Tandaa Sypmosium BrighterMonday.com 2010.03.08


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Sagini Onyancha, Head of Sales and Marketing at BrighterMonday.com made a compelling argument for online adverting in Kenya. Less than 1% of advertising budget currently go to online adverting, Onyancha estimated, but his team tirelessly work on educating media buyers on the benefits and returns online advertising offers. With over 4 million Kenyans accessing the internet regularly, online advertising offers huge potential. Onyancha concluded by challenging the Government of Kenya to step in and support the growth of online marketing.
Presented at the Tandaa Symposium on Local Digital Content, March 8, 2010 at the iHub-Nairobi's Innovation Hub. Hosted by Kenya ICT Board, sponsored by Google.

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Tandaa Sypmosium BrighterMonday.com 2010.03.08

  1. 1. Tandaa Symposium on Local Digital Content Presented by: Sagini Onyancha, Head of Sales & Marketing
  2. 2. Contents  About Us  Our Experience Selling Online Advertising  The future of Online Advertising  Opportunities for Building Brands Online Duration: 15 minutes
  3. 3. “We’re an online publisher generating 0.6m to 1m visits per month”
  4. 4. About us  We’re an Internet Publisher  Launching several other online publications  Clients place Job Ads and other Ads on our network  Presence in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda, Nigeria (2010)  Largest online recruitment network in EA  Recognised brand
  5. 5. About us – some clients Amongst many others
  6. 6. About Us - Our reach
  7. 7. “Requires tireless client education and immense flexibility on the publisher’s part.“
  8. 8. Our experience selling online advertising .
  9. 9. Our experience selling online advertising – Who’s online?  10% of Kenyans are Advertising spend by Media online (4M)* Q1 2009 Q1 2008 % Change  Internet time eating into Media Radio 55% 45% 10% Radio, TV & Print TV 31% 34% -3%  Annual ad spend is KES 20B Print 13% 20% -7%  Those online expect to  Radio growing due to perform more of their better targeting & lower activities online production costs*  Most desk based  Internet offers above professionals are online advantages + reporting!
  10. 10. Our experience selling online advertising – The challenges  Online advertising not on most campaign budgets  Ad Agencies without digital divisions  You charge!?  Decision makers aren’t content consumers  Online reach is not measured reliably (Alexa vs Logs, Nation vs Standard, Defunct sites, Shared PCs)  Government advertising directives
  11. 11. Our experience selling online advertising – Defying the challenges  Tirelessly educate media buyers (reach, hits, views, visits, budgets)  Provide performance based options  Extreme flexibility (concepts, budgets, ad options)  Free consulting to clients with a budget  Looking beyond CTRs (Click Through Rates)
  12. 12. “Content needs paying advertisers. Online advertising will be more performance based.”
  13. 13. The future of online advertising  Ad agencies will be more e-aware  Will be more performance based  Push for independent measurability opportunity for content publishers (UK)  Mobile content may take off more ‘free’ local content needed – no advertisers  New decision makers = Increased advertising  Content needs paying advertisers My Symposium wish-list 1. Temporary GoK directive on online advertising 2. Publishers begin discussing measurement
  14. 14. “The upcoming generation will be regular internet users”
  15. 15. Opportunities for building brands online “The upcoming generation (current 18-24) will be regular internet users”  Several sectors don’t have brand leaders online e.g. banking  Major brands still lack serious presence  Small & new brands are taking advantage (younger management, flexibility, win custom)  Advertising costs are relatively lower  Deskbound research & other tasks  Brand differentiation opportunities galore
  16. 16. “....
  17. 17. Summary  Our experience: flexibility & tireless education  The future: performance based, measurability, GoK  Opportunities to build brands: the upcoming generation (18 – 24) will be regular internet users