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Amway Kuala Lumpur Recruiting Secrets Exposed: Amway Kuala Lumpur Recruiting Tricks


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" - Learn 3 Tricks To Get People Addicted To Joining Your Amway Business In Kuala Lumpur !! - The 3 tricks here will show you how to have people joining your Amway Kuala Lumpur Team Without Ever Picking Up The Phone , Cold Calling !! "

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Amway Kuala Lumpur Recruiting Secrets Exposed: Amway Kuala Lumpur Recruiting Tricks

  1. 1. Amway Kuala Lumpur Recruiting Secrets - By Ankur Agarwal ( Top 1 % MLM Earner )
  2. 2. Amway is a great company and a very profitable one too.The only problem is that ninety percent of Amway reps have no idea how to recruit. They have no idea how to recruit new distributors which leaves them with nothing to do, but quit. Recruiting people is not the hardest part of growing a businessinside Amway ! This may come as a surprise to you, but its very true. Recruiting is the easy part, duplication is the hard part.Once you learn how to talk to people and push peoples buttons, you will be able to recruit reps at will. Once you can recruit, you need to be able toteach your new reps to recruit and so on. You need to duplicate your success throughout your entire compensation plan.
  3. 3. So, how do you recruit new distributorsinto your Amway Business? Its all about talking to people. The more people you share your opportunity with, the more people will join. If you want to really recruit people on autopilot, you need a good presentation. You need to record yourself doing a voice over for a power point presentation.
  4. 4. Its not hard to create a quick presentation which talks about Amway , It’s product, your leadership and youropportunity. Then just talk over the slidesas you record it with some screen capture software. Once you have a presentation which will convert prospects into your company, setup a quick site with thevideo presentation and a join now button.
  5. 5. Now you have something to send people to. You can send an email invitation to your contacts or you could even tell people on the street.Give them a card with the presentation on the back. The point is, make a presentation and send people to it. The more people who watch it, the more people will join your business.
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  7. 7. And Trust Me The answer to this question willunlock the secret to recruiting reps in your Amway Business andselling products at will, all online, without ever picking up the phone...
  8. 8. Do You Know Which 3 "Weird" Tricks Get People Addicted ToJoining Your Amway Business?
  9. 9. Well These Guys Do
  10. 10. And when you click the link below the video and enter your best email on thenext page well send you a private video where well show you exactly how we(two ex-homeless guys) went from ZERO to a team of over 27,235 paying team members and pulling in over $5.9MILLION in sales in under 4 months, ALLONLINE... Using the 3 weird tricks youre about to learn
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