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Cape Palmas E-Newsletter vol. 1 issue 2


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Cape Palmas Herald is the official E Newsletter of the Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas, Liberia, West Africa

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Cape Palmas E-Newsletter vol. 1 issue 2

  1. 1. Cape Palmas Herald Diocesan E-Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 July-December ,2011 Inside this issue: Message from the Bishop Bishop Karnley visits US 2My dear brothers and sisters PPC is to help the parish Two Transitional Dea- cons Ordained 3in Christ, I want to take this identify and define its par-opportunity to thank all of ticular mission within theyou for the warm reception I overall mission of the Church. Pastoral &Catechetical Team Ends Training 3received during my pastoral In this way, it gives the parishvisitation to parishes across a real sense of purpose and CARITAS Boost Foodthe diocese. As your newly a vision to work towards. Distribution 4ordained bishop, it was in- But its work must not enddeed an opportunity for me there. It must then decide on Diocesan Website to beto see the overall situation of priorities and set goals for Developed 4the diocese and at the same appropriate pastoral activitytime, to discuss with you and in a wide range of areas. Bishop Emeritus Hon- His Excellency, Bishop Karnley ored 5your pastors about issuespertaining to the growth of The Powers of the PPC: The of the parish. The PFC is con- Priestly Life in Rome 6the church. PPC is consultative (Cf. Can.536). Consultation prop- sulted before any major item Cape Palmas DioceseDuring my visit, I spoke im- erly understood and exer- of expenditure is in- Mourns Rev. Tarwo 7mensely about the functions cised in the right spirit can be curred. They (PFC) advise theof the Parish Pastoral Council a source of empowerment parish priest and the PPC on Pastoral Visitation In(PPC) and Parish Finance and life for the parish com- the ongoing maintenance of Photos 8Committee (PFC) in your par- munity. Vatican II stated the Church as well as oversee-ishes. Permit me to re- that people have a right and ing any fundraising project. Missio Visits Liberia 9emphasize some of the key duty to express their opinion The PFC is responsible in en- suring that proper records ofthings I spoke about. The on what pertains to the good International Peace Day 10Mission of your Parish: The of the Church. This gives income and expenditure areMission of the Parish can be parishioners the task of in- maintained and that an ac- Africae Munus 11found in Matthew 28:19-20. vestigating, considering and count of administration is given to the priest and parish- Xmas Greetings 12In this gospel, Jesus commis- reflecting on all matters re-sioned all of us to go into the lating to the life of the par- ioners. PFC members shouldworld and make all peoples ish. It also invites them to also ensure that the parish Xmas Greetings 13everywhere his disciples. draw conclusions and make income remains in line withOur ability to respond to this good recommendations. rising costs. With this in mind, Holy Father’s Mass In- the PFC should encourage tentions 2012 14call will depend on the extentto which we allow our par- The Finance Committee: parishioners to make signifi-ishes become a living, grow- Canon 537 of the Code of cant contribution to parishing, healthy communities of Canon Law calls for the es- funds. May God bless It is, therefore the role tablishment of a Parish Fi- + Most Rev. Andrew J. Karnleyof the Parish Pastoral Council nance Committee (PFC) to(PPC) to encourage and nur- help the parish priest in the Bishop of Cape Palmasture this. The first task of the administration of the goods
  2. 2. Page 2 Cape Palmas Herald Editorial Bishop Karnley Visits USA During his pastoral visitation toBishop Andrew J Karnley has returned from the United States America as guest of the parishes across the diocese,SMA Fathers ( American Province) in Tenafly, USA from July 24-September 15,2011. Speak- Bishop Andrew Karnley spokeing upon arrival in Harper, Bishop Karnley said, his visit to the United States was fruitfuland rewarding. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the long existing relationship immensely of the functions of thebetween the diocese and the SMA Fathers. Parish Pastoral Council and theWhile in the United States, Bishop Karnley served as homilist of the 9th SMA Fathers Afri- Parish Financial Committee.can Festival held on September 10, 2011 in Tenafly, New Jersey. In his homily, Bishop Bishop Karnley also stressed theKarnley said that Liberia has a hopeful future but there are great challenges looming ahead. need for the clergy and laity toHe then named healing, reconciliation, justice, integral and sustainable development assome of the challenges. Quoting Pope Paul VI, Bishop Karnley told the congregation that work together for the common“development is a new name for peace”. He said the development of Liberia must take into good of their parishes. Vatican IIconsideration the education of its people especially those in rural communities where peo- recommended the establishmentple have not fully enjoyed the right to quality education, heath care, basic social services of such councils and stated thatand infrastructural development. He also added that the Church in Liberia has been an ac- people have a right and duty totive partner in the promotion of peace and development.Speaking of the partnership between his diocese and the SMA Fathers, Bishop Karnley said express their opinion on what“the SMA have been a key partner in the growth and development of the Church in Liberia pertains to the good of thesince 1906. The centenary of some of the communities of faith established by SMA mission- church. We at Cape Palmasaries will be celebrated in 2012”. He then stressed the need to restore hope to the people H e ral d be l i e v e th a t b yof those and other communities by rebuilding infrastructures such as churches, chapels, establishing a Parish Pastoralconvents, clinics and schools. In conclusion, Bishop Karnley thanked the SMA Fathers andtheir benefactors for the partnership and support to the Church in Liberia. Council, the priest acknowledgesMeanwhile, Bishop Karnley also paid a courtesy call on Bishop Donald Trautman of the the wisdom of his parishionersDiocese of Erie, PA. The Diocese of Erie is host to two religious of the Sisters of the Holy and gives them the task ofFamily, Sr. Kade Browne and Sr. Christiana Menyongar. Both religious are studying at the investigating, considering, andMercyhaurst College in Erie, USA under the sponsorship of the Mercy Sisters. According reflecting on all matters relatingto Bishop Karnley, the two diocesan sisters are doing well both in health and studies. Healso visited the Adorers of the Precious Blood, a religious congregation in Ruma, Illinois. In to the life of the parish. TheNew York, accompanied by Fr. Ted Hayden SMA, Bishop Karnley held talks with the Na- priest invites his parishioners totional and Assistant National Directors of the Propagation of Faith of the USA. He then draw conclusions and makevisited St. Nicholas Parish in St. Louis, Missouri, at the invitation of Fr. Urey Mark SVD. decisions. This provision withinWhile in St. Louis, Bishop Karnley also held talks with Archbishop Robert Carlson and the canon of the Church providesMsgr. Francis Blood of the Propagation of the Faith of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. the opportunity for the clergy to involve the laity to run the affairs of the parish in a more transparent and dedicated way. Bishop Karnley’s call for such a parish environment shows how dedicated he is to see both priests and parishioners working together in making sound decisions for the growth of their Christian communities. We hail Bishop Karnley in hisFrom Left to Right: Msgr. Francis Blood, Bishop From Left to Right: Sr. Menyongar, Bishop Karnley, commitment for a moreAndrew Karnley and Fr. Urey Mark, SVD Bishop Trautman, and Sr. Browne transparent and dedicated parish community.
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 3 Bishop Karnley Ordains Two DeaconsBarely three months after that it was a joy and pleasure Clark, Bishop Karnley said;his episcopal ordination on to ordain two brothers to “Celibacy is not a restriction to beApril 30th, 2011, His Excel- the diaconate. He said, the endured but a reality that is to be “With the tasks andlency Bishop Andrew J. diaconate is a step forward lived”. challenges before us, I makeKarnley on July 17,2011 in pursuit of the vocation to He also advised the two newly or- a fervent appeal to theordained two transitional the priesthood. He told the dained not to see their ordination Clergy, Religious and Laity ofdeacons ( Rev. Pius Gipply newly ordained deacons that as a status but as a call to service; a the Diocese of Cape Palmasand Rev. Francis D. Torpor they are becoming deacons service in administering to the peo- for collaborative action in theII) for his diocese. Speaking through the call of God with dispensation of our duties inat the ordination Mass, the help of men. He cau- ple of God . the Lord’s vineyard. There isBishop Karnley told the tioned the deacons to com- Speaking of obedience, the Bishop a popular saying that unitycongregation gathered at St. mit their lives to the practice of Cape Palmas called on the newly gives strength”. BishopTheresa’s Parish in Harper of celibacy. Quoting Keith ordained deacons to obey and re- Andrew J. Karnley (abstract spect him as their Bishop and those from Bishop karnley’s who will succeed him. He then ad- remarks on April 30,2011) vised the deacons to be men of prayer. Meanwhile, Bishop Karnley has an- nounced two major diocesan events scheduled for January 2012. The two events are: the ordination of five transitional deacons to the priesthood and the final profession of three religious of the Sisters of the Holy Family. Bishop Karnley with the two newly ordained Deacons Pastoral & Catechetical Team ends 3years FormationThe Pastoral and Catechetical phase of the training were mittee among other topics.Team has ended a training selected based on their per- Meanwhile, the 52 Catechistsworkshop of 52 Catechists and formance during the first and Lay-leaders trained in theLay-leaders from parishes and and second phases. final phase are to serve asstations across the diocese . Speaking to the Herald, Sr. trainers in their various dean-The training program was the Philomena Godfrey,SHF said eries. Sr. Godfrey said theyclimax of a three year contin- the Catechists and Lay- are to work with the Dioce-ual formation program. It bene- leaders were trained in mar- san Pastoral and Catecheticalfited more then 200 catechists, riage counseling, HIV-AIDS Team in the training of oth-lay-leaders, parish animators prevention, catholic social ers in their various parishesand ordinary lay people. The teaching, skills for facilita- and outstations at the dean-program which started in 2008 tion and modules for creat- ery level. She also praisedwas sponsored by a grant from ing social awareness, cate- and thanked Missio AachenMissio Aachen, a funding agency chetical methodology, for the support the agencyin Germany. church growth, functions of continues to give to the Di-The 52 Catechists and Lay- the parish pastoral council ocesan Pastoral and Cate-leaders who attended the final and the parish finance com- chetical Team.
  4. 4. Page 4 Cape Palmas Herald CARITAS CAPE PALMAS BOOSTS FOOD SECURITY Distributes food to refugees and hosts in Maryland and River Gee Counties By Ben Collins to the Program Officer of 1.5kg pulses/beans, 1.5 As part of efforts to en- Caritas Cape Palmas, Mr. CSP and 0.9kg of vegeta- sure that both the Ivorian Patrick Nugba, the pro- ble oil per month. refugees and their hosts ject is currently catering Hosts benefiting from the are self-sufficient in food, to refugees and hosts UNHCR/WFP/CARITAS the relief and develop- within more than 20 clus- project include: the dis- mental arm of the Dio- ters within Maryland and abled, single parents, win- cese of Cape Palmas, Ca- River Gee Counties. He dows, terminally ill per- ritas, is distributing food named some communi- sons and people living in Ivorian Refugee Camp in Harper rations to about 45,000 ties benefiting from the extreme poverty. Giving refugees and more than program as Youkudi, Ne- reasons for the inclusion 20,000 hosts in 66 com- bley, Kablaken, Daykey of the host communities munities in Maryland and Town, Nemiken, Bar- in the process, Mr. River Gee counties on a robo, Poula and Harper Nugba pointed out that in Maryland, and Putupo, the presence of refugees monthly basis. Sarbo, Tuobo, Webbo, has increased the high The project, which and Glarro districts in started in June 2011, is a cost of living in the vari- River Gee. ous communities, “the tripartite agreement be- tween UNHCR, WFP Mr. Nugba disclosed hosts are experiencing and CARITAS Cape Pal- that Caritas is also offer- shortage of food both on mas. Rations given bene- ing special trainings to the markets and at home. ficiaries include: cereal refugees on how to pre- The cost of goods and (bulgur wheat), pulses pare the bulgur wheat - a services are high due to (beans/split peas) Corn strange but nutrients-rich high demand. This pro- History Soya Blend (CSP) and food. According to him, ject will help reduce the vegetable oil. According each beneficiary is receiv- high cost of living”.The Diocese of Cape ing 12.6kg of cereal,Palmas is located in South-eastern Liberia. Itcomprises of five counties:Maryland, Grand Kru, Diocesan Website To Be Developed , Bishop Karnley Reveals PlanSinoe, Grand Gedeh, andRiver Gee Counties with the Bishop Andrew J Karnley the development of a aging Editor and population of ap- has revealed plan for a diocesan website. The Melvin Nyanti Gaye toproximately 481,908 diocesan website to be website, if developed, will work with the SMA ITinhabitants. Its catholic developed soon. Speak- serve as a source of in- Division to ensure thatpopulation is 15,863. At ing in a telephone con- formation dissemination. they gather all informationpresent, there are ten versation on August 28, and materials to keep the According to Bishopfunctional parishes with 2011 with the Heralds website updated. Herald’sseveral outstations. On Karnley , the website will Managing Editor Solo feature activities and sto- boss thanked BishopFebruary 2,1950, it became Otto Gaye , Bishop Karnley and said the web-a Vicariate. On May 7,1962 ries of various depart- Karnley said he has dis- ments, parishes and reli- site will be a boost to theit was elevated to a cussed with the SMA Fa- social communication sec-Vicariate Apostolic and on gious congregations thers (American Prov- within the diocese. Mean- tion of the diocese.December 19,1981, it was ince) in Tenafly , New while, Bishop Karnley hascreated as a diocese. Jersey , USA to assist in designated Heralds Man-
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 5 Bishop Emeritus and 10 Parishioners Honoured on Parish Feast DayThe Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of the St. Theresa Cathedral Parish held an honouring program as partof the celebration of the parish feast day. Speaking at the ceremony which was held on Sunday, October 2, 2011,Rev. Fr. Andrew Sieh, Parish Administrator, told that congregation that the selection of the 11 honourees wasmade after a critical scrutiny of names suggested to the Parish Pastoral Council by the CYO. Among the 11 hon-ourees was the Bishop Emeritus of Cape Palmas, His Excellency, Most Rev. Boniface Nyema Dalieh. According tothe CYO Honouring Committee, Bishop Dalieh was honoured for his diligent service as chief shepherd of the dio-cese and readiness to help the parish out in its pastoral activities. Others honoured included: Mr. S. Kyebo-MleHarmon for regular attendance at daily Mass and active participation in parish activities, Mrs. Ama Wejlah for dili-gent service to the Catholic Women Organization (CWO) and being available at all times to coordinate parishprograms. Ms. Maya Dalieh and Ms. Grace Cooper were honoured for their commitment to the church choir.Others included Mr. P. Mike Jurry for a long period of service to the Parish Pastoral Council and spearheadingchurch fundraising programs, Ma Lucy Kofa Sackor, Mr. Moses Hardy Sr. and Mr. Abraham Jarbo Gray honouredfor regular Mass attendance, while Ms. Annie Bropleh was honoured for her commitment and service to the KruCommunity and Mrs. Regina Eshun Kodjo for an enabling leadership of the Ghanaian Community and provision of10 loaves of bread for breakfast at the Cathedral Presbytery 6 days per week since 2004.Meanwhile, the Keynote Speaker at the honouring ceremony, Sr. Philomena Jappah SHF, spoke on the importanceof saying thank you and been good mannered. Sr. Jappah said “Good manners display respect, care and considera-tion. Everyone has the basic right and responsibility to help each other feel positive about themselves and othersaround them”. She then named six steps by which we can cultivate the habit of good manners. Among the six, sheemphasized on the importance of children respecting their parents while at the same time, parents being a goodexample to their children and young people. In conclusion, Sr. Jappah said “No matter how big or small, saying“Thank You” is a great way to make yourself and people around you feel loved and better”.Speaking on behalf of the honourees, Mr. P. Mike Jurry thanked the CYO for the honour and called on the youthto follow their (honourees) good example so that when they grow up as adults, the habit of giving to the God andthe Church will be part of them. He said when you do not give to the church as a youth , it will be very difficult togive to the church as an adult. He also called on parishioners to follow the good example of the honourees.Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Dalieh receiving his certificate Bishop Karnley blessing the honourees
  6. 6. Page 6 Cape Palmas HeraldPRIESTLY LIFE IN ROME: CONTINUOUS FORMATIONBy Rev. Fr. Dennis Nimine, (Rome) Vatican CityCiao to all my brothers and sisters in (accommodation where prieststhe Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas live): St. Peter, St. Paul and Colle-and the entire Local Church of Libe- gio Urbano (mainly for Seminari-ria. In Italian, when a person says ans) that are strictly under Propa-ciao it means „hi/cheers or hello‟. I ganda Fidei. I live in St. Peter‟swould like to send a special ciao to Pontifical College. In this greatSolo Otto Gaye, the Managing Editor college, we have about 200 priestsof the (Cape Palmas Herald) diocesan mainly from Africa, Asia andNewsletter. South America. From this beauti-I guess many of you do often wonder ful abode, we depart every morn-why do our priests go to Rome to ing and sometimes in the after- noon to our various universities in The Soccer Team of St. Peter’s College; cap-„study again‟ after so many years of tained and coached by Fr. Dennis during their formation in the and around Rome to attend lec- During this match with St. Paul’s college, weseminary. Even some lay people curi- tures/exams. had an emphatic 5-2 victory.ously asked questions like: „why do I am presently undertaking mywe send priests to Rome when even License (Masters) Program at thesome of our parishes lack priests to famous Pontifical Biblical Institutedo pastoral work? (BIBLICUM). Since the programWhen Priests are sent to study in runs for four academic years, ex-Rome by their bishops, it is in order pect to see me at home soon, soto specialize in one of the various that together we can journeybranches of theology (moral, dog- through the Scriptures as the Fam-matic, scriptures, liturgy, etc), phi- ily of God on the mission tolosophy or social related sciences of heaven.the Church (social communication, I believe in this expression: Northanthropology, etc). One obvious point or South, East or West, home isis every local church in every coun- the best. As Student-Priests intry needs to have „specialists‟ in these Rome, we often have nostalgia for During the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter,areas in order to adequately respond our home countries. That is why I Feb.22; Feast of our College. Fraternal Agape!!to the pastoral, spiritual, moral and was so happy to have come downmaterial needs of its people they are for the Episcopal Ordination ofordained to serve, rendering qualita- Most Rev. Andrew J. Karnley. Wetive service to God and to humanity. also do follow daily the socio-It is therefore in this perspective that economic and political life andthe priests who are sent to Rome to developments of our various coun-study are engaged in what is best de- tries. In Liberia, my dear country,scribed as Continuous Formation. as we approach the forth comingJust as in the seminary days, there is presidential and legislative elec-time for community prayers, morning tions, we want to assure you of ourand evening; time for the celebration prayers for violent free elections.of the Holy Mass and the adoration of May God continue to bless all thethe Blessed Sacrament; time for citizens and the Church of Liberia.meals: breakfast, lunch and supper. We entrust all of us in prayer toWe have monthly recollections and God, that He may continue toannual retreats. We also have time for bless Liberia!sports, gymnasium and voluntary Kindly view some pictures of the sporting spirit and social life that Fr. Nimene and Fr. Alain Pierre Yao from thecommunity services. Archdiocese of Buoake, Cote d’Ivoire. Fr. Yao isWe have three Pontifical Colleges , permeates the Student-Priests in studying Liturgy at St. Anselm University. St. Peter‟s College, Rome.
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 7 Cape Palmas Diocese Mourns Rev.Tarwo The Diocese of Cape Palmas on July 21,2011 lost Rev. Stanley Tarwo. Rev. Tarwo met his untimely death when the car he was riding in overturned near Fishtown in River Gee County, Liberia. He was en- route to Monrovia to visit family members before taking up pastoral assignment in his home parish, Christ the King in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County. Ac- cording to medical report, the late Rev. Tarwo was badly injured in the head. After hours of intensive medical care at the Fishtown Government Hospital, Rev. Tarwo was airlifted to Monrovia onboard a hu- manitarian helicopter belonging to the Samaritan The late Rev. Tarwo at the Ordination Mass of Rev. Francis Purse ( a medical NGO). Unfortunately, he died while he was been airlifted to Monrovia for further treat- Torpor II and Rev. Pius Gipply , July 17, 2011 ment or subsequent transfer abroad. The late Rev. Tarwo was born on November 23, 1979. He started his priestly formation at St. Charles Lwanga Pre- Major Seminary in Pipeline and St. Paul’s Mayor Seminary in Gbarnga, Bong County where he earned a BA in Philosophy in 2006. After his philosophical studies at St. Paul’s, he moved to Saints Peter & Paul Seminary in Ibadan, Nigeria were he earned a BA in Theology in June 2011. He met his untimely death weeks after his return from Nigeria to await his priestly ordination scheduled for January 2012. Bishop Karnley described the death of Rev. Tarwo as an unfortunate situation. The vehicle in which the late Rev. Tarwo was injured in the head. The late Rev. Tarwo in the middle chatting with fellow classmates Rev. Tugbe and Rev. Nemah after the ordination Mass on July 17,2011. At that ordination Mass, Bishop Karnley officially announced the priestly ordination of 5 transitional deacons scheduled for JanuaryThe late Rev. Tarwo being evacuated from Fishtown to Monrovia onboard 2012. They include: Rev. Tarwo, Rev. Nemah, Rev. Tugbe, Rev.a Samaritan Purse helicopter. Unfortunately, Rev. Tarwo died while being Torpo, and Rev. Gipply. Unfortunately, Rev, Tarwo died in a motorevacuated to Monrovia. accident. May he and all the faithful departed rest in peace
  8. 8. Catholic Diocese of Cape PalmasPage 8 E– Newsletter Bishop Karnley’s Pastoral Visitation in Photos May 21-July 11,2012Bishop Karnley is welcomed to St. Patrick Parish with a bouquet of flower and Bishop Karnley rides on motor bike and crosses the River Nueh in a canoe towalks with City Major of Grandcess meet with his flock at St. Jude Church in PicniccessBishop Karnley & his Vicar General Msgr. Gaye receive kola nuts from chief and Bishop Karnley meets tribal chief and receives kola nuts from tribal leaderselders of Picniccess and then inspect mission property at St. Jude Bishop Karnley is welcomed to St. Joseph Parish in Sinoe Bishop Karnley interacts with Gbankan residents while band plays Procession at St. Jude Church built in 1922 and Sr. Emily, SHF rides a bike to reach St. Barnabas Bishop Karnley is welcomed to St. Barnabas, an outstation to St. Patrick‟s in Gbankan-Wedebo
  9. 9. Page 9 Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas E-Newsletter Missio Delegate visits Liberia Mr. Toni GoerztMr. Toni Goertz, the newly appointed Desk Officer for Liberia at Missio Aachen in Germany, paid a week longvisit to the Liberia. During his visit, Mr. Goertz held discussions with the bishops and their pastoral workersabout the collaboration between Missio and their dioceses. These discussions acquainted him with the pas-toral realities in the country. The visit which started from November 16-23,2011 took Mr. Goertz across thethree dioceses in Liberia ( Archdiocese of Monrovia , Diocese of Gbarnga, and Diocese of Cape Palmas ) .From the November 20-22, Mr. Goertz was guest of the Diocese of Cape Palmas. While in Cape Palmas,Mr. Goertz was given the opportunity to travel to Our Lady of the Angelus and Christ the King Parishes inGrand Gedeh County, St. Theresa Cathedral and St. Francis Parishes in Maryland County, and St. PeterClever, St. Patricks, and Christ the King Parishes in Grand Kru County to have a first hand impression aboutthe pastoral situation in those areas. In Cape Palmas, Mr. Goertz met and held fruitful discussions withBishop Andrew J. Karnley, Vicar General Msgr. Melvin Nyanti Gaye, Chancellor Rev. Fr. Joe C. Nyanti , pas-tors, catechists, lay-leaders, the laity, and members of the Diocesan Pastoral and Catechetical Team.In an interview with the Herald, Vicar General Msgr. Melvin Nyanti Gaye said, Missio Aachen is a long timepartner of the diocese and Mr. Goertz ’ s visit was necessary. For his part, Bishop Karnley described Mr.Goetzs visit as fruitful and rewarding for both Missio and the diocese. Bishop Karnley meanwhile thankedMissio Aachen for the visit and said that the diocese look forward to a more fruitful working relationship withMissio.In a related development, Dr. Marlies Reulecke, a consultant from Misereor visited the diocese as guest ofthe Catholic Heath Services ( CHS ) from November 23-25,2011. During her stay in Cape Palmas, Dr.Reulecke visited CHS heath facilities in Harper, Pleebo, Kanweaken and Zwedru. She also held talks withSr. Edith Wallace, Coordinator of CHS, as well as Bishop Andrew J. Karnley and Vicar General Melvin NyantiGaye. Misereor is a funding agency of the Catholic Church in Germany. It funds and supports social develop-ment programs in the developing world.
  10. 10. Page 10 Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas E-Newsletter International Peace Day celebrated in Cape PalmasBy: Ambrose T. WrehThe International Day of Peace was celebrated on September 21,2011 in Harper City, Maryland County. The celebration which wasorganized and sponsored by the Diocese of Cape Palmas brought together over 700 participants from around Maryland County. TheInternational Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly to strengthen ideas of peace betweenall nations and peoples. In 2002, the United Nations General Assembly officially declared September 21 to be observed as Interna-tional Day of Peace. This year‟s theme was “Working Together with Love to Maintain the Peace”.The program which could not be stopped even by a heavy downpour of rain, began with an inter-religious service, sponsored by theChristian and Muslim Communities together , held at the St. Mark‟s Episcopal Church in Harper. It was later followed by a paradethrough the principal streets of Harper and finally to the Harper City Hall for a symbolic planting of a “Peace Tree” and an indoorprogram.Speaking at the symbolic planting of a “Peace Tree” exercise at the Harper City Hall, the keynote speaker, Rev Amb. Gerald B.Coleman said, “this simple event we are doing today has profound meaning... Today‟s program symbolically represents the plantingof a New True Liberia and Africa as we join millions of global citizens to celebrate and proclaim PEACE as the core value of life”.He then called on participants to not only be concerned about the planting of the tree but also to be committed to its healthy growthand development. “Allow me to plant this tree to proclaim it as a symbol of our commitment and thus capacity to bring to life theessence of Peace through our collective love of God”, Rev. Amb. Coleman said.Delivering a peace message at the indoor program, Rev. Coleman said,” this is not just a day to make speeches but a day to makecommitment to the universal idea of peace”. He then give a brief history on the establishment and declaration of International PeaceDay by the United Nations General Assembly about 30 years ago. He further went on to question the reasons for many wars andgruesome activities perpetuated all around the world, stressing that these violent activities have far reaching consequences. “Let usrecognise the fact that the violence we cause has a long term effects and ramifications through generations. Let us recognize that thepath of life has a fork of death and destruction and a fork that leads to life through dialogue based on the love of God, and of self andlove for our neighbour”.The event was climaxed by performances of dramas and songs from different communities based groups and representatives fromthe Ivorian Refugee Community in Liberia. Keynote Speaker, Rev. Amb. Coleman Planting of the “Peace Tree” Bishop Dalieh speaking at the program Ivorian Refugee Peace Club performing a dance St. Theresa Youth The parade
  11. 11. Page 11 Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas E-Newsletter Africae Munus Calls for Reconciliation, Justice, Peace Holy Father Invites Africans to be Salt of the EarthBy Ann SchneibleCOTONOU, Benin, NOV. 20, 2011 ( apostolic exhortation "Africae munus," published two years after the most recent synod on Africa, is the response to the 57 propositions offered bythe synod fathers at the conclusion of their 2009 Assembly. The objective of the exhortation is to address the particular needs of the Church in Africa asdetermined throughout the course of the African synod."With this document," Benedict XVI writes, "I wish to make available the encouraging fruits proposed by the synod, and I invite all people of good will tolook to Africa with faith and love, to help it become -- through Christ and through the Holy Spirit -- the light of the world and the salt of the earth (cf. Mt5:13-14)."The apostolic exhortation, delivered to the Church on Saturday as the Holy Father was in Benin for his second trip to Africa, consists of two parts: thefirst addresses the basic structures of the Church in the service of reconciliation, justice and peace (these being the three main elements of the 2009Synod). The amount of documentation acquired during the synod called for a transforming of "theology into pastoral care, namely into a very concretepastoral ministry in which the great perspectives found in Sacred Scripture and Tradition find application in the activity of bishops and priests at specifictimes and places."The second part of the exhortation addresses the practical contributions that the Church has made to African society through education, health care andsocial communications.In the document, the Holy Father affirmed the unique sufferings that the people of Africa experience in their daily lives. He writes: "It is with paternal andpastoral concern that I address this document to the Africa today, which has lived through the traumas and conflicts that we know so well." Africa contin-ues to suffer the consequences of violent conflicts between ethnic groups, slave trade and colonization. For this reason, the exhortation invites all peoplesto reconciliation with God and neighbor. "Only authentic reconciliation can achieve lasting peace in society. This is a task incumbent on government au-thorities and traditional chiefs, but also on ordinary citizens." The Holy Father stresses the Churchs duty to form consciences according to divine justice.The document looks to subsidiarity, solidarity, and charity, saying: "preferential attention must be reserved for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the impris-oned, the migrant, the refugee and the displaced."The Holy Father also speaks about grave pandemics, such as those of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and malaria, which continue to ravage Africa in spite of theconstant struggle on the part of medical science to bring these pandemics to an end. Pope Benedict therefore asks that particular defense and protectionbe provided for the family, for women, for children and for all human life, noting that the Church is on the front line in the fight against these pandemics.Moreover, if the fight against HIV/AIDS is to be successful, says the Pontiff, the approach must have an ethical as well as a medical dimension: preventingthe spread of the disease can best be accomplished by rejecting a culture of promiscuity, through the encouragement of abstinence outside of marriage,and through fidelity within marriage itself.Another key point in the document pertained to the challenge of preaching the Gospel in a country where Islam and traditional religions have a significantpresence. Benedict writes: "The Synod members noted a dichotomy between certain traditional practices of African cultures and the specific demands ofChrists message. In her concern for relevance and credibility, the Church needs to carry out a thorough discernment in order to identify those aspects ofthe culture which represent an obstacle to the incarnation Gospel of values, as well as those aspects which promote them."The 2009 Synod was the second of its kind to take place on Africa, the first having been in 1994 under Blessed John Paul II. "The Post-Synodal ApostolicExhortation Ecclesia in Africa of my predecessor, Blessed John Paul II," writes Pope Benedict, "brought together the pastoral insights and proposals of theSynod Fathers for a new evangelization of the African continent. It was appropriate, ten years into this third millennium, to rekindle our faith and hope, soas to help build a reconciled Africa by pursuing the paths of truth, justice, love and peace (cf. Ps 85:11)."Some of the concrete proposals made by Benedict XVI include: Increased promotion of lectio divina (devotional reading of Sacred Scripture) with theobjective of building fraternal community; a continental Eucharistic Congress to celebrate the fraternity established by the Eucharistic, which transcendslinguistic, tribal, and ethnic differences; to elicit suggestions from local Churches for new saints; to encourage the bishops to support SECAM (Symposiumof Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar); to promote annual celebrations of Reconciliation Days or Weeks, ideally in Advent or Lent; andSECAMs promotion of a continental Year of Reconciliation (in conjunction with the Holy See).
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