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Chris Swanenburg

126 Villa Road - Newport News,  VA 23601 - (757)534-9238 H - cswanenburg@gmail. com


October 10, 2012...
Counsel Vfilliam Thro.  He was provided this testimony in early September in advance of
planned depositions of CNU employee...
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Swanenburg Letter to Martin


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Swanenburg's letter as part of his continuing actions against the coach that replaced him after what he refers to as his "unlawful termination".

This letter was apparently written over two years after his alleged discovery that predicated his first lawsuit. In this letter Swanenburg states that he will be filing at least two additional suits. Swanenburg also makes additional allegations against his former assistant coach with allegations allegedly obtained in discovery presumably from deposition testimony of another assistant coach who was part of the coaching staff that succeeded Swanenburg.

Swanenburg also invokes the tragedies at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech in a seemingly despicable attempt to bring legal scrutiny on to his former assistant coach.

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Swanenburg Letter to Martin

  1. 1. Chris Swanenburg 126 Villa Road - Newport News, VA 23601 - (757)534-9238 H - cswanenburg@gmail. com October 10, 2012 Mr. Michaei C. Martin 12015 Wright Lane Bristow, VA 20136 Dear Mr. A little over two years ago i wrote James R. Joseph, former Rector of the Board of Visitors of Christopher Newport University ("CNU") regarding my wrongful termination from CNU. I also requested a mandatory Board hearing and shared with him some troubling conduct‘ of university employees. I made it clear that] intended to take legal action should the Boardfail ' to respond on my behalf. Since these last communications, I have filed one lawsuit against my successor, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach Todd Boward. in the near future, l will be filing at least two additional suits. As was the case in 2010, 1 remain committed to seeing that the individuals who harmed my family and me are held accountable for their actions. The purpose of this letter is not to keep you abreast of my legal activities but to make you aware of some disturbing facts. During the course of recent depositions, some extremely troubling information has come to light. Specifically, Mr. Boward, a former Army major, has: - Displayed an obsession with me, talking about me "every day” and maintaining a ”Swanenburg spontaneous combusted" shrine in the men's lacrosse office; ~ Physically confronted a fellow CNU employee; v Threatened to use his gun (apparently kept in his car) to shoot members of the CNU community, to include . himself, .an intramural athlete and the CNU . f,oo. tbal-lcoaches; - Threatened to kill both my wife and me. . The GNU employee who reported this and other behavior was given a choice of being fired or resigning. As part of his resignation, he received 55,16,000 and signed an agreement forbidding him to discuss "the situation" at CNU. ‘ - In light of the tragedies that have taken place across our country, to include at Wginia Tech and in the lacrosse program at the University of Virginia, I feel compelled to bring this information to the Board’s attention. ‘ ‘ Should you desire a copy of the deposition testimony that revealed this disturbing information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Or, if you prefer, you could contact CNU
  2. 2. Counsel Vfilliam Thro. He was provided this testimony in early September in advance of planned depositions of CNU employees. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Chris Swanenburg Enclosures cc: Mr. Preston M. White, Jr. , Vice Rector Mrs. Ann N. Hunnicutt, Secretary Dr. Stephanie. .Ba-rdwell, Faculty-« Representative‘ Mr. Carlos M. Brown, Esq. Mr. Gary C. Byler, Esq. Dr. Deborah M. DiCroce Mr. William B. Downey Mrs. Vicki Siokis Freeman Mr. Bryan K. Meals. Esq. Ms. Deceno C. Miles Mr. N. Scott Miller Mrs. Margo D. Taylor Mr. W. L. Thomas, Jr. The Honorable Ronald L. Tillett The Honorable Paul S. Trible, Jr. Ms. Cynthia Perry Mr. William Thro, Esq. Mr. C. J. Woollum Mr. Jon Waters The Honorable Thomas Norment The Honorable Robin Abbott The Honorable Glenn Oder The Honorable John Miller The Honorable John S. Edwards