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Teaching with iPad 2014 presentatin


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This is my presentation of teaching with iPad in 2014 CLTA conference

Published in: Education
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Teaching with iPad 2014 presentatin

  2. 2. QR Reader App 1. Download QR Reader App 2. Scan the workshop doc link 3. Save a copy of the pdf to iBook ivclaoshi 2014 workshop
  3. 3. Workshop Today 1. Why mobile learning? 2. How can iPad help our students learn? 3. Apps and Lesson plans 4. Hands on Practice
  4. 4. ‘M’ is for Mobile ! Access my courses from Blackboard Check emailsSMS my boy friend Lessons on YouTube Search a good Restaurant on Yelp Do and Submit homework Calendar: Appointments Send and Reply Text Messages GPS
  5. 5. Generation Y (Born 1977-1989)
  6. 6. Generation Z (Born After 1990)
  7. 7. Reality about Gen Z 1. Generation Z was born to share Strategy: Listen and fast response to them, encourage them to share 2. Generation Z will research everything Strategy: Let them do research and share 3. Zs Need high-octane Engagement Strategy: Consider bringing “Game Mechanics” into classroom 4. Zs are Visual Creatures Strategy: Build lessons with more visual content. Encouraging them to submit projects with pictures and videos.
  8. 8. We Use Mobile Devices to Search for Information Obtain & Share Knowledge Social & Communicate Keep records Work & Learn Save Time Have fun
  9. 9. iPAD Light Weight Touch screen Long battery life Lots of free & low cost apps Flexible positioning Large color screen Enlarge screen function Ease of creation: document, photo, sound, video iPad mini, iPhone, 3G, Wi-fi
  10. 10. learning?
  11. 11. No. But A Good Lesson Plan is. Teacher needs to Have effective classroom management skills Create useful and productive assignment Pace and balance lesson plans between face-to-face learning and using iPad apps for learning
  12. 12. Five Critical Mistakes Schools Make with iPad 1. Focusing on content apps. Q. Are we only looking for apps to match the curriculum? 2. Lack of Teacher Preparation in Classroom Management of iPads. Q. Do I have a LMS / CMS for this course? 3. Treating the iPad as a computer an expecting it to serve as a laptop. Q. Am I engaging active learning? 4. Treating iPad like multi-user devices.usi Q. 1-1 model: Do our students have their own iPad? 5. Failure to communicate a compelling answer to “Why iPads?” Q. iPad is the tool, what is your goal? The language proficiency is the goal.
  13. 13. Embracing the 4C’s Communication Collaboration Critical Thinking Creativity Real skills for the 21st century
  14. 14. The Three Big Pillars The Web Apps iBooks
  15. 15. Apps For Learning Chinese As of Feb 22, 2014 Search iPad apps (2013) iPhone apps Chinese (4614)+ 2200 Mandarin (597)+ 1083 Learn Chinese (1008)+ 1895 Speak Chinese (129) + 354 Write Chinese 108 (85) 115 Chinese Reading (309)+ 414 Chinese Book (593)+ 1422 And thousands of eBooks, eMagazine, and Podcasts Display in Apple Store(2014) is different. There is no numbers of total apps showing on iPAD search.
  16. 16. Apps For Learning Language Search Keywords iPhone apps Search Result Learn Chinese 1895 Learn French 1183 Learn Japanese 819 Learn English 2189 Learn Spanish 1532 Learn Italian 561 Learn German 879 Visual Design Repetition Immediate Response Learn at one’s pace Accessible Sound & Image Game based Engaging Progress Record As of Feb 22, 2014
  17. 17. Can Students successfully learn a language online (or on iPad)? "There are more people actively learning a language through DuoLingo than in the entire US public school system.” Says Luis von Ahn, founder of DuoLingo. DuoLingo launch in 2012 More than 30 million people have downloaded 2013 Apple iPhone app of the year Attract new demographics of language learners
  18. 18. Reference content Interactive content Activities that can publish student work or promote creative projects Manipulate data/project Easy import/export data The better iPad Apps for classroom
  19. 19. Irvine Valley College Mobile Learn Blackboard
  20. 20. IVC Chinese Classes Audio Video lesson Oral assignment & Project Voicethread
  21. 21. Quizlet- ivclaoshi(Joanne Chen)
  22. 22. Cloud Storage Desk top => Mobile Devices => iPad Easy Access to your files Easy to updating data Syncing across computers Personal Computer Public computer iPad Mobile phone Google Drive Evernote Drop Box Slideshark SugarSync
  23. 23. Learning Management IVC Mobile Learn Blackboard Moodle Edmodo eduteacher Schoology Desire2Learn Binder Socrative Nearpod Infuselearning Canvas
  24. 24. Organize Dropbox notability iBook EvernoteBox Skydrive Google Drive Easy Note & To Do Todo Cloud TeacherKit Numbers Knowmia
  25. 25. What do our students do in the language class? 1. Learn Lesson Contents (Language and Culture) 2. Practice pronunciation and speaking 3. Practice Listening 4. Practice writing (hand write words, making sentences, or write essays) 5. Practice Reading 6. Create Projects and Project Presentation 7. Play games 8. Quizzes and Exam 9. Do Homework 10. Conversation Practice and Presentation
  26. 26. Pronunciation (Chinese) Pinyin Trainer 一千字說華語 Pinyin Teacher Study Pinyin Trainchinese dictionary &flashcards Chinese phrase book iSay Nihao Hi Nihao Speak Board Chinese Virtual Language Lab from I love Chinese Allset Pinyin
  27. 27. Write Chinese Character on iPAD Word TracereStroke Trainchinese Chinese Writer eZi Test Chinese 写汉字 iLearn Chinese characters 学前必备 六百字 iCQuiz Chinese Writer Chinese Words Lite Art Pen
  28. 28. Photo and Video aPhoto Picassa ishowphoto Animoto Video Whiteboard Take a photo and edit Paper by 53 Magisto Video Editor Picasa Collage Google + YouTube
  29. 29. Speak into Text Siri dragon Speak it Puzzle Game Up in Pieces Make a puzzle and share with students via email Try it! Scan this code
  30. 30. Read Chinese Hundred s of audio and animated Books Various levels on App store Search “Chinese Reading” 5Q Channel Chinese Reading Apps Nciku Reader Hanzi ReaderOld Master Q Learn Chinese
  31. 31. Flashcards Flashcards + Flashcardlet Flashcard Deluxe CS Zika Hancard HSK Text快乐学堂 gFlash+ Flashcard Touch L-lingo audio flashcard Byki Chinese Quizlet LLC iPhone
  32. 32. Write, Draw and Voice Google Translate Dragon Dictation QuickVoice VoiceThread Audio Note lite Upad lite LiiHo Handwrite message link to FB Doodle Body Handwritten postcard Showme Voice Record Drawing whiteboard Educreations Voice Record Drawing Whiteboard Soundcloud
  33. 33. Dictionary and Tools Pleco Hanyu Chinese Dictionary trainchinese Dianhua Camdictionary Textgrabber Nciku online iCED Chinese KT-dict eStroke
  34. 34. Collaboration Projects Google Maps China Travel guide Expedia Airline ticket and hotel Survival Guide in China BookPress Balloon Stickies Conojo Whiteboard Baiboard Skitch Popplet
  35. 35. For Teachers Teacher’s Guide to iPad Mobile Mouse Smart Note Remind 101 Skype Class Dojo Pocket Apple store’s Best of 2012 apps Keynote Explain Everything
  36. 36. More Apps for teachers Good Reader Pages Timer Bamboo Notebook Paperport Notes MindMeister’ Mind-mapping Slide By Slide By Slideshare iBrainstorm Popplet Lite Adobe Reader Prezi
  37. 37. iTunes & iTune U Search: Learn Chinese Podcast iTune U CollectionsSongs
  38. 38. Combine apps together to create Active Learning Assignments Project based Text input Image Rich Simple
  39. 39. Integrated Lesson plan Internet Research Tasks Assessments
  40. 40. Lesson Plan 1: Research on Internet Topic: Geography of China Students are given a worksheet about Chinese geography Students are divided into small group to work Students are using internet to look up the information Check your answer…. Discussion
  41. 41. Lesson Plan 2: Write, Draw & Tell Students are given a list of new Chinese vocabulary After teacher’s demo, students practice writing on iPad. Students can draw / tell /record a story Students handwrite on a e-postcard, and email to the teachers. 写汉字 showme Doodle body Handwritten Postcard Educrations
  42. 42. Lesson Plan 3: Do Assignments on iPad Students write homework assignment on iPad Teacher save homework to PDF, upload to a teaching platform or email to students. From iPad, students can download the PDF and save to Notability and write or type the homework with the stylus pen and than email to the teacher Writing homework now is paperless Notability
  43. 43. Lesson Plan 4: Story Telling Take a snap shot from a comic of The old Master Q Save the image in Photo album Use iDraw HD to edit photo and add the text iDraw HD Old master Q Insert words & description
  44. 44. Lesson Plan 5: Journal, Notes, & Essay penzu Notebook+Free
  45. 45. Lesson Plan 6: Pronunciation Practice Flashcards with sounds Speak Board Chinese Click and practice the useful phrases iLove ChineseSpeak and Send Text message to the teacher Siri Remind 101
  46. 46. Lesson Plan 7: Project Create Oral Presentation, photo story project WithVoiceThread Draw, write, add an image, tell a story, do a presentation With Showme Quick Voice Recorder Record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, dialogues Story Creator Create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio
  47. 47. Lesson Plan 8: Flashcards GO WITH A PROGRAM CREATE YOU OWN SETS There are dozens of Quizlet/ Studystack powered iOS apps. These apps let you download sets of Quizlet or Studystack flashcards.
  48. 48. Lesson Plan 9: Create Video, Story, Comic Karaoke 愛K歌 Piano AnimotoiMovie Voddio Audio Video Editor Story Creator My Story Book maker for kids Sing to Learn Chinese Comic Maker HD
  49. 49. Lesson Plan 10: Games & Culture Chinese Chess Chinese Checker Chinese Chess Master Go Game Chinese Food Quiz Yo China Quiz (Travel) Chinese Voc Quiz Chinese New year Maze Big Chinese Quiz Chinaquiz
  50. 50. Social Network and Message Edmodo Edmodo makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. Use your iOS device to send notes, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom. Remind 101:A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Free.
  51. 51. Think Before you start …. Budget Student Learning Outcomes Classroom Management
  52. 52. Joanne’s Try and Errors with iPad Good idea: 1. Ask class to use iPad/iPhone to do Some activities 2. All course materials accessible from iPad, iPhone and computers 3. Voicethread assignment /Quizlet learning 4. Practice typing essay on iPad/iPhone Not a Good idea: 1. Giving too many apps at one time 2. Sharing devices 3. Asking students to download apps in class (before class to save time)
  53. 53. Optional Accessories Stylus Pen VGA Adapter iPad Dock Giving Tree Piano ApprenticeMobile Charge & Organize Station Desk Mount
  54. 54. The very Best teachers teach from the Not the Or Even the