Sumit departure proc compleat


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Sumit departure proc compleat

  1. 1. RESERVATION<br />Step: - 1<br />The reservation request which is received through any of the modes of reservation is noted down on a RR form or RR envelope after checking the wall chart or CRS chart for the availability status of rooms.<br />The following rules must be taken:-<br /><ul><li>Name of the guest & accompanying person.
  2. 2. Designation, company name & address.
  3. 3. Date of arrival.
  4. 4. Date of departure
  5. 5. Mode of arrival & time.
  6. 6. Room types & meal plans & packages if any.
  7. 7. Mode of payments.
  8. 8. Method of guarantee.
  9. 9. Special instruction like A/P pick up, preference of room etc.
  10. 10. Name and contact name of the caller.</li></ul>Step:-2<br />The reservation request is then transferred to the hotel dairy or the reservation dairy either manually or in the computer where the information is store as per the arrival date of the guest.<br />STEP 3.<br /> Reservation is automatically updated in the room wall charts i.e. the Density Chart or Advance Letting Chart and the Room Status Boards.<br />STEP 4.<br />A confirmation voucher is issued against the reservation request and thereservation documents along with a. correspondence is me and alphabetical wise and date-wise and retrieved only the evening poor to the date of arrival<br />HANDLING F.I.T ON ARRIVAL AT RECEPTION<br />1.Welcome Guest.<br />2.Ascertain Room Requirement, cross check with the Movement list<br />3.Hand over the Guest Registration Card (GRC) along with an open pen to the guest. Assist the guest filling up the GRC.<br />4.While the guest is filling up the GRC, you select a room from the list of ready rooms, keeping in mind:<br />a)Guest's choice, if any.<br />b)Room Is free for the entire duration of guest's stay i.e. it is not blocked for any other guest during the period, or it not likely to be put under maintenance.<br />c)You are filling the hotel In pattern.<br />d)Key is available at the Reception along with the proper key tag.<br />e)And prepare the welcome card.<br />5.Ensure that you have all the details on the GRC filled In properly. Pay specialattention to the following:<br />a) Spellings of the Guest's name.b) Complete postal address of the guest<br />c) Expected date & time of departure <br />d)Complete passport details of the foreigners.<br />e)Details of " Certificate of Registration" from foreigners who have stayed inIndia for more than 90 days, and Neonates of Pakistan and China.<br />f)Guest's signature.<br />g)How the guest will settle the b*.<br />6.In case the guest will settle his bid directly, and it Is the case of ScantyBaggage (SB), then: Request the guest to make " On account" payment ortake the impression of Credit card on the charge slip and guest's signature, asthe case may be.<br />7.Hand over the resident card to the guest and request him to sign n. Also<br />hand over any letter or message etc. of the guest, already received.<br />8.Announce the Room No, Tariff, and brief location of the Room to the guest.<br />9.Introduce guest to the bell boy, having over key to the bell boy, and wish your guest a pleasant stay. <br />POST ARRIVAL<br />1.Sign the GRC<br />2.Make notification slip and update the Room Rack and Information Rack.<br />3.Make entry In the alphabetic register.<br />4 Dispatch notification slip to the <br />a)Telephone Exchange<br />b)Room Service<br />c)House Keeping<br />5.Get the telephone connection released.<br />6.Tick the guests' name in the movement list and write down room no. allottedagainst guests' name.<br />7.Make entry In the arrival register.<br />8.Open bill folio and note down billing instructions in first on to<br />9.Update Room position.<br />10.Make C - Form In case of Foreigners or Non Resident Indian with foreigncitizenship.<br />Departure Procedure for FIT’s<br />Step 1-<br />The request for preparing the bills and bringing down the luggage is received byCashier and bell Desk, when the guest informs the reception that he Is ready to check-out The Bell boy opens the Departure Errand Card and the Cashier checks the Guests mode of payment.<br />If the payment is direct, the Cashier cross checks the folio entries withall the Vouchers in the folio bucket and prepares the final Bill. If thepayment is indirect, the cashier checks whether the BTC letter/TAvoucher/MCO has been received and in case of Credit Cards, checks thefloor limit and requests authorization where required before crosschecking the vouchers and preparing the final Bill. (BTC — Bill to company letter)<br />Step 2-<br />The Bell boy brings the guests luggage down after making a cursory check in theroom for any damages or any missing hotel property (if any, should be brought tothe immediate notice of LM )<br />The guest is directed towards the Cash counter for completing the settlementformalities.<br />Step 3-<br />The Bell boy deposits the keys at the reception and takes the sign of the FOA on the Errand Card. He checks at the information counter for any un dispatched mails etc. and takes sign of FOA on the Errand Card and lastly takes the Cashier's sign anthe Errand Card after all billing functions have been completed at the cash counter. The FOA updates the room status and inmates Housekeeping and Room Service of the departure. Entry is made on the departure status e of the A & D register.<br />Now the Bell boy can load the luggage onto the guest vehicle after noting thenumber on the Errand Card.<br />