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Agile Analysis Anti-patterns


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Accompanying these slides are short role-play segments that lightheartedly illustrate each analysis anti-pattern, drawing on real-life examples and impact, as well as ideas for how to avoid it. Each role-play segment is woven around an anti-pattern using a mock requirements statement "I want a cow".

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Agile Analysis Anti-patterns

  1. 1. images courtesy Agile Analysis Anti-Patterns Tarang Baxi, Chirag Doshi and Dhaval Doshi ThoughtWorks with inputs from Vineet Shukla, Gunjan Shukla, Atul Pathak and Divyanshu Mohan
  2. 2. Customer ‘requirement’ “I want a cow”
  3. 3. Anti-Pattern #1 Waiter Pattern Motto: Of course sir, anything you like and right away!
  4. 4. Anti-Pattern #2 Windmill Pattern Motto: More detail = fewer pesky questions + everyone impressed
  5. 5. Anti-Pattern #3 Dictator Pattern Motto: I know what the customer wants, so just do as I say!
  6. 6. Anti-Pattern #4 Goldsmith Pattern Motto: Just in case...
  7. 7. Anti-Pattern #5 Lawyer Pattern Motto: Change is only needed if you did a bad job to start with
  8. 8. Anti-Pattern #6 Professor Pattern Motto: The client pays money for solutions not analysis of problems
  9. 9. Anti-Pattern #7 Alien Pattern Motto: Hey if I can understand jargon, why wont the customer?
  10. 10. ?