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Global Eyes Magazine, December 2011. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Caribbean and African communities news and information as well as community news.

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Global eyes magazine holiday edition

  1. 1. 4thQUARTERDecember 2011 global eyes Manitoba African and Caribbean Quarterly Magazine Cliff Happy Richards, Holidays “The to one Mighty and all Fe” Calypso One of the Monarch entertainers at the Congress of Black Women Unity Dinner
  2. 2. Flutes Offer Comfort and Joy - Robin DwarkaHow many people get to live out a childhood dream? Asked how the flute choir has evolved over the years,Monica Bailey is doing just that through one of the few Bailey says she “focuses on the positive. Inspiration ebbsflute choirs and flowsin Canada. and theAs a members‘privileged are helpingfaculty brat’ stir thattravelling inspirationthrough by bringingEurope with their ideasher andprofessor experiencesfather, to theBailey, choir”. Jillparticipated Forbes,in programs who has been with the choir for 19 years credits herthat developed a great love for music. Within one longevity to Monica and “the friendships and anyear, she was playing 4-part baroque and renaissance opportunity to play with other people as opposed to solo.pieces in recorder quartets – and, through supportive It makes me happy to come and play every week”.instruction, was capable of playing every part! This The flute choir raises funds for instruments, music andexperience also instilled in her a feeling of community other necessities though concerts. Their artisticand non-competitiveness where any and everybody programming is never the same as they experiment withcould be ‘first chair’. The germ of a dream to create a different techniques, other instruments and varied genres. Iplace for people to play flute, “to have an equal had an opportunity to play with the choir last year whenopportunity to develop, to express themselves and my steel band, the Manitoba Pan Handlers, were guests atgrow, and to develop the instrument”, says Bailey, the choir’s spring concert. We all thought that flute andstarted over 20 years ago. In fact, the flute choir is pan would be a nice combination but when the two groupscelebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011. played together it was magical. From traditional This flute choir is actually two separate groups Caribbean folk to European classical music the tone of thealong with solo students that come together for flutes and steel was pure joy. Their recent concert onperformances. Sweet Silver features the most December 11 involved music from the Renaissance periodexperienced players. Silver Winds started off as a complete with a procession through the audience – a scarylearn-to-play group but they all hung in there and now thought for musicians who are used to staying in one placesome of those flautists play with Sweet Silver as well. and reading music.The choir is a diverse bunch of flute enthusiasts, who The latest phase in the choir’s development is a desire tocover the spectrum of political, social, cultural, and give back to the community in the form of contributing theircareer backgrounds. Many are social activists in heart gift of music to help fund raise for worthy causes. Saysand spirit. The members also vary in how much Forbes, “the performing group is happy to perform butexperience they bring to the choir and their skill set is happier when they can help others asas diverse as the individuals themselves. The choir is well.” Some of the Caribbeana safe place for members to explore and grow their community both locally and abroad haveskills. Flautists get to experience playing not only the benefited from the choir’s generosity.well-known soprano flute but alto flutes, bass flutes, When a call went out for performers topiccolo and, at one point, a contrabass flute – the participate in a benefit concert to raisegentle giant of the flute family. funds for the Haitian hurricane disaster One of the things that make this choir special is the in 2010, the choir was there. The fluteprinciple that you can make good music in a loving, choir helped celebrate the Council ofsupportive environment without being competitive. Continued on Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 p3 2
  3. 3. Reflection Beatrice Watson T’is the Season to be Jolly It’s that time of year again when My mother became a member of thiswe experience that awkwardness of We all get Christmas holidays and Church in her later years. Thank GodChristmas, Xmas, Holiday Season love it because it’s time off work to for that. I could not imagine a lifeand semantic distress about naming spend with our families and truth be without the joy of Christmas as awhat we are celebrating. told, Christmas is celebrated in one child Being politically correct can form or the other by people from many There will come a time whensometimes extend its reach. religions including Jews and Muslims liberal minded folks will celebrate While it is true that we are living adherents. each other’s religious holidays within a multicultural, multiethnic, Which child doesn’t like the mystery gusto as we do in the Caribbean.pluralistic society and by and large of Santa Claus or Father Christmas, Growing up in the Caribbean, I wasno matter how it looks with the the gifts under the tree they wake up to excited about Eid and Phagwah holywindow dressing, as a society, we on Christmas morning or decorating days and looked forward to festivalprivilege Christianity over other their house with flickering lights? of lights, holikah burning and sharingreligions. This is not a criticism. It I have heard many of my friends from in the delicious foods during how we, as new comers to this various religious backgrounds talk And like established multiculturalcountry, came and experienced this about Christmas preparations and societies, each religion will be givencountry and we have to respect that. baking and giving gifts to others. equal prominence. We are workingWe have to respect that change does I think the most reluctant group in all towards that. For now, there is nonot happen overnight and therefore to the groups I have seen is followers of shame in celebrating Christmas withcreate a fuss over an office having a the Jehovah Witness who pride our Christian friends. HappyChristmas party is uncharitable and themselves in celebration nothing. Christmas to one and all.uncalled for in my opinion. Flute Choir - continued from p2 Caribbean 55 PlusCaribbean Organizations of Manitoba’s 30th anniversary this year. The flute choir is a wonderful place to develop and experiment. Monica’s Oldies Goldies Nighthope is that adult gets a chance to congregate with others and make music a Big Hittogether whether it’s playing an instrument or singing. “There are two thingsthat are important to happiness: exercise and creativity,” says Monica. To me,that thought gives me great comfort and joy especially during this holidayseason. (Photos of the flute concert courtesy of Island Vibes. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 3
  4. 4. Subscribe Today Poetry By Neil p21 Name:_________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________ Flutes Offer Comfort and Joy - Robin Postal Code_______________ Phone:_______________________ Dwarka Email address:_______________________ Kwanzaa Support Global Eyes Magazine if you think celebrations p12 we’re doing a good job. Subscription: $15.00 per year for 4 issues. I Would like to receive upcoming event notices from the Caribbean/Black/larger community - The Importance of a by email or by phone (YES/NO) Will Lara Badmus- Mail cheque/Money Order to: Global Eyes Magazine p13 671 Rathgar Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 Are you takingGlobal Eyes is an independent magazine devoted topromoting cultural awareness of the African and Christmas for GrantedCaribbean communities of Manitoba and to highlight theissues and concerns of these communities. It also aims - Nadia Thompsonand promoting cultural diversity and appreciation. Its p13mandate is to be a quarterly publication featuring articles,and the achievements of local, national and internationalpersonalities that are of interest to the African/caribbeancommunity, promoting healthy living by providing healthtips Open Letter to theand recipes as well as editorials with African/Caribbean Community p26sensibilities and letters to the editor. The Magazine isproduced under a volunteer editorial committee thatassists with proof-reading, publicity and distribution. Guyanese Association of Manitoba celebrates Winners p18 IN THIS ISSUE Regulars: CBW celebrates Carrie Local Brief Best p9 Letter to my children p11 Piecing together Global Counselor p11 Memories 30 Gaffin wid Buddyp26 Healthwise 18 Human trafficking p10 Zizi the continuing story p20 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 4
  5. 5. GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINE Editor: Beatrice Watson GLOBAL GEM’s Regular Distributed to local businesses, and in Winnipeg VIOLENCE Contributors and via email to individuals in Manitoba and AUDIT? former Manitobans in various parts of the UN Women Winnipeg world. in conjunction with the Global College, U of W held an information session to discuss the To receive Global Eyes by mail please send a impact of military interventions, cheque for $15.00 to: femicides and state repression in Global Eyes Magazine several hot spots. 671 Rathgar Avenue Held at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 Winnipeg, with Professor Neil Pitamber, Marilou McPhedran, students Caribbean Shield Phone: 204-477-1588 Chelsea Caldwell and Maddie A prolific writer, poet Pearlman from the University and owner, Caribbean of Winnipeg Global College Shield All contents are (c) 2011 and may not be with Song for Africa founder reprinted without the express or written consent Darcy Ataman, presented of the author or Editor. facts and figures for the highly motivated larger than usual audience on the current global trends in violence against women and Out and About highlighting new strategic responses in different ence. countries. Robin Dwarka, Board Professor of Women Member, Community and Gender Studies at Vibe the University of Winnipeg, the book explores the realities of feminist mothering for both mothers and their children. The book is based on in-depth inter- views of 16 feminist mothers and their adultDr. Fiona Joy Green’s Practis- children conducted Lara Badmus, LLBing Feminist Mothering book between 1995 and Dr. Marilou Discipline Counselwas launch was held at the 2007. It is a easy to read McPhedran Principal, The Law Society ofMcNally’s Robinson Store on book and highly Global College ManitobaDecember 4th to a large audi- recommended. It would make a perfect gift. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 5
  6. 6. Local briefs Sunrise Memorial Ceremony The Annual Sunrise Memorial Ceremony sponsored by the Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council saw an increase in participation this year with guest speaker, Francine Pelletier, Journalist who was also on the list marked for murder by Marc Lepine. On December 6, 1989, Marc Lepine walked into Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and cold bloodedly murdered 14 women in the Engineering program before turning the gun on himself. It has become one of those monumental memory reference points for people to recall what was happening where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. Marc Lepine had left a suicide note which the police hid from the public as a benevolent act to protect women from fear. Montreal journalist Francine Pelletier, guest speaker said she fought for theHonourable Jennifer Howard, Minister of the Status of Womenand Francine Pelletier. Above is the lighting of 14 candles in release of Lepine’s letter and when it wasmemory of the 14 people killed. released she said it became clear that this cont’d on p17 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 6
  7. 7. Editorial - Take One The Spirit of Christmas is simple but a gift that will clog up my house. business has turned into a complicated, When we get to certain stage in our lives another miserable mess with its demand for us trivial gift becomes a clutter. Who needs another to buy, buy, buy. mug? Another candle, another mouse trap? I We all love to shop but when money remember when my children’s grandmother started is tight, the inability to respond to the sending them notices that she had sent a donation tocommercial messages leaves us feeling like being in a charitable organization in their name, they werethe dog house. Yes, keeping up with the Joneses is part upset at first throwing away the card and feelingof the commercial Christmas spirit. If someone gives cheated from their gift but they now appreciate itus a gift we feel compelled to return the favour. What and want to follow in that footstep. It is better tois the point in giving? Let’s call it gift exchange and if give than to receive. It is better to give a gift toyou do not want to participate in the exchange you someone who cannot afford to return the favour. Ofought to be able to opt out. On many occasions we course, there is a place for gift exchange but let’swaste precious dollars buying gifts and giving them to be clear about that. Christmas should not stresspeople who will never use them but pack them in their people out; it should expand our hearts in love andnext Canadian diabetes pick up. I think I like the idea compassion. Pay no attention to the pervasiveof giving gifts to charitable organizations that provide commercials that urge you to buy.for the underprivileged in a person’s name than getting Black Odyssey - by Dr. Marion James (final instalment) In early 2010 I attended the despite having diverse cultural backgrounds was premier of the film “Bill” co- not free of racism. produced by Ernesto Griffith (a In March 1911 Customs Officers subjected 200 member of my church St. black farmers from Oklahoma to a most rigorous Bartholomew) and Winston examination at Emerson even thought they had Moxam at the Park Theatre met all the requirements. The officials to their South Osborne. chagrin couldn’t prevent entry. That year citizens Our hero, William Beal was from several Western cities including Winnipeg born in Massachusetts, USA. petitioned the Federal government to halt His family then moved to movement of black onto the Prairies. The federal Minneapolis after the death of government implemented a law whereby Borderhis mom and paternal grandmother His father remarried guards could prevent entry of blacks or any otheran Englishwoman; they lived in a white neighbourhood. individuals by declaring them medically unfit.It is believed that he likely had post secondary There was no appeal to this in Montana. Billy Beal moved to Swan River. He was the On return to Minneapolis racism was pervasive yet only Black for miles around, therefore not ahe elected to move to Swan River Manitoba especially menace while there were instances of racism, theto escape racism. His early history is vague at times. love of a couple helped him through theseHe may have read a Black newspaper “broadaxe” challenging times. The Gunsons were not fair-which carried the article in which Manitoba’s Premier weathered friends.R.P. Robin encouraged people to move north. He Billy packed a pistol, was not only a steamdecided to move to Swan River ostensibly to be a engine engineer, a skilled carpenter, electricianfarmer but he was a steam engineer. Beal met racism and photographer but also had a workingofficials at the Emerson International Border but in the knowledge of medicine. Chemistry and was well versedfilm, solving this dilemma was hilarious. Manitoba cont’d on p24 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 7
  8. 8. Council of Carribbean Organizations Family Day a Success Musical Chair brings out the competitive spirit of children of all ages Santa chats with a fanThere were games, food and lots of and the fans showed up a bit laterfun on family day but unfortunately than sooner but it was a greatit coincided with grey cup weekend event. The Guyanese Cultural Organizationof Manitoba held its annual seniors supperat the Caribbean Cultural Centre. Theevent was well attended. The seniors werewell fed with a delicious supper accompa-nied by home-made ice-cream. As always this event is one to look Oldies Goldiesforward to because it is well organizedand the food is always a treat for the Girl revisitedpalate.Daniela Archer (left) performed asolo as well as some of the seniorssang choruses. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 8
  9. 9. Congress of Black Women Celebrates Carrie Best “The Clarion”. She was known for her selflessness in advocating for the rights of others. She joined with Viola Desmond who mistakenly sat in the ‘whites only” section of the theatre and was charged, convicted and fined in 1946, to lobby the provincial government to repeal its segregation law which she lived to see happen in 1954. That same year Best’s radio program “The Quiet Corner” hit the airways. She was also a human rights columnist for the Pictou Advocate and continually spoke out against substandard conditions on Native reserves and discrimination against black property owners. A role model for generations of Black Coopsammy said it was Canadians, Carrie Best received theThe Congress of Black Women’s Unity challenging to find any black Order of Canada, Queen ElizabethDinner 2011 was a formal affair with a journalist on the air today. Medal, several honorary doctorateclassy flair through and through. The She was hopeful in feeling degrees and served on the Task force onhall was beautifully decorated in white that things are starting to change. the Status of Woman.and yellow with lovely floral She said that when anyone Coopsammy said it was difficult to findarrangement on each table. It was a suggests that she got the job information on Carrie Best until shecelebration of culture and in particular because of her colour she came upon her biography LonesomeCarrie Best who was honoured with a responds “just like nepotism, Road self published in 1977.stamp by Canada post in February 2011. colour may get me in the door Coopsammy said Carrie Best built a Eleanor Coopsammy, journalist and but unlike nepotism color bridge for other people from marginalizedanchor at CTV’s Morning Show and wouldn’t keep me there. What backgrounds to walk over.guest speaker highlighted the would keep me there is talent.” The entertainment was provided by Dellaachievements of Carrie Best and the The crowd cheered. Gaudy, Métis Youth who played thestate of affairs of black women in the She said when we find our fiddle, Clifford Richards, mastermedia today. Coopsammy’s packed a passion we are driven by the Calypsonian from Trinidad and Youthlot of information using multimedia creative force through our veins Highland Dancers.format to bring her story about Carrie like electricity turned on and we Four deserving young women receivedBest to life. do not know how to do anything scholarships to help with their different. Carrie Best did what continuing education at the university she was called to level: Omudhohwo Oshobe, Sandra Three of the four do, speak for the Agahon; Natasha Mukumba; Scholarship Winners underdog never Tamara Lynch thinking that one day she will be honoured with a stamp. Born in 1903 in Glasgow Nova Scotia, Best is credited with establishing the first newspapers for Black Canadians in Nova Scotia Carrie Best Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 9
  10. 10. Local Activisit Passionate advocate against human trafficking country because we have well Christine Nnadi, an activist andWhile many would be sitting with family developed social assistance and passionate advocate against humanand friends enjoying a peaceful holiday, medical systems and it is a large trafficking said she is concerned thatothers will be trapped in the twilight country making it easy to escape more is not done to raise awareness ofworld in the claws of a despicable authority. As well Canada has a human trafficking in African countriesmaster who has trafficked them across large multicultural and ethnic where women are trafficked for sexualoceans to use them as chips in an diversity and has the largest slavery to European countries and even tounderworld economy – human unprotected border in the world. Canada. She said she encounters sometrafficking People fit it easily here. here in Winnipeg.Diane Bussy of Salvation Army, The Police are knowledgeable and Nnadi, a member of the Congress ofpresenter at MEEAC’s forum on fully aware of the tactics of Black Women of Manitoba said sheTrafficking against women on at the traffickers but in many instances hopes that the Congress of Black WomenCCOM Office also brought home the the victims are unwilling to assist. will take up the issue and organize aseriousness of this modern day It is difficult to identify victims of conference or workshop to raiseslavery and the rise in the number of forced labour debt bondage or awareness of African and black womenCanadian women and girls being servitude.” that are caught in the web of humantrafficked in our Canadian borders trafficking.and through Winnipeg. Human trafficking involvesrecruitment, transportation andexploitation of human beings. Thesexual exploitation of people is big Flosoulbuck, hundreds of thousands of dollarworth. This particular type of illegaltrade has low risks. Traffickers usetheir victims and when they’ve madeenough they sell them on the stockexchange of this billion dollarindustry, echoed Bussey to a sizeableaudience that Saturday morning. Human trafficking is a modern dayscourge and is operated domesticallyand internationally. International Kenny McLarenvictims are trafficked acrossinternational borders. The victimsgenerally illegal or people withtemporary resident visas are kept Natalie Reynboldscontrolled by lack of food and water,forced labour, domestic servitudebody houses and massage parlours.The immigration and passport sectionendeavour to control or eradicateorganized human smuggling andtrafficking of persons as much as theycan but traffickers find new ways todupe immigration officers. Canada isa preferred transit destination source L o r Dr. June James, Margaret Strachan, Joy Bissoon and Christine Nnadi Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 10
  11. 11. RegularsMy dear children, Letter to my childrenChristmas for me is a time of I remember the excitement offamily, of sharing and remember Christmas Eve as if was yesterday. what others have but never wishingfamily stories of those who have The excitement building up inside of what they have.gone before us and those who are me like yeast bread ready to pop. I I think being contented, focus onfar from us. I know it’s mind over carefully hung my white socks at the your blessings and enjoy what youmatter but Christmas brings on head of the bed and desperately tried have is the best advice my mothernostalgia for the old days, simpler to sleep so that Father Christmas gave me and which I would pass ontimes when mom baked the best would stuff my socks with goodies. I to you. There will always be thoseblack cake in a clay oven and can’t ever remember being who have more and those who havecaught the fattest chicken my father disappointed on Christmas morning less so why make a fuss and beraised for Christmas dinner. My with what I found in my sock. miserable. Christmas was best whenfavourite of all was chowmein Sometimes it was a whistle, a candy times were simpler when a simplewith shredded chicken and and a tangerine or some other little whistle was a big thing and a sweetcabbage and pepperpot. Even toy but it was the best thing ever. tangerine was a delicious, out of thethough I love black cake now when Mom always taught us to hang our ordinary treat. Life was good andI was little my favourite was hats where our hand can’t reach and beautiful. Have a simply simplesponge cake. My sister Ethel not to ever covet what my neighbour Christmas season and enjoy what youbaked the best pound cake. has. Those teachings or values have have not what you wish you have andSometime she would create a pink stayed with me over the years and you’ve be fine, you will feel the spiritswirl in the cake using food dye. I has served me well. I always of Christmas.don’t know how she got that but it appreciate what I have and admirelooked good and tasted great. Global Counsellor Dear global counsellor, out of my mind? Any suggestions? I will give him the permission to continue My boyfriend and I broke up a think I am going to have a blue with his abusive behaviour. In the cyclemonth ago. I miss him so much but christmas. of abuse the honeymoon phase alwaysI know that we’re not good for Blues keeps a woman hooked. She reacheseach other. We bring out the worse for that high which after a while be-in each other and recently he Dear Blues, comes fewer and farther apart as thebecame violent. That’s when I Breaking up is always hard to do abusive cycle tightens and becomesknew it had to end. But Christmas and you have to give yourself time. shorter and shorter apart. Cut youris around the corner and I have to Take a day at a time and each day losses now and run. Do not look back.strap my hands to my side to you will find the pain lessens. You Your friend will have to take care of hisprevent me from picking up the have to make up your mind that this own behaviour and if he wants tophone to call. He is a nice and is the best thing for you and not just change he will do so on his own terms.good person but he gets into thesemoods that turn him into an ugly pretend while you fill your head with A new year is on the horizon, freemonster but I keep remembering possibilities of making up again. yourself from your past and face thethe good times and want to believe When violence enters the future. Who knows what you will findthat it was only that one time he relationship that is a steep curve there.pushed me. I know I am only downwards. You have to know that itfooling myself. How can I get him is not the first time the person has been violent and if you return that Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 11
  12. 12. In Your Back Yard Happy Kwanzaa Congress of Black Women of Manitoba community celebration of Kwanzaa The Congress of Black Women, Manitoba Kwanzaa celebration attracted some 80 plus participants at its December 11th festivities at the Caribbean Cultural Centre. Developed by Dr. Maulana Karenga in the 60s, Kwanzaa is celebrated between December 26th and January l. The Congress has been celebrating Kwanzaa for 16 years. Yvonne Sanderson wrote an original song for the occasion which focused on the seven principles that form the basis of Kwanzaa. These principles are: Unity, Self- determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Faith, Creativity, This celebration is open to the general public and one of the ways in which the Congress attempts to bridge cultural understanding.Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201112
  13. 13. The Importance of having a will a deceased dies without a Will, obtain legal advice regarding the Wills – In this part of the interested parties may apply protections available to executors the world at least, we to Court for Letters of (e.g. executors insurance) in a world can say we are in the Administration to be issued. of ever increasing litigation by era of Wills. A Will is Also, where the deceased made a beneficiaries against executors. a document authored Will and named the Executor, but 5. Estate Planning- you want to by the testator (i.e. the the named Executor is unable or avail yourself of the benefits, deceased, prior to unwilling to act, a person may including tax advantages of arranging death) by which they apply for “Letters of your property to maximize benefits toattempt to lay out their wishes Administration with a Will your estate. This is a very complexregarding their estate, and decide Annexed”. The relatives of the area; you need to speak to a lawyer orwhat is going to happen to the deceased can apply for Letters of other expert in this area.contents of their estate after death. Administration OR Letters of 6. Trusts – Trusts can be createdHowever, there are some very Administration with a Will by a Will as a way of preserving orimportant things to keep in mind Annexed in a stipulated order of investing funds for beneficiaries ofregarding a Will for it to meet certain priority. your estate. Trusts may also be usefullegal requirements; otherwise a Will Why then must you begin to to achieve tax advantages, but it iscould be declared invalid by law. think about these matters? also a complex area -speak to a Probate – Probate is the process of 1. You want to be in control lawyer or other expert.legally establishing the validity of a (to a large extent) of how your 7. Guardianship of children –Will before a judicial authority. The estate will be disposed of. your wishes concerning theCourt has the jurisdiction to determine 2. You want to make hay guardianship of your children can beboth the validity of the Will, as well as while the sun shines- you want to done through a Will; note though thatits interpretation. The Court gives its engage the services of an expert- this will always be subject to acertification to the Will by issuing a for instance, a solicitor skilled in Court’s final ruling. However, yourgrant of Probate to the Executor named preparing legal documents/Wills. instructions in a Will be givenin the Will; the Executor can then 3. You want to save your reasonable consideration by theadminister the deceased’s property. To loved ones the expense of estate Court.make the request for Probate, the litigation. By: Lara Badmus, LL.B.Executor must file a number of 4. If you are named as an (Lara is an employee of the Law Society of Manitoba and cannot provide legaldocuments in the Court. executor in a Will – you want to services to the public). Administration – In Manitoba, when Are you taking Christmas for Granted We sometimes take Christmas for whether you say Joyeux Noel (French), As the snow falls granted. Did you know that from Feliz Navidad (Spanish), Kala and the lights and 1659-1681 spreading Christmas cheer was illegal in Boston? Yes, you Christouyenna (Greek), or Mele decorations go up Kalikimaka (Hawaiian), any way you we know it’s could be fined 5 shillings, which I’m sure was a lot at the time. Christmas say it remember the true meaning of the Christmas! The season, it’s time for giving not receiving.hustle and bustle of the season is a sight was so inconsequential in America that after the Revolution was won, Many people in our friendly city goto see, just thinking about it makes me without not only at Christmas time butwant to do something nice and many Congress didn’t even bother taking the day off, instead they held the throughout the year. Be kind to others,people feel that way. Winnipeg lives up give a dollar to the Santa ringing the bellto our “friendly Manitoba” slogan when first Session on Christmas day. It took almost a century for them to at the mall, place a can or two in theChristmas is near. hamper at your office or church, and I’ve spent most Christmases in this proclaim Christmas a federal holiday. So when you open your mailbox and may I suggest getting your children outcity. I’ve only been away once and that to volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest or theChristmas was so different. I’m not a receive that special Christmas card, note that the tradition was invented Salvation Army and teach them the spiritbig fan of snow but not having snow of sharing and givingthat year made Christmas seemed like by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. When you exchange a Merry Let’s not take this time for granted likejust another day. I realized how much I the snow - Merry Christmas everyone!took the snow for granted and that Christmas in one of the 150without the snow Chrismas is incomplete. languages that you can say it in Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 13
  14. 14. NICCOM DAZZLES COMMUNITY WITH TALENT SHOW EXTRAVANGANZASaturday, November 19, 2011 was a memorable day. The community to make use of the opportunities, including his owndebut NICCOM TALENT SHOW sponsored by Daniel involvement in sports and completing his legal education at theMcIntyre and St. Matthews Community Association University of Manitoba. On hand to grace the occasion and(DMSMCA) and ably supported by the General Wolfe support the Talent Show Extravaganza participants are theSchool was a real deal, a blast per excellence! In addition Principal of General Wolfe School (official sponsor of the eventto having dozens of children in elementary and high venue) and the Vice Principal of Greenway School. Theschools showcase their talents, many adult artists, singers, representative of their major sponsor of the event, the Danielcomedians and martial arts practitioners and instructors McIntyre and St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA)came out to showcase their talents as well. The Hon. was also at the event to interact with participants and enjoy theAndrew Swan, Minister of Justice and Attorney General show of talents. An icing to the event was the palatable rice andinspired and empowered all participants, citing examples chicken with a variety of drinks to wash down the delicious food.and encouraging participants, particularly the young ones This event was packaged by the Nigeria-Canada Congress ofto go for gold as the sky is their beginning. Hon. Swan Manitoba (NICCOM) - a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-shared his own life story of how he grew up in the linguistic, and multiracial community organization.Hope Mattus, whoperformed the role of theelder and led the Kwanzaaceremony is seated on theright with YvonneSanderson at the podiumenergizing the audiencewith her composition ofKwanzaa song. Everyoneappeared to enjoy the songwith its typical Caribbeanriddims Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 14
  15. 15. Guyana Association of Manitoba celebrates Award Winners by the representatives and thanks bellowed gleefully to all. Seeing the generosity and being present to celebrate our community, Honourable Nawbatt stated how “very happy and impressed he is to know that president Kamta Roy Singh and the members of the Guyanese Association have managed to keep the culture, heritage and pride for our beloved Guyana going strong now and for the future.” By. Sharmela Sukhdeo-Rambally Saturday November 19, 2011 is a day to put into therecord books. Starting with having the Honourable Harry NarineNawbatt, High Commissioner of join us in celebratingour award recipients with an extravagant evening ofcommunity fellowship, food, entertainment and fun. The evening commenced with the singing of ourbeloved countries national anthem sung by Miss TashinaKaidnath (age 7) and Miss Sophia Guyadin (age 5), thenwas entertained by a beautiful dance by the GuyaneseAssociation of Manitoba dance duo of Fernaz Shariffand Reetika Sharda both age 7. As the evening’s (MC) mistress of ceremonies I wasvery impressed and happy to see our youth take initiativein learning and performing our cultural dance andheritage with pride. Glancing at the guests, including City Councillor RussWyatt and Legislative Minister Flor Marcelino andawardees enjoying themselves gave me and my fellowexecutives and organization members a sense of proud ofwhat we have achieved. The night was very successful not only for the 14awardees but also for the 3 Rivers Kids Foundationswith an amazing gift from our guests. A donation of$7,500, surpassing the 2009 total was gladly received Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 15
  16. 16. BLACK ANGLOPHONE CARIBBEAN HEROES OF THE 20TH CENTURY - Keith A. P. Sandiford The McDonnell School of Irish Dance The Mighty Fe Entertainers at the Congress of Black - Calypso Women Unity Dinner Monarch Dylan Gaudy, International FidderGlobal Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201116
  17. 17. Winnipeg Citizenship and Equity Committee cont’d from p6 Holiday Receptionwas not a random act of violence but a Winnipeggers from the various ethno cultural organizations Mr. Josh said that while he hasdeliberately planned and executed celebrated with the Citizen’s Equity experienced discrimination he alwaysmassacre of women who were doing Committee at its annual meet and tried to maintain a positive attitude to life.something that Marc Lepine felt they greet event on December 13th. He said the City’s motto is “One with theshould not do. They were treated to a wine and strength of many.” cheese reception at which He said someone described being a “The Montreal Massacre changed visible minority in the US is like playing a Councillor Mike Phagtakhan CECmy life because until that moment I Chair informed the community home game in a foreign soil.thought we had it made. I realized about projects the Committee is “We want everyone to feel they have athat we still need to fight women’s currently working on and introduced home advantage” he said.rights.” the members of the Council to the Mr. Josh said he has always felt at home Committee members and to the in Winnipeg and loved Winnipeg because She said that sexual cultural revolution of its diversity and cultural mosaic. city’s newest Chief Operation Off.has given way to individualism, and that Mr. Deepak Josh, the first visible “I grew up in this city that gave methe old stereotypes are coming back minority Chief Operating Officer in opportunities. I always felt Winnipeg hasfast and furious. There is no going the City of Winnipeg was the been home to me and my family.”back.” keynote speaker at this event. Mr. She urged women to continue the Josh is originally from India but has lived in Canada for a long time. He (See pictorial on p31)fight until violence against women has been with the City in variousbecomes unacceptable. capacities for more than 25 years. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 17
  18. 18. HEALTHWISE Clementies contain choline, potassium, B Vitam, Folate and a healthy dose of antioxidants. most important. This alkalizing drink starts the motor running Here are to reasons you may and will raise your energy levels. want to include this in your diet 8. Pick up a healthy meal-replacement bar. If you are too in the new year. busy to cook, there are new snack bars on the market that 1. Clementines are a source of are made with only raw nuts and fruits blended into vitamin C: amazing variations. Meal-replacement bars make sure 2. Theyre great for dental that your blood sugar does not plummet, which is critical health to avoid moodiness and unstoppable cravings. When your3. Protect your liver with clementines: time is limited, enjoy a whey-protein shake with4. Clementines are a source of folate: blueberries and cinnamon to add a dash of warming spice5. Clementine oil is a potent antioxidant: to your winter regime.After the holidays many people start looking for their 9. Reward yourself for healthy habits. Give yourself a non-next weight loss gig. Its not a gig. Weight management food reward, like an aromatherapy scent, when you reach ahas to include a lifestyle change. week of making 10 good choices a day. The uplifting scentThese tips can get your weight loss started quickly of grapefruit essential oil, applied topically, is said to increase1. Start a love affair with healthy food such as green the circulation that helps break up cellulite.veggies, berries, grapefruit, or kiwi. 10. Make sure you get your Bs. Supplementing with B2. Beat cravings with healthy snacks vitamins can be a huge boost in your weight loss routine.3. Start the day with protein to avoid sugar cravings.Try B vitamins spin your carbs into energy inside every celleating dinner for breakfast. To calculate your daily of your body. Greater energy expenditure means moreprotein needs, take your weight in kilograms and calories of fuel burned. It is a fantastic way to blastmultiply it by 0.8. For example, a women who is 135 exhaustion and also keep your emotional balance. Sincelbs converts to 62 kg x 0.8 = 50 grams of protein. most overeating is tied to emotional comfort binges,4. Keep your blood sugar steady by eating every two to keeping an even keel with a B-complex supplement isthree hours. Pack snacks everywhere you go. If you critical for the long-term permanent weight loss.stockpile the right stuff in your office drawers, purse, Nutritionist Julie Daniluk hosts Healthy Gourmet, aand glove compartment, you’ll remove the temptation to reality cooking show that looks at the ongoing battletake trips to the vending machine or corner store. between taste and nutrition. Her soon-to-be-publishedNatural meal-replacement bars, pre-washed baby first book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, advises oncarrots, and 71 percent cocoa butter chocolate make allergy-free foods that both taste great and assist the bodygreat energy-boosting snacks for that afternoon energy in the healing process.slump.5. The crock-pot is your best ally for winter weight Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipeloss. Soup makes you feel warm and full, and it can be 1/4 cup milkpacked with veggies. Add beans and free-range poultry 4 teaspoons unsweetened dark cocoa powderto boost the protein, and opt for tomato or onion broth 2 teaspoons granulated sugarover heavier cream-based soups. Dash ground ancho chile pepper6. Think tropical with coconuts. Coconuts have been 1 oz. Kahluademonized for having too much saturated fat, but it turns ½ oz. tequila ½ oz. Cinnamon Liqueurout that not all saturates are created equal. The flesh 1/8 teaspoon cinnamonand milk of these giant seeds contains a very special fat ½ teaspoon sugarcalled medium-chain tri-glycerides (MCTs), which the Dash ground ancho chile pepperbody burns as fuel instead of storing as fat. Endurance Garnish (optional): whipped cream, cinnamon & ancho chileathletes turn to coconut-based supplements to delay pepper sugar. One cinnamon stick per cup.exhaustion. So, if your marathon work week is running 1.Mix together in a small bowl and set aside for garnish cinnamon, sugar and ancho chile down, reach for the coconut milk and add flavour 2.Whisk together milk, cocoa powder, ancho chile pepper andand energy to your soups, shakes and desserts. granulated sugar in microwave safe cup. Microwave on high for7. Try a green smoothie. If you start your day with an 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval, until hot andenergizing green drink, you can count yourself in for smooth.two to three servings of veggies right off the top. So 3.Mix in Kahlua, tequila and cinnamon liqueur. Pour into servingmany of us struggle to eat in the morning, when it is glass. 4.Top with: whipped cream, sprinkle of cinnamon/chile sugar. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 5.Garnish with cinnamon stick 18
  19. 19. Leg Up Laurel Wright, Monica scholarships of close to Clacken Rhiney and Violet $10000 scholarship to help young women were given out at the CaongressThe Congress of Black Women of with their academic studies. FourManitoba gives out annual of Black Women Unity Dinner Lois Archer VP, CBW Scholarship winnertAntoinette Zloty, President, CBWpresents to Tamara Lynch Can’t find a salon to do justice to your hair? Look no more! Les Touche Salon will send you satisfied everytime 4-555 Balmoral Ave Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9 a.m - 7:00 p.m. Phone: 947-5830 Lois stewart-Archer presents to Sandra Aghahon Scholarship Winner Officer Sheppard and Sandra Housen Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 19
  20. 20. Zizi - The Continuting Story The visit to the mall did not yield any “Did she give you a name?”intelligence. The story was all over the media “No, but obviously it’s someone she “Looking for something, someone, Ias a drug bust gone wrong. Zizi could not get knew and worked with or lent money can help.”the woman out of her head. What did she do? to. She was on the wrong side of the “Oh, well, I’m looking for JohnnyWhy did they execute her? She worried that law, you know involved with drugs and he’s got something for me.”her showing up at Johnny’s place might have so on”. “A lot of people looking for Johnnyhad something to do with it or perhaps she did “Here’s my card, if you think of but he’s gone in the country to see hissomething to let on that she is with the police anything at all call me, if you know old mama.”and the girl had to die. Zizi was feeling all where I can contact any of her “When will he be back?”kinds of emotions but one stood out anger. friends, let me know. I am so sorry “I suppose when the coast is clear”She was angry for this cold blooded murder of for your loss” “Did he take all the stash? Who’sa nice woman and she was determined to bring “Thanks and you who are you and taking care of his business?”her killers to justice. what’s this to you? I am just looking “He’s left people in charge and I’m How about if we block the exits out of the for some tips because if I can give the one of them. He told me someone likecity and alert our colleagues. These people police useful information, I can make you would have come looking and that Iwho are responsible are dangerous. some money for myself and help put should fix you up real good.” Leyroy and Zizi were dispatched to visit the the bad guys behind bars.” “Well, I don’t have the money now. Iparents, friends or family anyone they can find “Maybe you can check her had it that day but I can get it later today,who could shed light on this woman’s friends Facebook page to see some of her where can I find you?”and associates. They realized their work was friends there she has many pictures of “You’ll find me right about here.”cut out for them. all kinds of people there. She used “Okay, will be back in a hour, man. Zizi told Leyroy she wanted to return to the her real name Candy Zaldisky. My Thanks” Zizi said and added “by the wayapartment. The surroundings were sealed off poor baby, I am so heartbroken, what happened to what’s her face?”with the police yellow tape. talking to you have helped feel better “What happens when people try to A lone woman was standing outside the home somehow” double cross their friends, bad thingsclearly upset. Zizi went over to her. “Thanks, I wish I could do more to happen.” “Do you know what went on here?” help but I’ll work hard to get the guy “Did she double cross Johnny?” “My daughter was murdered in this building. who did this. I promise. Call me at “No, not Johnny but some other dudeThe police found her body dumped in the trash that number anytime if you think of from the West end. They say it’s anin a garbage bag. She was a good girl just lost anything. Bye”. African gang.”her way but she called me two days ago and “What a great tip her mom just “So, why did Johnny had to leave, hesaid that she was coming home, that’s she tired gave us. Let’s find a computer before had nothing to fear”of life on the streets. I told home why not now, someone shuts down her FB account, Sure he did, the police would comecome now. I was waiting for this moment for we’ll check the photos there maybe sniffing around his stuff because she wasthree years. It was like music to my ears but something will show up.,” Zizi said to a customer and a sales staff as well soshe said she’s waiting for some money that Leyroy and they headed for the car. there’s the link.”someone owed her and that he wasn’t going to Just as they turned around a tall fat “There’s the link indeed.”get away with it.” guy approached. Maiko Live at the West End Concert a Winner Support for Maiko Watson’s concert at deal with personal issues but IN THE MIXthe West End Cultural Centre with now she’s back “I’m determined CCOM New Year’s Eve Ball atRenee Batson as opening act. to make her mark on the R&B 1100 Fife street, The band was a great compliment and and hip hop scene, and she will 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.even though practise time was limited it because Renee is talented and Clebrate the New Year withcame out swinging. can sing. MC Hardrock and Champagne, spread of snacks, Maiko looked relaxed on stage as the Tunyia accompanied her act. party favors and a lively countaudience energy drove up her own. Terry McLeod of the CBC down with DJ Vibesman At the end of the evening, most people Information Radio was the host Tickets and Admission $25.00felt they got their money’s worth and of the event and McLeod said he Don’t miss this party. This ismore. was impressed with both act and cheap for New Year’s Eve, so start Renee Batson has been singing for so was everyone else. You cashing in.years but she had taken some time off to missed it you missed something! Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 20
  21. 21. Poems by Neil PitamberA GLORIOUS MESS RED LETTER DAY THE GENIAL FLAME My mistletoes are frozen... Slap-happy Wind stumbles past us upon the roofOnly one way to defrost! Salt water taffee and cream! And snow spits up in vexing geysersThe streets are full of ‘wonderful’ You seem to have been To kiss the hostile atmosphere above(With painted ribbons on the bus!) Everywhere I’ve meant to see! The maple rich scent of apple cidersMy breath drops in icicles as If I had to choose something The trees are cold and petrifiedI lift my eyes to caress yours For you to taste like? No public interest in spiritual design’Snow dancing on foreign shores’ Something with sugar Material things do help us smile I look so deeply into you... But awfully light! Closest approach at Christmas timeThat’s all I seem to see! Strawberries butter syrup ’You have your viewStanding in awe of my own And hot pillow cakes! Let them have theirs...’Personal ‘Nativity Scene’ You really are the difference Agree to disagree one more year...You offer me your hand I had hoped you would make! Earth is not sterile but dormant asleepAnd I bless new with a kiss Peppermint schnapps Eclipsed on occasions from the seasonal fluThe perfect Christmas gift... Hibiscus cranberry greens! Mistletoe up and the world underneath You seem to have been A primary reservoir we can’t tap enough Everywhere I’ve made a scene! into...ALL ROADS But you found it in you to I lift my head gently off the floor Love me any way STOLEN MOMENTAnd stare mid-eyed the windowsill Icing powdered sugar Avocado oil is not muchWhere clouds of grey have smashed Frost all the way...! Of a conversation pieceTo atoms, fall in form of flaked decay... Unless you have fifty-five to the gallonThe tree outside draws his name on Indeed you have a styleMy window in some special language ’You trend with disbelief’And the sound of bells enter my ears (And all the social appeals of a melon)And two hooks drop from either eye We spend a lot of our livesTo lift my smile this ‘Christmas Day’ Closed tight inside a vice We spend it locked inside a pivot’The lights outside are summer rainbow Just watching and waitingThe ground is crispy and iced and white’ And watching and waitingIf there was ever a perfect time For something special to happen...I hope you find your way tonight... HALCYON ...perfectly abreast THE SURPLUS Footsteps break crisp and frigidWEINACHTENWho is the man with the pony-tail moustache POPULATION ...peacefully at rest To describe the things I feel Footprints upon the shadowlandAnd the ripe cherry cheeks about to burst...?! Gravely preserved in the fringesHe’s smiling like he’s known me my entire life! Snowglobe might put it best And farewell not only to armsHe looks like a wood-burning stove (But the upside down feeling But for all appendagesWith a red suit on and his lips are smiling tight Does not settle in this chest) Forgiveness not only for faultsAnd star anise and cinnamon and cloves are in Children are brought upon us A cure too, of grudgesThe air tonight... And become part of the mess ’I’d like to think I was principledIt’s so lovely Men will cross until we draw the line But not having adapted any one The wind is blowing powdered sugar on to my We don’t need to have a I’d like to think I was nuetral butLips and the grains are freezing solid from the Christmas tree for each Not fixed to the sense of it alone For these stars to shine I’d like to think you were too farIrresistable kiss... I’m blessed with more than adequate To forgive at such a short noticeMilk gushing from a water fountain and cookies I’d like to think so for of this thereKeeping warm by a fire pit Memory to just remember at this time When I see the things I have Shall be no resurrection similar toThe childhood years are the best in a mans’ The intrepid ‘Sherlock Holmes’life There is enough to re-invest Or any of the things we’ll miss....It doesn’t matter who he is To remove the ‘wreck’ from ‘correct’ (Tread softly, should you comeAt Christmas... Mouths are sore and seeping I’m not really expecting anyoneEvery man is a kid... And flesh salty from weeping Or hoping for anyone, anymore)... Let’s put the ‘me’ back in this ‘mess’... Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 21
  22. 22. MAIKO & RENEE AT THE WECC T.J. Pepper Maiko watson Tynisha Goddard Renee BatsonMaiko Watson MC HardrockGlobal Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201122
  23. 23. JEWEL BURNS LUSTROUS - Neil Pitamber I spoke to a dear friend of mine the other day, offering me personal attention is dissipating, jobs are lostthe sentiment that his family would be putting off Christmas and enthusiasm is hard to regenerate at thisfor another year. The coarse reality of that statement time of season. Despite, perhaps, a usualshaves dangerously close to the economic face of this and innate need to be a part of the tableaucountry today. Many of you here in Winnipeg champion of ornaments, wreaths and choruses.your decision to remain here as a conscious one but I think If you, or someone you know orwhere West Indians are concerned it is, quite simply, love, has been struck with this particulardifficult to lift our feet once we have set it down. For problem - I am asking you to do your best to set pastsome of you ‘casually inquiring’, this is one of the reasons grievances aside and encourage them to - get back onwhy ‘Caribbean Shield’ is still seventy-five percent their (your) feet. It doesn’t last forever and you may befunctional and aiming to refine our operation in the coming denying yourself participation in one of the most specialyear. We’ve found a cause to reckon with and if it’s times of the year. I don’t know that anyone is as vocalfavourable, we’re going nowhere soon from here. about the inconsistency of success as I am, and even then A daily visit to reminds me that we really I have lost on other levels too. I think I can speak, thougharen’t lagging far behind the stresses affecting cities like lightly, the same for Dino and Bharat, and any of youToronto and Alberta - only that our provincial government that lost someone you really loved in the last twelveis pouring funding into the infrastructure and all the hype months. Loss is a terrible feeling and a lack of gain sitssurrounding the return of the Winnipeg Jets has proven to shyly under it, but things do get better; if we can learn tobe good for the city, thus far. A new stadium is also in the embrace brevity, imagine what we may have to do toworks, along with the completion of the Canadian Museum entertain ourselves in an eternity! Happy Holidays, Neilfor Human Rights, and expansion of American businessescity-wide such as Wal-Mart and Target. But the smallershops are going the way of the Caribbean monk seal; LOLA’S Premier Beauty Gallery for all your Beauty Needs - Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 23
  24. 24. He remained on the board for 38 years. Beal was instrumental in developing the first circulating library to the school system in Manitoba. In 1922 he formed the literary society. Every two weeks there was an evening of debates, plays poetry readings or concerts. His greatest legacy to the community and Manitoba is his photography which peaked between 1915 and 1925. He was not a professional photography but rather a hobbyist. His passion for recording his neighbours and the surroundings allows us to glimpse pioneer life in Swan River and capture the social and economic conditions of the times. Billy Beal was an amazing black man light years ahead of his time. The film won the Manitoba Human Rights Commitment Award 2010 So there we have it. Black History Month our history in Canada and stories of two herpes Ferguson Jenkins of Chatham Ontario and Billy Beal of Manitoba. Watch for the movie. Continued from p7in law. He was an avid reader. took nine years to clear discuss the formationHe claimed he had a medical 15 acres but got of a new School “God givesdegree but was not listed with ownership any way. A District. Recordingthe College of Physicians and farmer he was not. the minutes was 38 nothing to thosesurgeons. On March 1, 1912, ten year old Billy Beal. who keep their Entry to Canada was ratepayers from the Three months later hebased on being a farmer. Big Woody area about was elected Trustee arms crossed.” -To get a homestead he was 12 miles northwest of and appointedrequired to clear 60 acres African Proverb the Town of Swan Secretary-treasurer ofin three years however he River gathered to the Board of Trustees. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 24
  25. 25. Baobab Canadian Society aims to Unite and Serve December 12, 2011 opinions. Our collective future as Canadians remains in theWe are writing to you about an exciting event to usher in hands of all of us – working together2012 in a way we think you will find significant. Your opinion and input is expressly needed about thecreation of a unified, national voice to represent Afrik Excerpt from the BAOBAB BACKGROUNDER sent tooriented organizations and business interests in Canada. It local, provincial and federal government representativesis our community’s time to shine and to show what we and presented at a round table meeting held in spring 2011can do now and into the future of Canada. in Vancouver, BC We envision a collaborative effort spearheaded by TheBaobab Canadian Society. Its mission is to serve our THE BAOBAB CANADIAN SOCIETYcommunity’s needs and to serve as an umbrella Its purpose is to act as a national umbrella organizationorganization that will encompass and respect current and covering all of the diverse facilities and assistance groupsactive organizations and initiatives as well as encourage situated in the various Afrik communities throughout Canadagrowth and development. as well as form new groups that will aid to the integration of Your individual associations’ perspectives are important. all Afrik people into Canadian culture and build a strongThese will strengthen our communal resources and will economic development process that will produce a concreteenable us to be heard by governments, academic result for growth.institutions and the business community. The origins and significance of BaobabThe groundwork has already been laid by The Baobab A tree in Africa called the ‘Baobab’ known for itsCanadian Society. It has been registered for a number of tremendous size and distinctive properties is regarded as ayears and support exists in the government, academic andbusiness communities. source of food, water, shelter and relief from sickness’ and Together, we can meet challenges and can capitalize on is used for many life-sustaining purposes; its name isour community’s rich talents, knowledge and developing revered by African people and recognized to mean Unity –economic potential. To this end, we are planning a Diversity – Strength.national conference anticipated for February 2012. The Forming a unique umbrella organization under the nameBaobab Canadian Society hopes to gather top leaders BAOBAB would be clearly understood to Africanfrom across the country. At this meeting, we will communities. The name conveys powerful concepts andintroduce Baobab’s mission, chart our activity as a group symbols to the African mind and spirit. It would be afor the upcoming years and to prepare for a larger tremendous aid toward achieving our goals in becominggathering of Government representatives and decision valued citizens contributing to this great country Canada thatmakers where we will present a national strategic plan for we all call home.our community. Your input is invited, in fact it is critical as we bring Afrik communities in Canada are widely diverse in theirtogether Afrik businesses and organizations and ethnicity, culture, morals, languages, traditions, customs andgovernments to meet in a collaborative Canadian way and beliefs. It is The BAOBAB CANADIAN SOCIETY’s desireto forge best ways to serve our community within the and goal to help bring greater unity to the whole of theseresources of our Canadian home. communities while retaining their essential diversity and toWe need to nurture and inspire our own people, new overall assist in the integration of all into the broaderimmigrants, refugees and long time citizens alike and get Canadian society. For more information contact:them involved in the community, to integrate and to Honore M. Gbedze Publisher / Editor Tel: 604.646.0474 / Fax:benefit from resources. Our youth need to be introduced 604. 646-0473 Email: editor@theafronews.cato corporate forerunners and government officials so thatthey glimpse their possibilities and are inspired to achievethrough education, accountability and action and become “Success is to be measured not soour future corporate and government leaders. much by the position that one has Can we count on your contribution to shaping oursuccessful future? reached in life as by the obstacles Consider getting involved; make yourself and your which he has overcome while trying topotential known. We hope you’ll respond and share your succeed.” -Booker T. Washington Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2011 25