EW training overview presentation


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Our training courses cover from basic EW, radar, communication and electro-optic theory to the operation of a National EWOSC and its associated Data Management System

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EW training overview presentation

  1. 1. EW Training Courses Providing EW Support Solutions Systematic Eware Systematic EW Trainingpage 1 CLASSIFICATION
  2. 2. CLASSIFICATION Introduction  Electronic Warfare training has been part of the Systematic Portfolio since 2001  We have trained more than 20 nations in basic and advanced EW principles and applications  Our training courses cover from basic EW, radar, communication and electro-optic theory to the operation of a National EWOSC and its associated Data Management System SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 2 CLASSIFICATION
  3. 3. CLASSIFICATION Introduction  We are currently contracted to teach accredited Foundation and Advanced level courses in EW, radar theory, analysis, EO, ECM and PFM/MDF/MDS/MDDs to the UK MOD  Our Staff Officer’s Joint EW Course is designed for PfP nations but has been attended by representatives of NATO nations and nations outside the PfP and NATO SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 3 CLASSIFICATION
  4. 4. CLASSIFICATION Introduction  We re-wrote the Royal Navy’s ‘EW Principles’ Student Study Guide (used on all 13 EW courses delivered at the RN Maritime Warfare School, HMS Collingwood)  Over 3.5 years, we delivered a portfolio of 13 EW courses to the Royal Navy at HMS Dryad and HMS Collingwood. SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 4 CLASSIFICATION
  5. 5. CLASSIFICATION Introduction  Delivery takes a ‘blended learning’ approach and includes the use of: – EWare – TALON (pulse analyser) – PREP (radar engineering software) – esynth (wave software) – VTR-32EG (ECM virtual test range) – The Classroom Performance System – Video and audio – Exercises – SmartBoard technology SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 5 CLASSIFICATION
  7. 7. page 7 SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $ esynthCLASSIFICATION CLASSIFICATION
  9. 9. CLASSIFICATION Classroom Performance System SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 9 CLASSIFICATION
  10. 10. CLASSIFICATION EW Training  Our stock Electronic Warfare Courses are: – Foundation Course in EW – Advanced radar theory for radar analysts – Advanced radar theory and ESM systems for PFM/MDF/MDS/MDD writers – Advanced ECM – Advanced EO – EWOSC Operation and The National EW Database – SOJEWC SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 10 CLASSIFICATION
  11. 11. CLASSIFICATION EW Training  Our modular material is shown in our EW training matrix  From this, tailored training courses can be created without development costs and delivered at a standard day-rate SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 11 CLASSIFICATION
  12. 12. CLASSIFICATION EWare Product Training  The successful installation, administration and operational effectiveness of any solution is linked strongly to the effectiveness of its initial (and subsequent) training  Systematic invests heavily in providing quality training for all aspects of our entire product range SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 12 CLASSIFICATION
  13. 13. CLASSIFICATION EWare Product Training  EWare is a complex data management system  Customers expect comprehensive training in basic and advanced operation and in installation and administration  Should you choose the TALON pulse analyser, we train this also SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 13 CLASSIFICATION
  14. 14. CLASSIFICATION EWare Product Training  EWare training is supported by comprehensive user guides which include exercises and examples to cover all the user activities SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 14 CLASSIFICATION
  15. 15. CLASSIFICATION EWare Product Training  Our product training goes further than the standard ‘how it works’ approach  It is designed to compliment your change management process when you introduce EWare into your organisation SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 15 CLASSIFICATION
  16. 16. CLASSIFICATION EWare Product Training  We can produce a training programme to ensure that your senior staff are familiar with and then become expert EWare users ahead of junior staff training  This ensures a positive take-up of EWare and the availability of expertise at the work-place for junior staff immediately following their training SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 16 CLASSIFICATION
  17. 17. CLASSIFICATION EWare Product Training  This speeds learning and the change process  We also offer train-the-trainer options so you can manage your long term training commitments in-house SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 17 CLASSIFICATION
  18. 18. CLASSIFICATION EWare Training  In addition to EWare training, you may require generic EW training to prepare inexperienced or new end-users for EW Data Management roles  We have many years experience of preparing staff for EWOSC roles SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 18 CLASSIFICATION
  19. 19. CLASSIFICATION Conclusion  Systematic have been dedicated to providing excellent product training for many years  We have a range of stock EWare and EW training theory courses and can produce tailored EW courses rapidly  Our training provides not only end-user and administrator knowledge, but is designed to assist in the operational deployment of your Systematic product SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 19 CLASSIFICATION
  20. 20. CLASSIFICATION EW Training Courses SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 20 CLASSIFICATION