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Tacticsof effectiveonlinefundraising may17

  1. 1. TACTICS FOR EFFECTIVE ONLINE FUNDRAISING#GGonline The Case Foundation: @CaseFoundation Jenna Sauber: @cajunjen May 17, 2012 1
  2. 2. ELEMENTS OF A GAME PLANPlaybook: Strategy & tacticsRoster: Ambassadors, Champions, Board, StaffUniforms & Equipment: Website, messaging, socialmedia, video/photosFans & Cheerleaders: Your supporters and activistsScorecard: Metrics, ROI, resultsONLINE FUNDRAISING TACTICS | ELEMENTS OF A GAME PLAN 2
  3. 3. GAME PREP Answer these questions first:‣ Who is your TARGET? (the opposing team!)  new donors, current donors, geographical, demos‣ What are the GOALS of the online fundraising campaign?  $ raised, # donors, donor cultivation, maintenance, exposure‣ What is the STORY?  is there a theme? Do you have a compelling hook?‣ Why will my donation make an IMPACT?  Theory of change‣ How does it INTEGRATE with a larger strategy, or does it?  Direct mail, event-based, competition/challenge, peer-to-peer, etc.‣ What does SUCCESS look like?  Look at Q1 again, and set ROI based on your goals. ONLINE FUNDRAISING TACTICS | GAME PREP 3
  4. 4. FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDAMENTALS• State the campaign’s goals clearly. i.e. • Don’t wear out the ask. “Donate $25 by July 1 so we can give 5,000 books to Use email, your website, & social media to Northview Public Library for their summer programs.” educate, share stories, & capture other small actions. • Leverage ALL of your team. Ask your partners, champions, and staff to help promote your campaign. Ask your mom.• Create strong visuals & a human element. Photos/videos that tell a story, a focus on one person/animal/place that will be impacted by a • High Fives at the end. donation (small group at most). Say thanks – to your donors, to your activists, to your champions. Say “Good game,” no matter• Use the plays that you know will work, the outcome. with a few trick plays ready to go. Thank you so much for your gift! Come take a tour and meet Multiple asks, big donate buttons…promoted tweets? our clients to see how your gift makes a difference call or email Babe Ruth at ###-###-#### or baberuth@nonprofit.org ONLINE FUNDRAISING TACTICS | FUNDAMENTALS 4
  6. 6. THINGS TO CONSIDER Are you using advertising? How long will the campaign run for? Chaperoned emails? Google AdWords? Is your ask tangible Are you segmenting donors vs. non- and relatable? donors, recurring donors? Have you included a report back in How many voices will the your editorial schedule? campaign have?What’s the long-tail? Are there incentives? Do Do you have a backupWill it be repeated? you need incentives? plan if you don’t reach your $ goal?Is there a match How many clicks does it take to donate?opportunity? Contestor sweeps? Gaming What’s the competitionelements? Videos/Photos/Mobile/Social/Local landscape? ONLINE FUNDRAISING TACTICS | THINGS TO CONSIDER 6
  7. 7. RESOURCES:Case Foundation Good Giving HubCaseFoundation.org/topic/good-givingGlobal Giving’s Nonprofits section:http://www.globalgiving.org/non-profits/Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog:http://www.nonprofitmarketingblog.com/ONLINE FUNDRAISING TACTICS | RESOURCES 7