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4th Annual Joint Simulation and Training 2011


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4th Annual Joint Simulation and Training 2011

  1. 1. Book and pay by 29th July and SAVE up to £300 Presents the 4th annual Joint Simulation & training 2011 Augmenting Live Training with Realistic, Flexible and Cost Effective Synthetic Solutions for Joint Operations Main Conference Days: Post-Conference Workshops: Venue: 26th – 27th September 28th September America Square Conference Centre, London “Good panel. Hearing how other countries have the same challenges and how they solve it.” - South African National Defence Forces Joint Simulation & training 2011 Will EnablE You to: Assess the opportunities and challenges presented by simulated training systems in the modern training cycle. Discuss blended training with the USMC Training & Education Command; value for procurement with the UK MoD; simulator interoperability with the Swedish Armed Forces and pre- mission rehearsals with the Norwegian Military Academy Understand the value and capabilities of distance, serious gaming and E-Learning technologies in our focused afternoon. Learn how to integrate e-learning into your training syllabus with the UK MoD’s Joint Services Command and Staff College and how to economically use COTS and serious gaming with the UK Royal Navy’s Technology Based Training Unit Hear first hand successful case studies of simulation, e-learning and serious gaming technology integration from representatives of respective land, air and naval forces globally. Hear a senior representative from the UK MoD’s Joint Training Evaluation & Simulation (JTES) discuss how technology will transform defence training now and in the future Post-Conference Workshops: 28th September Workshop A: Workshop B: 09:30-12:30 The Next Generation of Learning Technologies: 13:30-16:30 Standardisation and Interoperability of Simulation Training the Instructors and Utilising Mobile Learning Solutions Technologies WORKSHOP LEADER: Travis Osborne, Chief of the Training LED By: Dr. Barry Ezell, Research Associate Professor, Technology Requirements Branch, Directorate of Plans, Programs, VIRGINIA MODELLING, ANALySIS AND SIMULATION CENTRE Requirements, and Assessments, Air Education and Training (VMASC) present. The Command, Air Force General Staff, USAF “It was great to be information will guide our future.” Expert Speaker Panel includes: - SAAB Colonel Wayne Stilwell, Chief Simulation and Assessments, Air Education & Training Dr Alan Ashworth, Chief Scientist, Modeling & C4 (SMC4) Joint Warfare Command, Airforce General Staff, USAF Behavioural Systems, US AIR FORCE Centre, NATO Major Dan McBride, Simulation, Defence RESEARCH LAB Colonel Dennis Thompson, Director, MAGTF Helicopter Flying School (DHFS), UK MOD Lieutenant Alex Smith, Technology Based Training Simulations, US MARINE CORPS Major Jill Pease, Training Development Training Unit, ROyAL NAVy Colonel Luigi Casali, Airforce General Staff, Advisor, Army Division, Joint Services Lieutenant Vincent Defoe, Chief of Air ITALIAN AIR FORCE Command and Staff College, UK MoD Operations, Defence College, Royal Lieutenant Colonel Eric Merck, Head of Squadron Leader Kevin Parker, SO2 Military Academy, Belgian Armed Forces Simulation & Deputy of Doctrine Studies Research and Development, Technology Captain Bjorn Persson, Human Resource Office, FRENCH ARMy AVIATION Based Training Group, DEFENCE CENTRE OF Centre, SWEDISH ARMED FORCES Andy Fawkes, Deputy Head of Capability, TRAINING SUPPORT Tim Mahon, OSINT Analyst for the UK Joint Training Evaluation & Simulation Major Ulf Jinnestrand, Head of Modelling Bureau of Hawk Associates Limited and (JTES), UK MoD & Simulation Development, SWEDISH Editor of The Training & Simulation Forum Travis Osborne, Chief of the Training ARMED FORCES Kenny Hebert, Product Manager, Presagis Technology Requirements Branch, Major Roar Wold, Head of Simulation, Directorate of Plans, Programs, Requirements NORWEGIAN MILITARy ACADEMy official Publication: Session Sponsor: media Partners: register online at or contact +44 (0) 207 368 9300 or
  2. 2. day one: 26th September 201108.30 13.20Coffee & Registration Bringing Individual Training into a Collective Training Environment:09.00 The Electronic Counter-Measure Case StudyChairman’s Welcome & Opening Speech r Teaching and reinforcing Tactics, Techniques and Protocols (TTPs) inColonel Wayne Stilwell, Chief Simulation Modeling & C4 (SMC4) Joint virtual environmentsWarfare Centre, NATO r Integrating E-Learning with serious gaming software to improve the “start state” of students09.10 r Stripping out e-learning segments for electronic distribution throughGetting the Balance Right: Successfully Blending Live, Virtual, and the Defence Learning PortalConstructive Training r Meeting learning objectives and the students reactionr Not just what but when: The importance of training design to use the Major Jill Pease, Training Development Advisor, Army Division, Joint right LVC tool(s) at the right time throughout a training program Services Command and Staff College, UK MoDr Increasing synthetic training capability robustness through networking existing virtual and constructive systems to conduct multi-party 14.00 immersive training Combining COTS Serious Gaming Technology and In-Houser Using integrated LVC capabilities to improve individual and collective Customisation for Flexible Virtual Training Applications: Virtual home station training and support large scale exercise in an era of Battlespace 2 (VBS2) decreasing training resources r The use of open architecture technologies for increased flexibility andColonel Dennis Thompson, Director, MAGTF Training Simulations, US decreased costMARINE CORPS r Cost saving opportunities of serious gaming r VBS2 as a procedural trainer to maximise live training time09.50 r Increased mobility to allow for in-theatre trainingAchieving Value for Money (VfM) Procurement in Flexible Training Solutions Lieutenant Alex Smith, Technology Based Training Unit, ROyAL NAVyr The use of procedural simulators to maximize training time and avoid failurer Balancing cost with the fidelity of new systems 14.30r Designing for flexibility: using re-configuration to ensure future proofing Using Integrated Procedural Modelling Techniques for Rapid andMajor Dan McBride, Simulation, Defence Helicopter Flying School Cost-Effective Terrain Database Construction(DHFS), UK MoD r Recent influences from the commercial gaming industry are creating increased expectations and demands on the fidelity and quality of the10.30 terrain databases used in the M&S domainCoffee & Networking Break r This presentation will discuss procedural methods utilized for11.00 automated 3D modelling and terrain generationTraining Design and Integrating Simulators into the Training Cycle: r Current initiatives re being undertaken to reduce the complexity, time,The Ground Based Training System for the T346 and cost of creating high-resolution synthetic environments throughr Overview of the T346 ground based training system procedural modeling techniques.r Computer aided instructor r Focus on the cost and time savings benefits when implementing thisr Computer / simulation based training technology in existing and new training applications.r Part Task Trainer (PTT) Kenny Hebert, Product Manager, PRESAGISr Full-mission simulator 15.10r Bridging the training GAP between current lead in to’ fighter training Coffee & Networking Break (LIFT) fleet and 4th/5th generation fightersr Enhancing pilot information management skills 15.50r Overcoming potential task saturation Outlining the Swedish Selection and Approach to Pilot Training:r The challenges of effective training design and strategies to achieve Integrating e-Learning with Serious Gaming this: Integrated training management system r A training system linked to the candidate’s experienceColonel Luigi Casali, Air Force General Staff, ITALIAN AIR FORCE r Using $100 software for training of 4th generation fighter pilots r Lessons Learnt: Cost-effectiveness of the training model and results11.40 r Thoughts for the futureFuture of Air Force Maintenance Training Captain Bjorn Persson, Human Resource Centre, SWEDISH ARMED FORCESr Using advanced learning applications and technologiesr Mobile Learning 16.30r Constructive simulated learning: MyBase Methods and Media Selection Tool (MMST): Matching Desiredr New requirements of Fifth generation fighter maintenance training Learning Outcomes with Appropriate Solutionsr F-22 Raptor r Current MOD policy and guidance on learning technologies: the wide ranger F-35 JST of emerging technologies such as mobile learning and serious gamesr Plans for the Future Learning Environment (FLE) r Overcoming the incoherence and fragmented application of learningTravis Osborne, Chief of the Training Technology Requirements Branch, technologiesDirectorate of Plans, Programs, Requirements and Assessments, AIR r MMST development: A framework and guidance for Defence units aimingEDUCATION & TRAINING COMMAND USAF to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their training and education r The underlying assumptions behind the MMST, how it can be applied12.20 Lunch to military training requirements and the tool itself Squadron Leader Kevin Parker, SO2 Research and Development, E-lEarning tEChnologiES and SEriouS gaming aftErnoon Technology Based Training Group, Defence Centre of Training Support, UK MoD 17.10 Chair’s Close and End of Day OneSession Sponsor Presagis is a global leader providing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation and embedded graphics solutions to the aerospace and defense markets and is the only developer to deliver a unified COTS software portfolio based on open-standards. Presagis combines cutting-edge technology with innovative services to help customers streamline workflow, reduce project risks, create detailed models and complex simulations, in addition to developing DO-178B certifiable applications. The company services more than 1,000 activecustomers worldwide, including many of the world’s most respected organizations such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, BAE Systems and CAE. For more information, visit Opportunities | Three easy ways to get involvedThought Leadership: With an expected audience of senior military Branding: We bring together buyers and suppliers in a tailored Featured Networking Events: Focused and high level, our events willcustomers and decision makers from across the globe, Defence IQ location with unbeatable facilities for on-site branding and exposure. provide you with the perfect environment to initiate new businessevents enable you to build your reputation as a market leader in Furthermore, our dedicated marketing team can help you achieve your relationships and achieve face to face contact that overcrowdedyour chosen domain through speaking sessions and subject specific promotional aims in the months leading up to the conference with tradeshows cannot deliver. 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  3. 3. day two: 27th September 201108.30 Coffee & Registration 12.20 Lunch09.00 13.30Chairman’s Welcome & Opening Speech Panel Session: Successfully Balancing Value for Money with HighColonel Wayne Stilwell, Chief Simulation Modeling & C4 (SMC4) Joint Fidelity Solutions: Discussion PanelWarfare Centre, NATO As budgets tighten and the cost of live training rises, requirements for09.10 low cost high fidelity simulators and training aides have increased.Transforming Defence Training through Technology? However, with such an array of technology now available, what isr Can simulation and technology in general, transform training for the better? the correct balance of capabilities versus costs? And what might ther Achieving the right live / synthetic blend training of future conflicts require?r New technologies This interactive session will give delegates the opportunity to discussr What are the barriers to this potential transformation? this issue and others raised over the course of the event.r Organisational and Culture change Led by: Colonel Wayne Stilwell, Chief Simulation Modeling & C4r What is the UK MoD approach to Simulation and Training? (SMC4) Joint Warfare Centre, NATOAndy Fawkes, Deputy Head of Capability, Joint Training Evaluation & 14.00Simulation (JTES), UK MoD Cognitive Modelling to Improve EOD/Route Clearance Personnel09.40 Selection and Training for Visual Detection of IEDsEnhancing Army Aviation Simulation-Based Training r Air Force Research Laboratory applied psychological program forr Current status of simulation systems used in French Army aviation improving visual detection of IEDs, funded by JIEDDOr Achieving enhanced training capabilities on a budget r Theory-driven collection of cognitive performance data through basicr Integrating simulation technology into the training cycle with effective realism neurocognitive batteries and Cognitive Task Analyses of experiencedLieutenant Colonel Eric Merck, Head of Simulation & Deputy of route clearance teamsDoctrine Studies Office, FRENCH ARMy AVIATION r Personnel selection software tools and Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2)10.30 Coffee & Networking Break modules for training cognitive skills prior to deployment Dr Alan Ashworth, Chief Scientist, Behavioural Systems, US AIR FORCE11.00 RESEARCH LABDevelopments in Joint Trainer Simulation and Feedback fromVIKING 2011 14.40 Coffee Breakr Procuring simulators specific to mission requirements: complex and 15.10 peace support operations Providing in Theatre Training and Re-training to the Air Forcer Ensuring great inter-operability and integration of common systems r Working around alternative priorities: Providing training to fit around for joint training capability operational requirementsr Moving simulators further along the training cycle for high fidelity r Coping with information security in sensitive theatres of operation mission rehearsal r Methods of improving distance training and planned future developmentsr Feedback from VIKING 2011: equipment integration for C2 Lieutenant Vincent Defoe, Chief of Air Operations, DefenceMajor Ulf Jinnestrand, Head of Modelling & Simulation Development, College, Belgian Armed ForcesSWEDISH ARMED FORCES 15.5011.40 Live training in a Joint Context - Will it Survive?Using Simulation for Officer Training and Broader Operational r Is simulation a panacea for future training requirements?Requirements r What advantages and disadvantages does live training bring for ther Norwegian simulation requirements for their officer training user community?r The use of simulators to train for leadership, planning and C2 oriented skills r How will the live, virtual, constructive mix evolve in light of currentr Simulation of broader operational factors to create a realistic and and future requirements? immersive environment: Culture and religion Tim Mahon, OSINT Analyst for the UK Bureau of Hawk Associatesr Use in pre-mission rehearsals and the creation of complex scenarios Limited and Editor of The Training & Simulation ForumMajor Roar Wold, Head of Simulation, NORWEGIAN MILITARy ACADEMy 16.30 Chair’s Close and End of Day TwoPost-Conference Workshops: 28th September 201109.30 – 12.30 13.30 – 16.30Workshop A: The Next Generation of Learning Technologies: Training the Workshop B: Standardisation and Interoperability of Simulation TechnologiesInstructors and Utilising Mobile Learning Solutions Aims of session:This exclusive workshop will give you the opportunity to explore and learn how r Background on standards in M&S:the latest learning technologies can be used to ‘train the trainer’ to enhance q Problem areasthe effectiveness of your military training. This session will cover the myriad of q Our approachtechnologies available to military instructors and how to successfully integrate q Examplesthese into your training syllabus from one of the leaders in the field. r Update on M&S InteroperabilityAims of session: q Interoperability between Command and Control (C2) and Simulationsr Assessing how to best train instructors in the use of next generation learning q Human Social Cultural Behavior (HSCB) technologies, including: q M&S Interoperability Standards q Distributive learning portals q Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Interoperability q Serious games r Looking to the future: q Mobile learning platforms q Dealing with key challenges such as composability and measure on returnr Looking to the future: assessing how mobile solutions could be utilised in on investment conjunction with serious games and distance learning portals to create q Key standards development such as verification, validation and accreditation synergy between these platforms q M&S complexityBenefits of attending: Benefits of attending:r Learn how the Air Education & Training Command (AETEC) is using mobile r Learn about theories and methodologies in order to solve interoperability problems learning platforms to train and certify airmen including: that cut across M&S domains q Platform/software selection q mathematical model of interoperability q Student/instructor feedback q general theory of understanding q Effectiveness of using mobile solutions to produce the desired learning outcomes q Levels of Conceptual Interoperability Model (LCIM)r Interact with a leader in the field and understand the differences between the r Learn how VMASC is addressing the M&S standards challenges theoretical and practical application of the above technologies r Interact with leaders in the field and understand the big issues and what weLed by Travis Osborne, Chief of the Training Technology Requirements Branch, are doing about standards and interoperabilityDirectorate of Plans, Programs, Requirements, and Assessments, AIR EDUCATION Led by Dr. Barry Ezell, Research Associate Professor, VIRGINIA MODELLING,AND TRAINING COMMAND USAF ANALySIS AND SIMULATION CENTRE (VMASC) register online at or contact +44 (0) 207 368 9300 or
  4. 4. Joint Simulation 5 WAYS TO REGISTER Freephone: 0800 652 2363 or & training 2011 Venue: America Square Conference Centre, London Fax: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301 Two-Day Conference: 26th - 27th September 2011 Post: your booking form to Post-Conference Workshops: 28th September 2011 IQPC Ltd. 2nd Floor, To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. 129 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1JZ My registration code is: PDFW Online: Please contact our database manager on +44(0) 207 368 9300 or at quoting the registration code above to inform us of any changes or to remove your details. Email: Team Discounts* IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Groups of 3 or more booking at the same time from the same company receive a 10% Military and Government Rates** discount. 5 or more receive a 15% discount. 7 receive a 20% discount. Book & Pay by Book & Pay by Only one discount available per person. PACKAGES Standard Price 29th July 2011* 26th August 2011* 6 Conference + 2 Workshops SAVE £300 SAVE £200 £1397 + VAT Venue & Accommodation £1097 + VAT £1197 + VAT Venue: SAVE £250 SAVE £150 America Square Conference Centre, One America Square, 6 Conference + 1 Workshop*** £798 + VAT £898 + VAT £1048 + VAT 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB Tel: +44 207 706 7700 SAVE £200 SAVE £100 6 Conference only £499 + VAT £599 + VAT £699 + VAT Accommodation: Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation Standard Industry Rates for hotels in the area to the America Square Conference Centre. The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel: Book & Pay by Book & Pay by PACKAGES Standard Price 29th July 2011* 26th August 2011* Alternatively, if you would like to book your accommodation by phone, SAVE £300 SAVE £200 6 Conference + 2 Workshops £2697 + VAT £2797 + VAT £2997 + VAT please call Daniel Spinner, our dedicated London concierge, on 020 7292 2335 (if outside UK +44 20 7292 2335) quoting Special Reference Code SAVE £250 SAVE £150 M9GZ2. He will be happy to help you with your hotel booking and provide 6 Conference + 1 Workshop*** £2148 + VAT £2248 + VAT £2398 + VAT assistance organising your time in London. SAVE £200 SAVE £100 6 Conference only £1599 + VAT £1699 + VAT £1799 + VAT * To qualify for discounts, payment must be received with booking by the early registration deadline. Early booking discounts are not valid in conjunction with any Free Online Resources other offer. UK VAT charges at 20%. Vat registration No. GB799225967 ** Military & Government discounted rates apply to serving military officers, government, police and university personnel only To claim a variety of articles, podcasts and other free resources please ***Please select your choice of workshop(s): A 6 or B 6 visit All serving Generals/Flag Officer 1 Star and above may attend the conference free of charge Please contact for further details. This offer cannot be combined with any others and is not transferable Digital Conference On CD-ROM Delegate Details Recent digital conferences available - £599 plus VAT each Please photocopy for each additional delegate 6 Military Flight Training 2011 6 Mr 6 Mrs 6 Miss 6 Ms 6 Dr 6 Other 6 UAS Training and Simulation 2011 6 Military Robotics 2011 First Name Family Name Rank Job Title Please send me conference materials indicated above. 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In the event that IQPC cancels an event for any reason, you will receive a credit for 100% of the Payment Method contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of cancellation. Total price for your Organisation: (Add total of all individuals attending): In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend in on the rescheduled date, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. Card Number: VISA 6 M/C 6 AMEX 6 You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of postponement. 6666666666666666Conference code: 13644.004 Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given under any circumstances. Exp. 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As such, IQPC reserves the right to alter or modify (Please quote 13644.004 with remittance advice) IQPC Bank Details: HSBC Bank Plc, 67 George Street, Richmond, the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. Surrey TW9 1HG, United Kingdom Sort Code: 40 38 18 Account No: 51304143 Swift Code: MIDLGB2112V Discounts All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts require payment at time of registration and before the IBAN Code: GB59 MIDL 4038 1851 3041 43 Account Name: International Quality & Productivity Centre Ltd. cut-off date in order to receive any discount. Any discounts offered by IQPC (including Team Discounts) require payment at the time of registration. Discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer.