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OpenStack Neutron Liberty Updates


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OpenStack Neutron Liberty Updates

  1. 1. Networking PTL Twitter: @mestery IRC: mestery Kyle Mestery Liberty Update OpenStack Networking
  2. 2. To implement services and associated libraries to provide on-demand, scalable, and technology- agnostic network abstraction.
  3. 3. Neutron Kilo Release ● 45 blueprints completed ● 544 bugs closed ● Advanced services split into separate git repositories and release tarballs ● Plugin decomposition effort started resulting in 10+ plugin/driver decomposition efforts
  4. 4. Neutron Liberty Priorities ● Phase 2 of plugin decomposition ● Reference plugin (ML2+[OVS,LB]) decomposition ● API micoverisoning ● Reliable quota support
  5. 5. Neutron and nova-network ● Icehouse set the groundwork for achieving this ● During Juno and Kilo, features such as DVR closed the functionality gap ● During Liberty, the focus will be on: ● Ensuring the Linuxbridge driver is tested in the gate ● “Get Me a Network” work ● Documenting shared provider networks as a minimal setup comparable to nova-network installs of note
  6. 6. Neutron Stadium ● In accordance with the “Big Tent” OpenStack governance model, Neutron has also changed its governance model ● Allowing plugin backends to re-enter Neutron via the Stadium as their own gerrit repositories ● Growing the ecosystem under Neutron as a platform
  7. 7. Neutron Governance Changes in Detail ● New Lieutenant Model allows scaling core reviewers ● New process for defining work (Request For Enhancement or RFE) allows for streamlining the way work is proposed
  8. 8. Plugin Decomposition: Phase 2 ● Phase 1 completed during Kilo ● Phase 2 will completely remove all third-party code from the main Neutron repository ● Split out the reference implementation plugin into it’s own repository ● Advanced services decomposition as well ● With governance changes, most repositories are now being added into the Neutron Stadium
  9. 9. REST / RPC / Plugin API Refactor ● Switching to pecan from homegrown WSGI (work ongoing in feature/pecan branch) ● API Microversioning ● RPC versioning and upgrade checking
  10. 10. Quality of Service ● Liberty focus is to enable bandwidth limiting ● We will also layout the QoS models for future API and model extensions introducing additional QoS concepts ● QoS policies apply either per-port or per-network
  11. 11. Role Based Access Control for Networks ● Currently, the shared network concept is not granular ● This work will allow for a more granular approach and allow tenants to share network resources with other tenants ● Allows an operator to define a network with limited access, but also covers the case where operators pre- create networks for tenants to connect to
  12. 12. Pluggable IPAM ● Create a pluggable IPAM system inside of Neutron ● Allows the use of third-party and vendor IPAM system
  13. 13. Address Scopes, BGP, and Routed Networks ● Allows for the continued evolution of network routing in Neutron, both in terms of the API and usage ● Allow Neutron to advertise routes externally using BGP ● Allow “Address Scopes” to be a first-class citizen in the Neutron API ● Allow a router to connect networks without consuming IP addresses on them
  14. 14. Flavor Framework ● A way for operators to offer network services to their clients ● Allows separation of driver functionality and configuration from consumers of services ● Allows operators to configure additional vendor features in an end-user agnostic way
  15. 15. Neutron NFV Work ● Working with the NFV sub-team in OpenStack to integrate features relevant in this space ● More seamlessly connect hardware and neutron L2 segments (e.g. with Ironic) ● Unaddressed port (e.g. port without an l3- address and subnet attachment) ● Trunk ports to virtual machines
  16. 16. Neutron LBaaS Work ● Add support for Layer-7 switching (e.g. content based routing) ● Support Octavia as the default reference implementation for LBaaS ● Octavis is a service-VM based LBaaS implementation which uses haproxy underneath
  17. 17. New Plugins Proposed ● Dragonflow L3 DVR Plugin ● Infloblox IPAM/DHCP Plugin ● KEMP Technologies LBaaS V2 Driver ● Libreswan VPNaaS Driver ● Octavia LBaaS V2 Driver
  18. 18. Things disappearing in Liberty ● Metaplugin
  19. 19. [Neutron] on openstack-dev mailing list #openstack-neutron Freenode