Top 10 Horror Thriller Movies to Watch in 2013 Halloween


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Top 10 Horror Thriller Movies to Watch in 2013 Halloween

  1. 1. Top 10 Horror Thriller Movies to Watch in 2013 Halloween What are the best Halloween films this year? There are many good movies related to Halloween theme. According to the editor and audience reviews, the must-watch Halloween movies are World War Z, The Conjuring, Evil Dead, Mama, The Purge, Carrie, Stoker, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Warm Bodies, Scary Movie 5 and The Last Exorcism Part II and so on. Among them, some are thrilling and scary for brave ones and some are funny suitable for kids or tweens to watch. Please see the following list and introductions:  Top 1 Halloween Movie in 2013: World War Z It is mainly about the war between human world and Zombie world. Former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane, who should have enjoyed his peaceful family life, was sent to stop the Zombie pandemic turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. What follows is a perilous trek around the world where Lane must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilization falls. It is a must-see 2013 Halloween movie for zombie lovers.  Top 2 Halloween Movie in 2013: The Conjuring It is a truth based supernatural film happening on the United States. Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm house in 1971 and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to examine the house since they were terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. It is a bloody, horrible and scary one recommended for adventurers.  Top 3 Halloween Movie in 2013: Evil Dead Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up flesh-possessing demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival. It is tagged as one of the most thrilling movies you will ever experience.  Top 4 Halloween Movie in 2013: Mama It is based on the Argentine Muschietti's Mamá, a 2008 Spanish-language short film about the story of two young girls forsaken in a forest cabin who were looked after by an unknown entity, Mama. When they were eventually found after five years and brought to their new suburban
  2. 2. home to live by their uncle, it was a real challenge for them. Soon Lucas and Annabel find that the girls were not delusional and they are not alone in the house. The Halloween movie is filled with scary scenes as well as funny and enjoyable moments.  Top 5 Halloween Movie in 2013: Carrie A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.  Top 6 Halloween Movie in 2013: The Purge In an America wracked by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government has sanctioned an annual 12-hour period in which any and all crime including murder becomes legal. On this night plagued by violence and an epidemic of crime, one family wrestles with the decision of who they will become when a stranger comes knocking.  Top 7 Halloween Movie in 2013: Stoker India Stoker was not prepared to lose her father and best friend Richard in a tragic car accident. After that, her Uncle Charlie, who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her unstable mother. She comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives and becomes increasingly infatuated with him.  Top 8 Halloween Movie in 2013: Texas Chainsaw 3D This is a bloody and brutal movie known to everyone, but in 3D this time. A young woman named Heather learns that she has inherited a Texas estate from her grandmother. She decides to bring her friends along on the road trip to investigate her inheritance. On arrival she uncovers she has inherited a mansion but is yet to uncover the terrors that lurk in the basement below it.  Top 9 Halloween Movie in 2013: Warm Bodies R is a young and oddly introspective zombie. While fighting with and feeding on a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens next is the beginning of a strangely warm relationship that allows R to begin regaining his humanity. The boy and the girl might transform the entire lifeless world. This is a romantic and funny comedy to watch in 2013 Halloween.  Top 10 Halloween Movie in 2013: Scary Movie 5
  3. 3. A happily-married couple Dan and Jody begin to notice some bizarre activity once they bring their lost nieces and nephew home. But when the chaos expands into Jody's job as a ballet dancer and Dan's career as an Ape researcher, they realize their family is being stalked by a nefarious demon. Together, with the advice of a psychic and the aid of numerous surveillance cameras, they must figure out how to get rid of it before it's too late. Besides the listed ones, there are several other good Halloween films this year of course, like Curse of Chucky, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The Hangover Part 3, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, etc. Recommend Movie Tools: Burn Your Movies into DVD Disc  3herosoft DVD Creator for Mac - 45% OFF Deal  Aiseesoft DVD Creator (Win/Mac) - 40% OFF Deal  Plato DVD Creator (Win) - 25% OFF Deal Enjoy Your DVDs on Portable Devices  WonderFox DVD Video Converter - 50% OFF Deal  mediAvatar DVD Converter for Mac - 50% OFF Deal  MacX DVD Ripper Pro (For Mac) - 50% OFF Deal  Aiseesoft DVD Ripper - 40% OFF Deal  WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - 50% OFF Deal