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Special Chem e-Training Course


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Cost-effective e-learning solution for technical professionals

Published in: Technology
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Special Chem e-Training Course

  1. 1. May 2012Sutapa SahaE-Training Communication SpecialChem e-Training Course Cost-effective e-learning solution for technical professionals
  2. 2. Introduction to e-Training Courses SpecialChem e-Training Courses are online, short, interactive courses, developed by independent industry experts. • 1h Presentation followed by 30 min Questions & Answers • Pdf slides at least 24h before the live session • Live interaction through written & live questions Every year more than thousands of chemical professionals are trained by us to maintain or increase their competitiveness with sessions to: • Improve their formulation skills and know-how − For ex: selection & use of rheology modifiers, natural preservatives to improve cosmetics formulations… • Keep up-to-date with latest developments − For ex: Latest developments & trends for greener plastics… • Adapt to regulation changes − For ex: EU food contact regulation update… • Optimize their development practice − For ex: Design of experiment made easy, Searching & mapping patents… 2
  3. 3. e-Training Courses Browse through our upcoming courses for the following industries Plastics & Elastomers Adhesives & Sealants Upcoming courses Coatings & Inks Cosmetics 3
  4. 4. Why train with SpecialChem? It is the only place to benefit from trainings with an industry-applied touch: rheology of adhesives & coatings, peptides in cosmetics… “It is very good to Get trained from the best experts having hear from a lecturer with• > 15 years of hand-on experience extensive real-world• proven track-record in the industry experience rather than (or in addition to) just• real ability to pass on their expertise in a simple way academic knowledge.” Antonio P. Sr. Materials Engineer “The opportunity at Quantum Leap to get your questions answered was very good. The instructor has a good  It offers unique opportunity to connect with and broad technical knowledge on the topic.” technical experts to discuss your own cases during Sander N. Business Development the training & even after the session is over! 4
  5. 5. SpecialChem e-Training Courses Why train with SpecialChem? continued… Attending SpecialChem’s e-Training Course is most simple:• It is convenient, cost-effective & requires no travelling. You can attend these trainings from anywhere in the world.• With an internet connection and a headset / a separate phone line, you are ready to learn directly from your desk 5
  6. 6. Few of our valued customers 6
  7. 7. What our customers say? Last year only, we trained more than 1500 of your peers and more than 75% of them rated their overall satisfaction as Very Good or Excellent. Here is what they valued: 7
  8. 8. What our customers say? Continued… Testimonials for different online sessionsTraining topic:Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesives Formulation Strategies “I found the course useful because it detailed the differences in conductivity between Ag and Ni filled adhesives. I also found the demonstration on the effect of pressure on the conductive adhesive very interesting” Don N. at PolyonicsDesign of Experiments Made Easy “Gave a good background to DOE and showed why it is so valuable to use as opposed to traditional one-factor-at-a-time development.” Dorian N. at H.B. Fuller Company 8
  9. 9. What our customers say? Continued… Testimonials for different online sessionsTraining topic:Electrically Conductive Polymers: Latest Development Opportunities “Market studies were very interesting and Don did a great job; his wealth of knowledge was amazing.” Sreeni K. at TE ConnectivityTesting Rheology & Viscosity in Practice “It explained a very broad subject in a very simple approach. It covered many areas we are currently dealing with that we could apply the information that was presented.” Gustavo B. at Lorama Inc 9
  10. 10. Registration options You can choose any of the following options (shown in table below) as per your requirement: Options Regular Access Group / Multi Access Number of attendees Up to 3 attendees Up to 10 attendees Number of connections 1 connection* Up to 3 connections* (*1 internet access per connection) 10
  11. 11. SpecialChem e-Training Courses Tips to optimize cost of attending Attend with your colleagues: a REGULAR access allows 3 attendees sharing the same connection Book 2 sessions at the same time; you will get 25% off the cheapest one Purchase e-Training Credits in advance & attend whenever you or your colleagues want within 12 months. This way you can save • up to 30% with the 5 eTC Credits option: 999 EUR • up to 55% with the 10 eTC Credits option: 1499 EUR Go for unlimited access option: • Get unlimited access to all e-Training Courses with up to 2 connections* per course • Access restricted to one country • Validity: 12 months from date of purchase • Price: 2999 EUR/year 11
  12. 12. Have a question? Contact us eLearning Solutions by SpecialChem Plastics  Adhesives  Coatings  Cosmetics A question? Feel free to contact us- / +33 172 763 933 12