Building Online Communities


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Some community management tips to engage your online userbase.

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Building Online Communities

  1. 1. BUI L D I N G C O M MUNITIES What I learned from fashion bloggers. How to build for engagement. Some community management tips. weardrobe
  2. 2. MAK E YO U R S E L F CHOOSE 1. DEFINE A SINGLE AUDIENCE ARCHETYPE: - it will force you to focus on the most i m p o r t a n t ( b l o g g e r, d e s i g n e r, t e e n y b o p p e r ) - it is ok to have multiple archetypes as long as you speak to each effectively 2 . F O C U S O N O N E R E A S O N W H Y: - why you are building the product - why would your audience use your product
  3. 3. D E F I N E & M E ASURE Visitors Contributors Distributors “Users” “Advocates” “Evangelists” an opportunity to they defend your product they actively promote your definition build advocates and give feedback product to outside users activation view a photo post a photo share a photo submit “hi-res” photo share/embed a photo retention visit 2x/mo. for 2 mo. every mo. => drive 500 visits/mo. metric (=> 1,000 visits/yr) for 3+ mo. kindly borrowed and tweaked from 500 Hats.
  4. 4. WH AT D R I V E S USERS? Positive Emotions Negative Emotions pleasure pain hope rejection belonging fear (use these emotions to (use these emotions to encourage engagement empower users to police with features, interviews, content as well as keep badges, points, ratings the community in check) and comments) there’s also greed (to make $, get prizes, etc), but that’s another analysis to look at ROI.
  5. 5. W H Y E N G AGE? 1 . A N T I C I PAT E D R E C I P R O C I T Y - want comments, feedback, attention 2. INCREASED RECOGNITION - want you to drive traffic to them 3. SENSE OF EFFICACY - want to make a difference for others 4. SENSE OF COMMUNITY - want to feel part of something bigger
  6. 6. L E T T H E M E AT CAKE Pa r t o f b u i l d i n g a c o m m u n i t y i s a l l o w i n g u s e r s to manage themselves, which fosters a sense of o w n e r s h i p f r o m t h e u s e r.
  7. 7. G E N E R A L TIPS R e s p o n d t o e v e r y e m a i l , e v e n i f i t ’s h e l l o. B e t r a n s p a r e n t a n d h o n e s t w i t h y o u r c o m m u n i t y. Manage with a light touch (with curation). G i v e u s e r s o w n e r s h i p o f t h e c o m m u n i t y. Keep them updated to changes and features. Update your blog or link to your own blog.
  8. 8. S AY S O R RY Saying sorry goes a long way (be cute, cheeky or really desperate). “ in our services and products, we try harder.” - Avis
  9. 9. S AY T H A N K YOU Always remember to thank your users for all that they do (emails, snail mail, gifts, meetups, shoutouts).