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Case File Log Swanenburg v Elliott


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case filed in 2012 against CNU Lacrosse Player's Father. CASE DISMISSED with Prejudice

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Case File Log Swanenburg v Elliott

  1. 1. Return to Case Main Menu Logoff Newport News Circuit - Civil Division Pleadings/Orders Detail Case Number: CL1203999V-04 Filed Type Party Judge Book Page Remarks 12/28/12   Initial Filing   PLT   VC       COMPLAINT   01/22/13   Plea   DEF         SPECIAL PLEA IN BAR DEMUR   01/24/13   Notice Of Hearing           SPECIAL PLEA IN BAR &DEMUR   01/24/13   Other - Catch All           LETTER FROM CT TO ATTYS   02/04/13   Plea   DEF         SPEC PLEA IN BAR &DEMURRER   02/14/13   Opposition   PLF         TO DEMUR&SPECIAL PLEA IN B   02/19/13   Response   DEF         TO OPP TO SPEC PLEA B &DEM   02/22/13   Notice Of Hearing   DEF         AMENDED NOTICE OF HEARING   02/22/13   Brief   DEF         REPLY TO PLF PLEA IB & DEM   02/22/13   Brief   DEF         IN SPT OF SPEC PLEA IB&DEM   03/14/13   Opposition   PLT   TF       DEF DEM & SPCL PLEA IN BAR   04/18/13   Other - Catch All     TF       JUDGES LETTER   05/29/13   Dismissal Order With Prejudice     TF       DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE   06/24/13   Notice           NOTICE OF APPEAL   06/27/13   Notice           NOTICE OF APPEAL   08/20/13   Other - Catch All           T HOLLINS DC; (3) LETTERS   Return to Case Main Menu Logoff Build #: