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Newborn Baby Clothes: Put Practicality First, And Show Second


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  • I say, combine cuteness and practicality! One of the cutest things I've seen is when a bodysuit or onesie has a ruffle, making it into a dress. Also, Carter's has a really cute one-piece outfit that is basically a onesie with a knit overlay that makes it into a dress. Also, a good pair of cotton tights (not nylon- these are not comfortable for adults, so why would we put them on our newborn?) can add warmth and comfort, as well as a very cute fashion statement. One of the problems I have had is locating tights in small enough sizes. BRU, target, and walmart usually have them in the common colors: black, white, cream, and baby pink. A new company called Kimmiepoo Clothing Company,, offers small infant tights (down to 10 pounds) in harder to find colors: brown, hot pink, bubblegum pink, light blue, and lavender.
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Newborn Baby Clothes: Put Practicality First, And Show Second

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  2. 2. Newborn Baby Clothes: Put Practicality First, And Show Second Expectant mothers that will soon be giving birth to a newborn baby will no doubt be very excited at the prospect of taking care of the new arrival that is going to add to the family count, and so, they will have begun planning to do all that is necessary to make the life of the newborn baby as comfortable and safe as is possible. There are many things to choose including newborn baby clothes and it is therefore wise to have started planning for what the newborn baby will wear well before his or her arrival into this world.
  3. 3. Cribs And The Nursery Besides newborn baby clothes, parents will also need to think about things such as a crib, painting and decorating the nursery and also finding suitable bedding for the infant. However, most emphasis will generally be placed on buying proper newborn baby clothes with which to adorn the newly arrived family member.
  4. 4. As A First Time Parent As a first time parent, you may not have the knowledge or experience to understand exactly what is required for your newborn baby and you may, like most other first time parents, concentrate only on buying pretty newborn baby clothes for your baby. In this regard, the temptation to focus only on pretty newborn baby clothes is sure to be very hard to resist and that is why any mother will readily succumb to it.
  5. 5. Buying Practical Newborn Baby Clothes It is however a good idea to also consider buying practical newborn baby clothes and before you start spending a lot of money on expensive clothes for your newborn, you need to instead focus on newborn baby clothes that are necessary for the wellbeing and comfort of the baby and which are of practical value as well.
  6. 6. Lot Of Enjoyment The birth of a baby gives rise to a lot of enjoyment though at the same time it can also lead to a lot of stress. Nothing can quite match the happiness and pleasure felt by parents when their darling young one arrives in this world and it will encourage them to take photographs of their new addition at every possible moment.
  7. 7. Cute Outfits With Practical Attire To ensure that you are able to capture your baby in a way that shows him off to best advantage you should make it a point to choose the newborn baby’s clothes with great care. As mentioned, you need to balance appearances with functionality and so, as a parent you must blend those cute outfits with practical attire so that he is comfortable and also a treat to behold.
  8. 8. Cute Dresses Only For Special Occasions Another occasion when parents will really enjoy having their babies is when they go shopping for newborn baby gifts. When it comes to dressing your newborn baby, it is recommended that you look at buying the more practical newborn baby clothes first, and add cute dresses only when required for special occasions.
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