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Black sea orchestra


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Black sea orchestra

  2. 2. The project is held under the personal patronage of the President of Georgia.BLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA
  4. 4. BLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA Today, in the epoch of democracy and globalization, we have a unique opportunity to build bridges in order to unite peoples and cultures of the Black Sea countries through music. The Black Sea peoples and countries have many times had the aspiration to make political alliances. Now, in the 21st century, there has been born an idea to establish a joint youth symphony orchestra that will hopefully be the first swallow of this process.
  5. 5. The youth symphony orchestra will hold concerts, first of all, in the major cities of the Black Sea countries. This will promote performance of the World’s musical heritage as well as of the most recent works of modern composers at a professionals level. The youth symphony orchestra will assume the function of connector and uniter of theBLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA youth in the mentioned countries. In its turn, this will promote a more active progress in the political and cultural rapprochement of the Black Sea countries.
  6. 6. Historical Background • According to the Myth of the Argonauts, 34 centuries ago Orpheus traveled across the Black Sea where he brought a message of theBLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA Mediterranean music. • Like other international youth orchestras, the Black Sea Youth Orchestra will have an educational function and at the same time be a unique musical event. Since the music is the emotional means to express the inner world of a human being, the young people’s performance will definitely bear unique energy and charge. This orchestra will unite the most talented young musicians of the Black Sea region into a big performing team that will give concerts annually in major cities of the Black Sea countries. The young people will have the opportunity to find common language, discover their own selves and each other, and offer their interpretation of the best musical pieces.
  7. 7. Unfortunately, even today in the Black Sea countries the reality is far from ideal. There remain many problems and what is more, there persistBLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA conflicts; the sea itself turned into a battlefield not too long ago. Creation of the Youth orchestra in the region will be beneficial not only for the young people participating in the project, but will help to bring the peoples and states closer and make them better understand each other. It will also strengthen the forces of sympathy and attraction, reduce the trends of alienation, and support establishment of peace and harmony all over the Black Sea.
  8. 8. The youth symphony orchestra, will first of all, have the unifying function and its main driving force will be the universalBLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA language of music. The repertoire will be of global value which is the precondition for spiritual and moral development of both, the young members of the orchestra and the audience.
  9. 9. The idea to establish an orchestra of local young patriot musicians to express messages in the universal language of music under the aegis of the Black Sea, will inevitably find support in the hearts of many.BLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA
  10. 10. Youth is exceptional with its natural energy, bravery, optimism, breathtaking paces, strive for love and inexhaustible thirst of quest. The energy, which is radiated by aBLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA young performer during musical speech, cannot be compared to anything. Our wish is to become ambassadors of supreme ideals and humanism through the language of music and love, with already worldly-wise and experienced musicians guiding the youth along this beautiful path. Our aim is to make music that is beautiful and, at the same time, possesses dignity. We call for the youth coming from Black Sea countries, to give hands to each other by means of the magic tunes of music and so to start a new era of mutual understanding of our peoples. Vakhtang Matchavariani
  11. 11. Orchestra Professors Orchestra Musicians  Artistic Director and  String -violin, viola, cello, bass  First violin-14 Principal Conductor –  Second violin-12 Vakhtang Matchavariani  Woodwind-horn, trumpet  Viola-10BLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA  Cello-8  Assistant of the Artistic Director  Brass-percussion, harp  Bass-6  Flute-4  Orchestra Manager  Oboe-4  Clarinet-4  Librarian  Basson-4  Horn-6  Trumpet-4  Trombone-4  Tuba-1  Percussion-6  Harp-2  Keyboard-1
  12. 12. MANAGEMENTBLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA 1. General Manager -Tamar Iosebashvili 2. PR & Marketing department 3. Financial department 4. Legal department 5. Logistic department 6. Office manager
  13. 13. Annual Cost of the Project: € 570,000BLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA Onset of the Project: March 2012 Active Season of the Project: July- August, Each Year . First Year of the Project: Batumi – Anaklia, Georgia, July-August 2013.
  14. 14. Regional Organizations •Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)BLACK SEA YOUTH ORCHESTRA •GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development •Community of Democratic Choice (CDC) •Black Sea Forum for Partnership and I Initial Headquarters : Dialogue (BSF) Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theatre, 25, Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi, 0108 Georgia