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Case File Log Swanenburg v Boward TI


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Swanenburg files his second case against Boward in February 2013. Nonsuit with Prejudice in the pendency of sanctions.

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Case File Log Swanenburg v Boward TI

  1. 1. Return to Case Main Menu Logoff Newport News Circuit - Civil Division Pleadings/Orders Detail Case Number: CL1300801T-01 Filed Type Party Judge Book Page Remarks 02/15/13   Initial Filing   PLT   PT       COMPLAINT   03/15/13   Motion   DEF         SPECIAL PLEA IN BAR/ETC.   05/09/13   Brief   D         IN SPPT OF SPECIAL PLEABAR   05/28/13   Opposition   P         TO SPIB DEMUR&MOT FOR SANC   06/26/13   Brief   D         REPLY TO OPP TO DEF MOT   06/24/13   Opposition   P         TO DEFS MOT FOR SANCTIONS   11/06/13   Motion For Reconsideration   DEF         DEF'S MOTION TO RECONSIDER   10/28/13   Other - Catch All     TF       1ST OPINION LETTER   10/29/13   Other - Catch All     TF       2ND OPINION LETTER   12/06/13   Notice Of Hearing     PT       NOTICE OF HEARING 01-07-14   01/07/14   Amended Complaint   P           01/24/14   Plea   DEF   PT       SPECIAL PLEA IN BAR   01/30/14   Notice Of Hearing   D         REF;S PLEA B,DEM&MOT SANCS   03/19/14   Opposition   PLT   PT       PLT OPPOSITION TO DEMURRER   03/19/14   Order     TF       RULING ON HEARING 01-07-14   04/11/14   Non Suit With Prejudice   PLT   TF       NONSUIT WITH PREJUDICE   Return to Case Main Menu Logoff Build #: