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Formatta in Ontario - MES Hybrid


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An e-forms software solution, Formatta in Ontario uses electronic versions of paper forms to streamline and enhance company operations. Its robust and intuitive design electronically captures data and immediately integrates it into core business systems. Take a look at this presentation from Kevin D'Arcy, VP of Sales and Marketing from MES Hybrid Document Systems or visit

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Formatta in Ontario - MES Hybrid

  1. 1. Formatta in OntarioHow to Give Your Business an Information Edge
  2. 2. Formatta in Ontario is a software solution for eforms-drivenbusiness process optimization. In other words, it useselectronic versions of paper forms to streamline and enhancecompany operations. Formatta is perfectly suited togovernment agencies, healthcare organizations, educationalinstitutions and financial services firms.The application performs four major functions. Formattacaptures data electronically from users within theorganization. Then, it verifies the data to ensure accuracy andcompleteness. Once verified, Formatta routes the data forapprovals and electronic signatures.
  3. 3. When these steps are complete, the application moves thedata into the company’s critical business systems. Companiesdepend on systems such as Finance, Human Resources,Customer Service, Sales and more to run their businesses.Why Use Formatta in OntarioFormatta in Ontario gets all your critical information into thesystems that run your business and makes it available tousers. It eliminates the gap created from missing information. In fact, studies show seventy-percent of important data iscontained in paper, Word, PDF and printable form documents.
  4. 4. Without having this crucial informationavailable, companies suffer major effects. Forexample, inefficiencies in informationprocesses can have an adverse effect onrevenues and operating costs. In addition,customer service can suffer and the time ittakes to accomplish projects can extendbeyond deadlines. You also risk non-compliance with regulatory requirements.
  5. 5. Design. Authorized users can create data capturescreens without programming skills. The easy-to-usetools let you design screens that look just like paper-based forms. And, you can use simple techniques toensure data is captured accurately and completely. Inaddition, the electronic data capture interfaces can beused offline or online.Formatta in Ontario was developed specifically toprovide a robust, yet user-friendly, solution for creatingand publishing e-forms. The application also providessecurity enhancements such as built-in encryptiontools and lockable forms.
  6. 6. Capture. Formatta in Ontario provides easy access toelectronic data capture. It allows you to enter, saveand submit information when you’re connected to thenetwork or working offline. Users can complete andsubmit forms through the Internet withoutdownloading any software. And, offline users won’tneed additional client software or plug-ins either.Formatta in Ontario provides guidance and field-specific help for user completing forms. Theapplication validates data in form fields and ensuresforms are complete. In addition, Formatta auto-populates fields based on previously entered data.
  7. 7. Approve. Before data is moved into business applications,Formatta in Ontario uses simple routings for electronic reviewand digital approval. These routings can be based on processlogic, form data and signatures and can be created in minutes. In addition, users can track follow the process and approvalstatus.
  8. 8. Integrate. Formatta in Ontario is designed toefficiently integrate with back-end systems. Inaddition, the application connects todatabases like SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase.Using industry standards, Formatta seamlesslyintegrates with typical enterprise applicationsin use today. Data is moved securely, quicklyand easily to and from your business systems.
  9. 9. Formatta Business BenefitsFormatta allows users to efficiently and easily accesscritical business information. Its robust and intuitivedesign electronically captures data and immediatelyintegrates it into core enterprise systems. Betterinformation management can reduce costs andimprove operations by eliminating manual andduplicative forms-based processes. And, with morecomplete information, Formatta enables managers tomake better decisions.
  10. 10. In today’s competitive and economicallychallenging business climate, you need everyedge you can for success. Formatta providesan affordable solution to make a difference onmany fronts, including cost savings, efficiencygains, service improvements, green initiativesand revenue gains.
  11. 11. Kevin DArcy is VP of Sales and Marketing forMES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontariosleading document scanning and documentmanagement supplier. For more informationabout Formatta in Ontario, visit