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Tampa SEO's Link Building Tips


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Tampa SEO gives you some helpful information about link building with their tips.

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Tampa SEO's Link Building Tips

  1. 1. Tampa SEO’sLink Building Tips Presented by
  2. 2. Introduction to Tampa SEO’s LinkBuilding Tips•The very first and most important thing to do forlink building is to have a list of keywords for yourwebsite.•You must have a keyword list before beginning linkbuilding. Link building works off those keywordsthat you have for your website.Tampa SEO also explores the important of linkbuilding.
  3. 3. Link Building Tip #1: Use content toprove to Google you’re the expert ofyour industry.• Articles are a key thing to have on your website.• These articles will give you the opportunity to use all of thekeywords that you have and to show Google and your customersyou are the expert in your industry.• There is a right and wrong way to write these articles. You want tomake sure that you are NOT keyword stuffing.Keyword stuffing is, is the overuse of the keywords in the article you are writing. Justmake sure that when you are writing an article you don’t just keep throwing thekeyword in random places that it does not make sense.
  4. 4. Link Building Tip #2: Use directoriesto gain incoming links quickly andeasily.For directories you can find list of free directories to submit yourwebsite to and that have a good Page Rank. For this you find thelist of directories and follow the instructions that the directoryhas in order to submit it.• Don’t submit to any directory with a Page Rank less than yourwebsite.• It’s best to look through the list and start with the higher PageRank like 4 and 5. Any Page Rank that is higher than the websiteyou are submitting.
  5. 5. Link Building Tip #3: Don’t waste yourtime blog commenting, Guest Post.What we do like to do is GUEST POST. So we email webmasters and say “Hey,we’ll write a great piece of content for you if you link back to our site!” andthen we write them a unique piece of content and they can write one for us.What you do is:• Contact the webmaster of similar blogs and write a guest post for them orthey can write one for you. Note: Make sure that you have an agreement withthem before writing the guest post.• This widens the audience that you are reaching.• When you write a guest post for another website that is relevant to yoursyou are going and reaching a whole other audience.• Don’t forget that if someone writes a guest post on your website, they willprobably be promoting the post on their website and to their readers. We also have another article specifically about Guest Blogging.
  6. 6. Link Building Tip #4: Get your websiteand business social.• Submitting your link to social websites helps the consumer find and “stumble upon” your website.• Social websites are very helpful because people put in their interests on certain websites and if you fit those interests your website could be brought to your potential customers.• To submit your link you must take the website you are working on and submit the link, a description, and some keywords that you want it to have on it.• What works best for this is using specific pages on the website to be more specific. When adding keywords use keywords that are relevant to the page you are submitting.
  7. 7. Link Building Tip #4: Get your website and business social.• A B2B company may not necessarily need to be submitted to the popular social websites like Digg and StumbleUpon because their services may not be for the consumer.• A restaurant or business that sells things directly to the consumer will be more likely to have a return on the time they spend submitting their link to social websites like Digg and StumbleUpon.Some of the Social Websites we use are:• Digg• StumbleUpon• DropJack• GiveALink• Newsvine• Jeqq• Folkd
  8. 8. Contact Tampa SEO Today!• Tampa SEO is a full service digital marketing agency• We are a national marketing agency Call today! (800) 975-7736