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Hot Melts Optimization for Quality at Lower Costs


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Lower the cost of your hot melts while maintaining performance with a structured review of the current viable strategies (tested & approved by your peers)

Cost optimization will cover both formulation development (base polymers, tackifiers, plasticizers... ) and processing techniques.

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Hot Melts Optimization for Quality at Lower Costs

  1. 1. Hot Melts Optimization for Quality at Lower CostsA 90 min online short course by Edward Petrie To register, please visit: melts often compete with other hot melts and adhesives technologies on the basis of cost – arenewed daily challenge with steady raw material price increase!Lower the cost of your hot melts while maintaining performance with a structured review of thecurrent viable strategies (tested & approved by your peers)Cost optimization will cover both formulation development (base polymers, tackifiers, plasticizers... )and processing techniques.Why you should attend: 1. Feed your cost optimization program with valid-only solutions & avoid loss in melt properties, wetting, adhesion, shear, peel, tack, durability... 2. Clarify how latest developments in base polymers and additives can be used to reduce the adhesive costs 3. Learn what other companies have done; what worked, what didn’t, and why – this is exclusive content that you wont find in books or on the internetWho is it for?Experienced adhesive formulators looking for solutions to develop more cost-effective Hot MeltsOutlineThis course will look at all aspects of hot melt adhesive formulation as it relates to cost. Theobjective is to promote practices that control the consistency and performance properties of theadhesive but yet provide reduced costs. 1. Introduction (State of the Economy / State of the Industry) At the end 2. Basic Requirements of the training 3. Components in Hot Melt Adhesive s there will be a 4. Formulation Development Q&A Session where you 5. Processing, Converting, End-Use of HMAs 6. Review of Recent Development Activities can pose questions to Edward Petrie. A transcript of all the questions & answers will be made available after the event. 1To register, please visit: mpaign=eTC991LKslides hare
  2. 2. Presented by Edward Petrie Edward Petrie has been active in the adhesives industry for over 35 years – both in the formulation side and the end-use sides of the industry. He has a BS (Chemical Engineering) and MS (P olymer Science) degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Duquesne University.Throughout his industrial career, Mr. Petrie has been employed by two major global corporations ABBand Westinghous e as an internal consultant in adhesives and polymeric materials. In bothcorporations he was part of the Central Research Laboratories and assisted all of the divisions withinthe organization.His expertise includes mat erial and process selection, testing, formulating, substrate preparation, andquality control with emphasis on the end-user application and performance requirements. Applicationsinclude structural as well as non-structural joining of all materials. Mr. Petrie is also an expert injoining polymeric materials by all methods including mechanic al fastening, self-fastening, and heatand solvent welding.Mr. Petrie has authored over 100 papers on adhesives as well as the popular Handbook of Adhesivesand Sealants (McGraw-Hill, October 2000) and Plastic Materials and Processes – A ConciseEncyclopedia (John Wiley & Sons, August 2003). He has also given seminars and adhesives andadhesion to corporations, universities, and government organizations.Currently, Mr. Petrie is an independent cons ultant and sole proprietor of E MP Solutions. He is alsoTechnical Advisor and Consultant to, an online servic e platformdedicated entirely to adhesives and sealants.Past attendees feedbackContent: Technical Level: Speaker: (46 evaluations)Francisca A. , from ExxonMobil Chemical:"Excellent! Broad enough to cover the industry, yet enough detail to be a good primer/refresher. Nicejob on content"Marcus R. , from LRB E COMÉRCIO DE PRODUTOS QUÍMICOS LTDA:"Very Good! It covered some formulation ideas I had but I wasn´t sure about the viability. "Madelyn B. , from Sasol:"Information was relevant. Introduction regarding mark et trends was useful. I now have a betterunderstanding of some concepts and their relevance." 2To register, please visit: mpaign=eTC991LKslides hare
  3. 3. Past attendees profile  R&D – Applied/Formulation/ Product development- 70%  Technical Services/ Customer assistance -9%  Basic Research - 4%  Sales/Marketing - 9%  Corporate management – 4% Mica Corp., ExxonMob il , Sasol, Avery Dennison, SABA Dinxperlo, Pidilite Industried Ltd, Aveb e, Nynas AB, QUILOSA, Ergotek, Shreeji Adhesives, Henkel, Wacker, Henkel AG, MarMac Protective apparel, BALSAN….Next session: Wed. January 16, 2013 at 10 a.m. ET / 4 p.m. CET - Your local timeFee: Regular Access Group / Multi Access Number of attendees Up to 3 attendees Up to 10 attendees Number of connections 1 connection Up to 3 connections (1 Internet Access) Fee (Currency Converter) € 320 € 640SpecialChem is not accountable for users costs linked to participating in the e- Training Course, including but not limitedto the phone and Internet connection fees. We provide local phone numbers w hen available.Your registration includes:  Pdf slides at least 24h before the live session  1h online short course by an independent expert  Live interaction with the expert during the 30-minute Q&A session  Q&A Transcript when you submit your feedback on the course  Expert contact details to further discuss your projects 3To register, please visit: mpaign=eTC991LKslides hare
  4. 4. Why train with SpecialChem?  Our 500 000+ members from the chemical industry help us tailor trainings to your needs  Our course catalogue has been refined over the years (since 2003) to improve pedagogy & content quality  2000 of your peers are trained by us every year  96% satisfied attendees in 2011Tips to optimize cost of attending 1- Attend with your colleagues: a REGULAR access allow 3 attendees sharing the same connection 2- Book 2 sessions at the same time; you will get 25% off the cheapest one. 3- Purchase e-Training Credits in advance, you can save  up to 30% with the 5 eTC Credits option  up to 55% with the 10 eTC Credits option. 4- Get a 12-month unlimited access to all e-Training courses – anyone from your company can use this access 4To register, please visit: mpaign=eTC991LKslides hare
  5. 5. 5To register, please visit: mpaign=eTC991LKslides hare