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Presentation on customer satisfaction

  1. 1. Presented by:- satnam singh MBA 3rd semester Roll no-12937
  2. 2.  Maruti Udyog Ltd. (MUL) is the first automobile company in the world to be honoured with an ISO 9000:2000 certificate. Maruti Suzuki India Limited previously known as Maruti Udyog limited is the premier car company in India. MUL was established in Feb 1981 through an Act of Parliament. The company entered into collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan to manufacture cars. Start selling the first vehicle from 14 Dec., 1983. Its manufacturing plant, located some 25 km south of New Delhi in Gurgaon, has an installed capacity of 3,50,000 units per annum with a capability to produce about half a million vehicles
  3. 3. PEAKS AUTO PVT.LTD. is a private ltd. Company, incorporated under companies Act,1956 with the registrar of Jammu & Kashmir and founded by Sh. Baldev Singh at, Nowgam by-pass, SRINAGAR, just 5kms from Lal Chowk and half km from Railway Station Nowgam, Srinagar  PEAKS AUTO PRIVATE LTD. Is a new Authorized Dealer of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. For Kashmir , and shall be dealing in Maruti Suzuki Cars, New as well as certified Used ones, Maruti Genuine Spares and Accessories, and providing other services.
  4. 4.  as the name suggest, has come up with the aim of touching heights in the field of customer satisfaction in terms of service Commitment  At PEAKS AUTO PRIVATE LTD. we are personally involved in serving our customers who we believe are the pith and substance of our organization. Obviously, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention are our sole aim. Every employee of Peaks Auto Pvt. Ltd. is groomed and conditioned to serve the customers with speed and commitment
  5. 5.  The various products under the brand name “maruti’ are:  Maruti 800  Maruti alto  Maruti gypsy  Maruti swift  Maruti swift desire  Maruti a-star  Maruti grand vitara  Maruti wagnoR  Maruti zen  Maruti Sx4  Maruti omni
  6. 6.  Customer satisfaction is a term generally used to measure a customer's perception of a company's products and services.  Customer satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation.  Customer satisfaction refers to the end feeling of a particular customer after consumes the product which he/she brought.
  7. 7. Satisfaction in 7 Steps:  1. Encourage Face-to-Face Dealings  2. Respond to Messages Promptly & Keep Your Clients Informed  3. Be Friendly and Approachable  4. Have a Clearly-Defined Customer Service Policy  5. Attention to Detail (also known as 'The Little Niceties')  6. Anticipate Your Client's Needs & Go Out Of Your Way to Help Them Out  7. Honour Your Promises
  8. 8. Reduce defects Improve productivity Improve customer problems Innovation FOUR ESSENTIAL
  9. 9.  To study the satisfaction level of customers who drive the cars.  To know the different services provided to the customers by “Peaks Auto ltd”.(An Authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki)  To know the perception of customers towards peaks Auto ltd(An Authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki)  To know the marketing strategies adopted by the peaks auto ltd(An Authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki)  To Enhance my knowledge how to satisfy the customers.  To prepare my self as a marketing person who can easily identify the needs of the customers through his experience which is an essential quality of a marketing person and for the company as well.
  10. 10.  The purpose of methodology is to describe the process involved in research work. This includes the overall research design, data collection method, the field survey and the analysis of data. Research Objective:  To find the satisfaction amongst the customers of Peaks Auto Ltd  Research Design:  Detailed and structured questionnaire was designed.  Survey a sample of 100 customers.  The methodology developed was Primary and Secondary research.  The questionnaire was designed to get information from customers about their satisfaction and overall opinion about Peaks Automobile
  11. 11.  Sources of Data:  Primary data:  Secondary data:  Field of Survey:  The field work for the survey was conducted in Srinagar. The exercise involved face to face interview with the customers.  Analysis:  The important factors and data’s collected were sequentially analyzed and graphed.  Limitations of the Study:  The sample size is only 100 so the sample may not be truly representative of the Srinagar popuation
  12. 12.  Quality improvement  Reduce in the delivery time  Concentrate on supply of the products  Try to solve the problems of the customers by direct interaction  Stability in prices
  13. 13.  The flagship workshop at PEAKS is rated amongst the best workshops within the Maruti network, on all India bases, in terms of infrastructure and customer satisfaction. In fact, it was rated as the number 1 workshop in the entire Maruti network in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey in 1999.  Working as a trainee at Maruti peaks auto pvt. Ltd. was a great learning experience. During 45 days training, it was great to learn and deal with products and services of the company. The company has helped in providing a lot experience a lot of exposure.  On an average more than 73% people feel that the prices are affordable whereas 27% do not agree, 80% believe that attractive discounts are offered whereas 20% are not satisfied with the discounts offered.  20% said that the test drives are not offered and 74% said that the test drives are offered .
  14. 14.  More advertisements should be there to make people aware about the services provided by the Peaks Auto ltd(An Authorised Dealer of Mariti Suzuki).  There should be more advertisement on T.V. and also on Net. campaigning should be done  Product catalogues and price lists should be provided to the customers on regular basis.  Research and development activities should be undertaken.  More relaxing discount schemes should be provided to the customers on regular basis
  15. 15. THANKS