tioned PFC members to (PFC) advise the parish also ensure that the parish priest and the PPC on the income remains in line ongoing maintenance of with rising costs. With this the Church as well as over- in mind, Bishop Karnley seeing any fundraising pro- said, the PFC should en- jects‖. courage parishioners to
  4. 4. 4 Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 4 Bishop Karnley Holds Thanksgiving Mass in Home Parish Citizens of Bomi County law maker Senator Richard God had showered his on Sunday May 15, 2011 Devine among other high blessings on him since his gathered at St. Dominic top government officials. seminary life and then to Parish in Tubmanburg, the priesthood. He praised During the ceremony, the Bomi County to give his parents for his up bring- President of Liberia, Ma- thanks to God for His se- ing but most of all thanked dame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lection of Bishop Andrew God for Rev. Fr. Gary Jen- including Bishop Andrew J. Karnley as Shepherd of kins (SMA) who inspired karnley and Archbishop the Catholic Diocese of and supported him in his Lewis Zeigler of the Catho- Cape Palmas. The program pursuit to the priesthood. lic Archdiocese of Mon- which was well attended Also attending the Thanks- rovia, inspected the guard brought together a cross giving Mass in Tubman- of honour of the Noble session of Bomi citizens burg were priests, religious Orders of the Knights of and well wishers including and laity from the Diocese Marshall ,St. John Interna- Her Excellency President of Cape Palmas, Archdio- tional , and Lady Auxiliary Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, cese of Monrovia, and Dio- of the Knights of St. John House Speaker Alex Tyler, cese of Gbarnga. Anti Corruption Boss Cllr. International. Francis Johnson Morris, In his thanksgiving sermon, Monrovia City Mayor Bishop Karnley spoke of Mary Broh , Bomi County his up bringing and how “By establishing a Pastoral Council the priest acknowledges the wisdom of his parishioners and gives them the task of investigating, considering and reflecting on all matters relating to the life of the parish”, Bishop Andrew Karnley Pictorial of the thanksgiving ceremony at St. Dominic Parish in Tubmanburg, Bomi County , Liberia
  5. 5. 5 Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas E– Newsletter follow us on facebook @www.facebook.com/friends of Cape Palmas Diocese Cape Palmas Herald is the official E- Newsletter of the Diocese of Cape Palmas Managing Editor : Solo Otto Gaye Email: sologaye@yahoo.com Phone: +231-6333-194 Production Center: Bishop’s House, Harper Bishop Karnley with his Mother Ma Hawa Sando after his Thanksgiving Mass at St. Dominic Church in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, Liberia. Philippians 4:13, “I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me”. Meaning of Bishop Karnley’s Coat of Arms and Episcopal Crest Motto: OMNIA PER VIM Ministry of Bishop Karnley mencing from the riots of CHRISTI, meaning All in listening and serving. 1979 to the end of the civil Things through the Strength war in 2003. The palm tree, Upper right of the shield: of Christ. This motto is a besides representing the lush The Holy Eucharist and the statement of faith of Bishop and green forest and vegeta- Bible: The Holy Eucharist Karnley. It is inspired by tion of Liberia especially the and the Word of God pro- Philippians 4:13, ―I have the south-eastern region, is a vide spiritual nourishment strength to face all condi- symbol of hope and the birth for the people of God. They tions by the power that of new life. The lighted can- are at the center of the Bishop Karnley’s coat of arms and Christ gives me‖. dle represents the burning Episcopal Crest Bishop’s pastoral ministry. desire of Liberians to tread Upper left of the shield: The The words of Jesus to Peter along the bright and promis- Marian symbol; this symbol to feed his lamb are relevant ing paths that lead to justice, represents the Blessed Vir- for the Bishop’s pastoral peace, healing, reconcilia- gin Mary who is the Mother ministry (Cf.Jn 21:15-19). of the Church. The Episco- tion, and development Lower left of the shield: The pal Ministry of Bishop Lower right of the shield: map of Liberia with a palm Karnley is entrusted to the The Dove, though generally tree and lighted candle. The intercession of the Blessed a symbol of peace, is also a significance of the map of Virgin Mary. The words of symbol of the grace of God. Liberia with the red back- Mary to the servants at the It is only by the grace of ground is to recall the mem- wedding in Cana: ―Do what- God that we are what we are ory of all those who suffered ever he tells you‖ Jn 2:5, are and can become what we and died during the years of meaningful to the Episcopal ought to be (Cf. 1Cor.15:10). civil unrest in Liberia, com-
  6. 6. 6 Bishop Karnley’s ProfileThe Holy Father Benedict XVI, on 5 January 2011, appointed as Bishop of the Diocese of Cape Palmas (Liberia)Mrgs. Andrew J. Karnley.Bishop Karnley was born on 26 April 1967 in Jawajeh Varney Bohn,Bomi County, North-western Liberia. Aftersecondary school at Our Lady of the Fatima High School in Harper (Diocese of Cape Palmas), he entered the St Kiz-ito Seminary in Kenema in 1987 for the pre-major seminary course and then started his studies in philosophy first atSt Pauls College Seminary in Gbarnga, Liberia, and then completed in Makeni, Sierra Leone, where he obtained hisbaccalaureate ( Magna Cum Laude) in 1991. He completed his theological studies at St Peters Regional Seminary,Cape Coast, Ghana (1993-1995). He was ordained a priest on 9 July, 1995 at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Monrovia,and appointed to the same archdiocese. After his priestly ordination he held the following positions: 1995-1996: assistant parish priest of our Lady ofLourdes Parish; 1996-1997: Vice Rector Queen of Apostles Minor Seminary, Monrovia; 1998-2000: Parish Priest ofImmaculate Conception Parish, Monrovia; 2000-2002 : Rector of St. Charles Lwanga Pre-Major Seminary, Mon-rovia; 2002-2003: Study leave at the institute of St. Anselm in Kent, England where he earned a diploma in HumanGrowth & Development; 2005-2009: was appointed by the Holy Father as Apostolic Administrator Sede Plena ofthe Archdiocese of Monrovia; 2010- January 2011 : study leave at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome; 5January 2011 : elected as Bishop of the Diocese of Cape Palmas, South east Liberia; 30 April 2011: Episcopal ordi-nation/enthronement as Bishop of the Diocese of Cape Palmas. From left to right: Archbishop Zeigler, President Sirleaf, and Bishop Karnley President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and entourage at the Thanksgiving Mass at St. Dominic Church in Tubmanburg, Bomi County
  7. 7. 7 Bishop Karnley Envisages Diocesan Pastoral PlanStaff of the secretariat of the Diocese of Cape Palmas held a one day retreat initiating the process to find a way for-ward for the diocese. The retreat which was aimed at re-energizing, teambuilding and moving together with a visionwas held on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at the Diocesan Pastoral Center in Harper City, Maryland County. The retreatbrought together directors, managers, monitors, securities and janitors of the diocesan secretariat. Welcoming thestaff members, Rev. Msgr. Melvin Nyanti Gaye, Vicar General of the diocese said that the retreat was importantbecause it will help shift the diocese into a new direction. He called on participants at the one day retreat to posi-tively share their many years of experiences so as to help in the process of moving the diocese in a new and positivedirection. Meanwhile, in his opening remarks, Most Rev. Bishop Andrew Karnley thanked the organizers of the re-treat and said he was gratified by the participants’ presence. Bishop Karnley told his staff that, ―good planning forthe short and long term is very important. The Diocese of Cape Palmas needs to set goals and objectives and meansand strategies to achieve. The input of the staff in the process is valued‖. He called on staff to identify their needs,problems and challenges and underscored that each department, parish and organization within the diocese needs tomake plans and set priorities in order to achieve a common goal. He then challenged the secretariat staff to treateach other with mutual respect. He also cautioned staff to properly manage and utilize the human, financial andmaterial resources of the diocese well. ―change will come about as time and circumstances dictate, the first changestarts with oneself - the change of mind and attitude. We should develop the right attitude to work; that is reportingto work punctually and putting in time and energy creatively to achieve results‖ Bishop Karnley said.During the retreat, facilitators were able to motivate participants to brainstorm on the future of the diocese. Aftersix hours of full participation and brainstorming, secretariat staff members were able to propose that the dioceserevisits her mission and vision statements, that a diocesan pastoral plan be draw up and a staff welfare committee becommissioned by the bishop to sort out staff problems and needs. They said this will enable the diocese to grow in anew direction.Meanwhile, responding to the proposal of his staff, Bishop Karnley welcomed their ideas and said all this is possi-ble if each and everyone work with determination, dedication and commitment. He promised staff that he will re-view their proposal carefully and necessary considerations will be made to include their proposal within a new di-ocesan pastoral plan. He told secretariat worker that the retreat will be extended across the diocese to priests, reli-gious, and laity so as to sort out views on the future of the diocese.The one day retreat was facilitated by Civil Peace Worker, Miss Brigitte Hinterregger, Very Rev. Msgr. MelvinNyanti Gaye, Vicar General; and Mr. P. Mike Jurry, Director, CARITAS Cape Palmas.———————————————————————————————————————————————————–——————————————————————————————————————————————————-- Left to Right: Rev. Fr. Boniface Golo Tye, Rev. Fr. Foster Gar- Left to Right:: Rev. Fr. Joseph C. Nyantee, Chancellor diner, and Rev. Fr. Ted Hayden were appointed as Consultors of the Diocese of Cape Palmas and Very Rev. Msgr. by Most Rev. Bishop Andrew J. Karnley on April 30,2011. Melvin Nyanti Gaye Vicar General of the Diocese of Cape Palmas. They were appointed on April 30,2011 by Most Rev. Bishop Andrew J. Karnley.
  8. 8. 8 Bishop Karnley’s Episcopal Ordination in Photos