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Global Delivery Model - A Blue Ocean Strategy of INFOSYS


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This work describes how the Global Delivery Model can be considered as a Blue Ocean Strategy of INFOSYS. The ERRC framework is overlapped on the Strategy Canvas to analyse the industry success factors that were eliminated, reduced (for cost reduction), raised or created (for value creation) by INFOSYS to achieve a Value Innovation for its clients and thus create a blue ocean market.

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Global Delivery Model - A Blue Ocean Strategy of INFOSYS

  1. 1. GLOBAL DELIVERY MODEL: A Blue Ocean Strategy of INFOSYS Pioneered by Infosys1, the Global Delivery Model (GDM) is based on the principle of taking workwhere it can be done best, makes most economic sense and with the least amount of acceptable risk.The GDM is a framework for distributed project management and multi-location engagement teams. Itis a key driver of engagement success and value realization for the clients. It provides clearly definedprocess guidelines emphasizing the importance of information flow and communication. The robustnessof GDM combined with the infrastructure and quality orientation reduces engagement risk for a clientcompared to conventional delivery models. Process benchmark is a hallmark of this delivery model. Infosys provided Value Innovation for customers by lowering the overall costs of IT engagementwhile increasing the measurable delivered value addition to the client’s business. When Infosysintroduced the GDM, it was an innovative delivery model which eliminated and reduced some of thethen prevalent success factors for the Indian IT Services industry. It simultaneously raised theimportance of certain factors to a newer level where the competition became irrelevant. But thecreation of new success factors for the IT Services industry helped it achieve the true Blue Ocean. Further, Infosys executed Tipping Point Leadership by enhancing the process strength of theGDM where the parallel execution of different phases of project at different location created adisproportionately positive influence on the time to project delivery and increased team performance.Exhibit-1: A Strategy Canvas with ERRC Model overlay for the Blue Ocean Strategy of INFOSYS1